They joined forces with another family in Liuyun Islands to block the resources of Cangli Ling’s family.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所, 桑拿夜网 They joined forces with another family in Liuyun Islands to block the resources of Cangli Ling’s family.

That is to say, the Ling family of Cang Li can buy some cultivation resources and war resources from Sanxiu.
Guanglufang City is the largest Xiuxianfang City in Liuyun Islands, which has gathered a large number of scattered repairs and has the largest pier in Liuyun Islands, connecting Baiyunfang City.
Since the Ling family of Cang Li can’t get resources from the Liuyun Islands, they have to go to Baiyunfang City to buy them.
As a result, the importance of Guanglu Island Guanglufang City is particularly obvious. It is definitely the key protection point of Cangli Ling’s family. Lingyuan Ancient still guards there in the later period of the foundation.
Resources need lingshi to buy, and it is also very important for the other three islands to have lingshi mines.
Red crucian carp island has a unique miniature lingshi mine Dengfeng island, a miniature lingshi mine and a small lingshi mine in Yandao sea area.
These two lingshi mines are shared by ten families in the Liuyun Islands, and each family has a monk stationed in the waters of Dengfeng Island and Yandao Island.
At the same time, the other nine families also struggled to dig up the lingshi in two places, saying that whoever dug it was the one who had no share.
Cang Li Ling is too lazy to take care of Fufeng Qian’s bringing in a family, and naturally he won’t take care of everything until Cang Li Ling is destroyed.
Fufeng Qian has repeatedly provoked Cang Li Ling’s brother to dig Lingshi, but he dare not do it too much. After all, Cang Li Ling’s brother is stationed in two places several times as many as nine families, and nine families are so terrified that they dare not make a move.
As the saying goes, a good dog will jump over a wall when he is in a hurry.
In the face of repeated provocations by Qian, Cang Li Ling showed unusual hardness.
Fufeng Qian’s family is not sure about the specific situation of Cang Li Ling’s family, and the money is still heavy. They are not ready to start the war of genocide, so enough is enough.
Ling Yuansheng finally selected thirty-three outstanding brothers, who secretly transferred the Ling’s kindling from Cang Li.
Ling Youdao got his wish and left Cangli Island. Besides him, Ling Youxian also stayed.
It seems that talented brothers like them should not stay, but Ling Yuansheng is not good at rejecting several people’s sincere loyalty to the family.
The two men managed to stay and face the genocide together with his family brothers.
A secret place in Cangli Island was born by Ling Ling Cheng, who looked at 33 selected species.
"We will secretly escort you away from the cloud islands. The destination is Baiguifang City, but eggs can’t be put in a basket, otherwise one person will be found by Fufeng Qian, and everyone will be finished.
After you arrive in Baiyun Square, you will be scattered separately. If the family survives this difficult time, your department will be recalled.
But … But if the family is destroyed, you are the only hope for the rise of the family, and it is your mission to work hard to cultivate and rebuild it. "
Suddenly, Ling Yuan suddenly asked, "What is flowing in your body?"
Smell speech 33 people slightly one leng immediately big said "surging ideas ling’s blood flowing in our bodies"
"Yes, you should always remember that your body is full of Cang Li Ling’s blood. You are from Cang Li Ling’s family. Don’t forget your ancestral roots."
"Don’t forget Zugen!"
Everyone replied that the scene was very tragic!
Ling Yuansheng waved "Let’s go"
See thirty-three people in turn boarded the flying boat in suspension until thirty-three people all went to Lingyuan to give birth to Lingyuan Chengcai to jump.
This flying boat is secretly prepared. It takes six days for the fastest flying boat to get to Baiyunfang city among all the flying boats of Cang Li Ling’s family, and it is difficult for ordinary monks to find it with invisible array.
The swift boat started slowly, and the people couldn’t help looking back at Qingcang Mountain.
"Ling have we really gone? Brother Xian has stayed, so why don’t we stay and fight with him? "
Ling Youwei looked at Ling Youwei and asked seriously.
Ling Youjin also asked, "Yes, Brother Youdao has stayed. The elders will not stop us if we want to stay."
Smell speech ling has turned to look straight at two people.
"You we what is this? Run away? Coward? "
Ling Youwei Ling Youjin didn’t speak, but his face expression has betrayed two people.
Two people in the heart a shock zheng big eyes look at ling.
"This is not an escape, we are not cowards, but family hope!"
"They stay instead of us, and we protect the family instead of them. We hope that our shoulders will be the whole Cang Li Ling family, and we will be strong."
The flying boat slowly sailed out of Cangli Island and became transparent until it was completely invisible to the naked eye.
Then secretly flew out of the Liuyun Islands and went straight to Baiyunfang City.
It took six days to arrive in Baiyun Square City and then put the flying boat in Baiyun Square City.