But now it seems that the Flying Brother Group is completely finished.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 But now it seems that the Flying Brother Group is completely finished.

"So that’s it … how about this? Anyway, I’m going to stay here for a while to find advanced insights. You are local strongmen here. Why don’t I hire you and I as a guide?" Xiao Fan plate calculate a ourtenant mouth way
"You … hire us two brothers?" Zhang Yunfei and Paine looked at each other with different mouth surprised way
"Why? Why not? Now that your younger brothers have also defected, do you want to continue to live a day of looting? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and waved his sleeve, and thousands of crystal stones fell in front of him.
"You can take these first. Besides … you’ve practiced the rank achievement method, and it’s impossible for you to start all over again. Tell you what, I’ll give you some more magic formulas and magic weapons, such as?"
"I said … brother, you’re not serious? Really pay such a big price to invite us? We almost killed you just now! " Chen Yunfei scratched his unkempt hair and asked in disbelief.
"What’s that? As the saying goes, no discord, no concord, and you are not bad people. Even if you want to rob, you have never harmed a life, have you? " Xiao Fan said with the wave.
"Unexpectedly … there will be people like you!" Chen Yunfei bite bite lips looked at the same horror paine heavily nods "DE complain so magnanimous mind … good! I, Chen Yunfei, made you a brother, and after that, I asked my brother to say no complaints! "
"Er … not so serious?" Xiao Fan one leng.
"Everything I’ve seen since Xianxiu came is treacherous and ugly. Although you are not as good as me, your heart breaks my heart!" Chen Yunfei said sincerely.
"I’m not as good as you, but it’s just that I’m in two places at once. My strength is much stronger than yours." Xiao Fan smiled.
"Busy? Could it be that … Brother, have you learned to say that Zhongyuan God tore the Dafa? " Chen Yunfei stared and asked.
"Yes, you also know this secret?" Xiao Fan nodded.
"I just heard it. It is said that this technique is extremely difficult to practice, and it is also said that the most powerful and mysterious clan is extremely illegal. It seems that the brother is really a great person!" Chen Yunfei sighed, "I don’t know what my brother is called?"
"Although … my real name is not convenient, there is nothing to hide. My name is Xiao Fan and I am from Qingyang School!" Xiao Fan self-reported name way
"Xiao Fan … Qingyang Sect …" After hearing what Xiao Fan said, Chen Yunfei frowned and thought for a moment before he was shocked. "I remember … Murphy … Are you Xiao Fan, the Qingyang Sect with a reward of up to 5.5 million yuan in the magic warrant?"
"Yes, it is. How did I get this news in such a remote desert city?" Xiao Fan scratched his head.
"Although it is far away from the lack of resources in Middle-earth, it is well-informed. Businessmen or monks often pass by here and go to the extreme west. It was once a brilliant Buddhist regional practice. Although there is a big gap between us immortals, we have a very unique view." Chen Yunfei replied
"So that’s it!" Xiao Fan rubbing the way "that … what does the Cyclops think? It’ s also a Han to be a brother! "
"I have nothing to say. I can do whatever Brother Fei says, and I can’t refuse you because you are so rich, right?" Said Cyclops smile happily has to roll up in the crystal stone pile.
"Very well, you two brothers … an alcoholic and a money addict. It seems that my Yellow Sand Holy City Day will not be too lonely!" Xiao Fan nods with a smile
Then Xiao Fan took out many very powerful spell cheats and gave them some high-order spells and high-order magic spells.
In the magic weapon Xiao Fan, there are not many places in the world, especially the magic weapon of the day. Although Xiao Fan doesn’t care, there are only ten things in his general attack. At this time, he is busy with three things that are most suitable for the busy.
After repeated efforts, Xiao Fan gave Chen Yunfei a celestial hip flask, a famous celestial tsunami spring kettle, which is palm-sized but can be loaded into rivers and rivers, and it is perfect for Chen Yunfei, which is addicted to alcohol.
For Cyclops Pang En Xiao Fan, the other two magic weapons are not suitable, so I gave him several magic weapons and promised to choose the right gift after your arrival.
Pang En has already spent a lot of crystal stones in his heart, and he doesn’t mind anything about the magic weapon. Anyway, if Crystal Yue Shi has more copper coins, he can play a terrorist force, which is not much worse than the magic weapon.
Chen Yunfei and Pang En insisted on calling Xiao Fan’ Big Brother’ after getting such great benefits, which made Xiao Fan in distress situation. The reason why Chen Yunfei actually said that his head was worth 100,000 crystal stones was because he robbed a group of passing magic repairs in his early years, and the magic road was helpless because of the shelter of Huangsha Holy City.
And Xiao Fan’s head is worth 5.5 million yuan of crystal stone. This suspicion is a horror. Compared with figures, Chen Yunfei’s 100 thousand is just a tinkering around the edges. Compared with Xiao Fan’s method, it’s perfect to be a big brother.
Actually, the amount of reward for the head is Xiao Fannai’s default.
Xiao Fan then took out millions of sand pipes to compensate the people who were damaged by the yellow salon roll, and Chen Yunfei led them to live in a luxury inn nearest to the rich area
Every day, 100 thousand sand houses are paid, but those ordinary people can’t earn it in a generation, and Xiao Fan’s wealth is not rooted in this.
Ten days later, in Tianzi Guest Room of Xiao Fandu Inn, I discussed the experience of immortal cultivation with Chen Feiyun, and also tried to make myself advanced.
What they don’t know is that for ten days, there has been a vicious and indifferent guy in a black robe who has been watching their every move not far away. His eyes have been shining with murderous luster …
Chapter 12 Three Yes