"Bastard!" Xu Ling’s sudden attack made Xing quite angry, because he attacked hundreds of planets in Fiona Fang, and ten planets, such as Xuanlin Star, happened to be in this range! And in the protection of the top array of gods, ten planets, such as Xuanlin Star, have been shaking violently at the moment. Even the top array of gods can resist the destruction of the ruler. Perhaps four gods, such as skyshatter, can survive this wave of attacks, but Xue Ting and others absolutely have no such ability.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 "Bastard!" Xu Ling’s sudden attack made Xing quite angry, because he attacked hundreds of planets in Fiona Fang, and ten planets, such as Xuanlin Star, happened to be in this range! And in the protection of the top array of gods, ten planets, such as Xuanlin Star, have been shaking violently at the moment. Even the top array of gods can resist the destruction of the ruler. Perhaps four gods, such as skyshatter, can survive this wave of attacks, but Xue Ting and others absolutely have no such ability.

Anger in your heart, Xuanxing’s hands are rapidly pinching one by one. Xuanxing can’t understand the spirit. At this moment, Xuanxing can try his best to decorate the top gods to protect hundreds of nearby planets. You Xuanlin must never let Xuanling attack Yu Weibo to it. At the same time, Xuanxing’s heart calls for the magic boy to help him resist this wave of attacks.
When thirty-six top gods were arranged near Xuanxing Xuanlin Star, the ruler of destruction appeared in front of Xuanxing with a large number of cracks.
Looking at the distance, wrapped in hundreds of giant cracks, Xuanxing’s heart is full of laughter. Xuanxing is a genius, and his growth rate scares him, but can it be like this? At this time, Xuanxing was not ravaged by himself? Surely XuanXing should be past in a moment? Virtual ling god thought so. He has absolute confidence in destroying the ruler.
However, the next scene was incredible to the virtual spirit deity. Suddenly, a purple pearl appeared on the Xuanxing table, and the purple brilliance wrapped Xuanxing tightly. When those giant cracks appeared beside Xuanxing, "Bang! Hey! " The purple brilliance that keeps ringing can resist the crack and devour it? Virtual ling deity is stupid. He has never heard of any magic weapon that can have such a strong defense against crack attacks. Even the deity has to hide as far as possible. But at this time, a large number of giant cracks actually caused a little damage to Xuanxing.
When the broken ruler mixed with cracks reached the front of Xuanxing, the purple bead on the top of Xuanxing suddenly greeted him and listened to "Qiang!" A harsh metal ring flashed through the whole celestial world, and the moment when the ruler was destroyed, it flew back to the virtual ling with a black smooth light again.
"Boom … boom …" At this moment, there was a sudden golden brilliance near Xuanlin star and dozens of stars including Xuanlin star shook violently. It took a long time to destroy the ruler, and then it dispersed. Finally, Xuanxing just laid out the top forbidden department, and several stars had exploded! But what makes XuanXing feel gratified is that: Xuanlin star and other ten planets are finally guaranteed.
"Let the broken ruler run away. Why didn’t you call me earlier? If it were later, I’m afraid you’d have lost your life. "Xuanxing’s mind suddenly sounded a crisp child’s voice, and its owner was the magic child. At this time, the magic child was quite angry and dared to attack himself with a broken ruler and let it run away.
"Just now, you were digesting those things and the incident suddenly happened." Xuanxing said at the bottom of his heart that he was quite clear that the magic beads would protect himself at the key moment. Besides, Xuanxinggen, who also owns the world exchange surgery, wouldn’t worry that an attack by a virtual god would hurt himself.
"It’s up to you to get ready to pick it up." Xuanxing gave a command from the bottom of his heart and then looked into the distance at the virtual god.
"Xu Ling, have you forgotten your original oath?" Xuanxing asked coldly.
"Just now, I attacked you, not your friends. They were hit by waves because of what you did. I didn’t break my original oath." Xu Ling said with a smile, but his heart was shocked. What was that purple bead just now? Is it a super artifact like destroying the ruler?
"Today, I will make an end with you. Come with me." Xuanxing is too lazy to excuse the deity and move directly to tens of thousands of star fields.
Actually, Xuanxing arrived at the man’s land, and the deity of Xu Ling could recover. At the same time, he felt very sorry at heart. Cang Gen wouldn’t punish himself if those friends of Xuanxing were killed just now.
Instant after XuanXing virtual ling two people have appeared near the barren zone more than star domain without a man of god here is suitable for the two of them to fight.
Xuanxing Xuling deity hangs over a hundred miles apart and looks at the distance calmly. Xuanxing Xuling deity is a little flustered at heart because that purple bead just now gave him a sense of danger …
Chapter 59 Pierce the sky!
At this time, the virtual spirit god has lost his self-confidence just now, because he is confident to establish the foundation of destroying the ruler. From the scene just now, it seems that the method of destroying the ruler has caused no harm to Xuanxing! The empty spirit can pray from the bottom of my heart; I hope that purple pearl is not too powerful, otherwise it will be difficult for me to kill Xuanxing.
"Have you refined another super artifact?" Virtual ling deity looked a little ugly and asked him if Xuanxing refined the ruined ruler because of luck. According to the present situation, it seems that Xuanxing has the ability to refine many super artifacts, so the level of terror refining device makes the virtual ling deity feel more and more uneasy at heart.
"Almost," XuanXing said with a smile. Strictly speaking, he has refined a super artifact, that is, the magic bead is destroyed by the ruler. It belongs to a semi-power, only stronger than the king artifact. There is no comparison between the super artifact roots.
Suddenly, the imaginary deity disappeared from Xuanxing’s face, and his departure did not cause any fluctuation, just like Xuanxing’s transposition.
At the same time, XuanXing face hung with a sneer to see his figure disappear, and for a moment XuanXing has appeared in his own world. Not surprisingly, the deity is here.
"Ha ha, Xuanxing, you should know the additional attributes of the destroyed ruler, right?" Virtual ling deity laughed, and the ruler destroyed in his hand has been flushed with a black brilliance. Suddenly, the mysterious astral world is full of a horrible smell. This powerful and horrible attribute, Virtual ling deity, is the first time to make the expected ruler destroyed.
Xuanxing has an external incarnation, which is equivalent to having two realms. At this time, because of the destruction of the ruler, the virtual god can enter and leave these two realms at will! If you want to destroy Xuanxing’s realm by yourself, Xuanxing will be able to escape through mutual migration, and then you will directly enter the incarnation realm and then destroy another realm. In this way, Xuanxing will escape and the two realms will be destroyed, and he will certainly suffer a little damage. Naturally, the probability of killing Xuanxing by yourself will be the highest. Of course, it is very clear in the bottom of my heart that whether Xuanxing can be killed in the end will play a key role.
At this time, the virtual ling deity’s forehead has oozed a little sweat and destroyed the ruler root, so he can’t complete the attack and he is trapped by Xuanxing. If he hesitates a little, he will be hit hard!
At this time, the face of the virtual ling deity became even more ugly because he suddenly discovered a fact that was hard for him to accept. The ruined ruler in his own hand seemed to be out of order. With it, he was able to induce people such as Aogan and Dilin! Just now, the virtual ling deity has discovered five deities, and he is going to get away through the human world such as the day everyone would fly dry, but now it seems that this method won’t work.
I made a decision at the bottom of my heart and saw that his face suddenly turned red. "Poof …" One mouthful blood spurted out of Xu Ling’s mouth and he miraculously disappeared!
A purple Excalibur appeared in the instant, where he was just now, and saw it constantly hovering "Let this bastard escape again", and a crisp sound echoed in the void.
"Blood dun …" Xuanxing whispered to himself in the distance. This virtual ling deity really has courage. He was willing to burn thirty percent of his soul force to fuel blood dun.
Launching a blood escape crisis, the head can flee for his life. Of course, there are limitations. For example, in the celestial world, he will still appear in the celestial world for a moment, but it is impossible to appear in the celestial world or the celestial world’s total blood escape will be limited by the world. This world means that there is a life world like the desperate law, and it also belongs to this kind of life world, and the mysterious celestial world … just shouldn’t be imaginary in the category to escape successfully.
"He can’t escape." Xuanxing comforted the magic boy with the magic weapon that resembles Excalibur just now.
Instant later, Xuanxing appeared in front of the virtual ling deity. At this time, he was located in a deserted area and his face was a little pale. It can be seen that the blood escape technique just dropped a lot.
"Xuanxing?" See XuanXing accurately find their virtual ling god show stare blankly for a while, although god blood dun technique does not move each other, but even so XuanXing should not find themselves.
"Just now, I said that we must finish today," Xuanxing said with a smile, and the magic bead once again appeared in Xuanxing’s hands like an Excalibur, and released a strong purple light to blink. It has turned into a purple smooth and chilling speed and rushed to the virtual Ling.
Just return to absolute being virtual ling god suddenly surprised out in a cold sweat to see his body is full of coarse cracks in his arm. This horrible thing actually attacked himself again …
The virtual spirit deities to destroy the ruler to the rushing purple Excalibur, hoping that the ruler can successfully resist the attack by itself.
"David tang ….." Two artifacts touching nearby more than ten thousand planets immediately violently shaking up and then "bang … bang ……" Constantly echoed in the virtual see nearby planets exploded! After only a few breaths, more than 13,000 human planets nearby have melted into fly ash.
"Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka ….
"Poof …" Virtual Ling God suddenly spewed out a few mouthfuls of blood and destroyed the ruler. His mind was naturally traumatized. At this time, Virtual Ling was looking at the purple Excalibur that returned to Xuanxing’s hands and destroyed the ruler himself. Was it smashed by it? "Xuanxing, how many super artifacts do you have?" It’s hard to believe that Xuanxing has refined more than one super artifact over the years. Just now, the purple pearl’s defensive power was illusory, but I personally experienced it. At this time, there was a super-powerful and super-offensive artifact in Xuanxing’s hands!
"There are about 10,000 pieces in many cases." Xuanxing solemnly said that magic beads can transform ten thousand forms … and he really has ten thousand super artifacts.
"Poof ….." I don’t know whether Xu Ling was seriously injured or because of XuanXing’s words, which made him unable to accept seeing him spit out a big mouthful of blood. At this time, Xu Ling’s deity root didn’t believe what XuanXing said. This is simply nonsense, not to mention the level of XuanXing’s refining device. If only those precious materials were collected by XuanXing, the method would be put together.
"Let’s do it" XuanXing heart commanded the magic boy this guy had long wanted to have a good fight, but the first two times he never had a chance, XuanXing prepared to let him have a good performance.
Sword-shaped magic beads reappear on Xuanxing’s head and see it slowly turn "Boom … Boom ……" Suddenly there are buckets with thick purple thunder blinking, and they have already made a pledge to the virtual deity! Not only that, the Magic Bead constantly sends out a kind of attack, which makes Yuan Ying, the soul in the sea, tremble violently. "Burst …" Purple Excalibur rushed at Xu Ling again!
It seems that in order to prove to Xuanxing that he is a tough magic boy, he has directly moved three additional attributes: terrifying soul, breaking, and thundering anger!
"Bang … bang …" Dozens of flips came to see Xu Ling. The suit made of good material was already broken. His bronzed skin was stained with golden blood. What surprised Xuan Xing was that his right leg and knee had disappeared …
His face was full of horror, and his face suddenly changed, and his figure had disappeared for a moment.
"This bastard knows to escape. I think you’re still going there this time." The sound of the phantom boy’s flustered suddenly entered Xuanxing’s ear. Before Xuanxing reflected it, it had already recovered from the virtual ling deity. Xuanxing hurriedly followed closely through the phantom boy’s couplet.
Appear in your own world. Virtual Ling just breathed a sigh of relief, but Xuanxing actually followed me around, and the purple Excalibur that made him nervous also appeared in front of you. I can’t imagine whether BaiXuanxing really found himself. Does this super artifact of his have tracking skills similar to destroying the ruler?
"Bastard, do you want to keep running?" The crisp and angry voice of the magic boy suddenly entered the ear of the virtual ling god, and then the purple Excalibur once again emitted a strong purple brilliance
"Talking … spirit?" At the moment, the virtual ling deity is completely stupid, and XuanXing has come up with a possession Didi artifact?
"The magic boy can cooperate with me." At this moment, Xuanxing suddenly grasped the purple Excalibur and mastered the second formula of killing Excalibur-the sword swallowed the sky, and Xuanxing had never tested its power. At this moment, he was in the realm of virtual spirit, which seemed to be a good opportunity.
"Sword-swallow-pale-dome!" XuanXing heart fierce drink a purple excalibur suddenly emitted a harsh brilliance.
"Give me a break!" This sentence is called out by the magic boy. He seems to want Xuanxing to attack and create some power, so he tries his best to control his statue and rush at the virtual ling deity!
"Huw … Huw …" Suddenly appeared a number of millstone-sized black vortices in the virtual ling deity world, and they were spinning at a horrible speed, while the virtual ling deity world … was drastically decreasing.
"Huh?" Xuanxing suddenly found that the purple Excalibur actually shot a sword shadow with a strong terror, and saw that the sword shadow rushed at the virtual god! "Little bastard!" Xuanxing suddenly snarled at the bottom of his heart because he found that his own destructive power had disappeared into many! If I didn’t guess wrong, it must be a trick just now.
After only a few breaths, the virtual spiritual realm has been completely swallowed up by several black vortices! At this time, Xuanxing has appeared in the celestial world. I don’t know where the virtual ling deity is at this time. Xuanxing can’t feel his breath. Even the magic child can determine his position … At this time, the virtual ling deity is likely to be past. "Boom …" A deafening sound suddenly never
Looking for it, I saw a huge sword shadow rushing at me, and suddenly a golden hole with a diameter of hundreds of meters appeared in the celestial world, and suddenly there was an ancient and heavy breath.