"What’s the post?" What about sex?


Sue’s evening car looked around. "You should go to dinner, too. I’ll call you when we meet." Then she walked towards the western restaurant near the company.
Section 21
Mou Xun shrugged his shoulders and found a place to eat by himself.
At this time, Liu Yichen was sitting behind a desk in Liu Zhengying’s office and looking at him seriously.
"Have you thought about it, Yuchen?"
Liu Yichen twisted his eyebrows. "Dad, what do you want me to think?"
"Divorce with Sue at night"
"Impossible," replied Liu Yichen without thinking. "Dad, I can’t understand what the late love did to make you dislike her mother so much now, but she likes her very much."
"Your mother that is a woman …" Liu Zhengying low drink a way.
Liu Yichen "…"
Now he has understood what he said, and the old man Lu won’t listen.
Then he wonn’t talk, okay
"I want you to think about your late-night marriage with Sue."
"Don’t consider" Liu Yichen looked at Liu Zhengying and said seriously, "Dad, I love her as a woman in my life and I won’t divorce her."
"You …" Liu Zhengying was livid and pointed to Liu Yichen, shaking slightly.
"You this inverse …" Liu Zhengying gas chest violent ups and downs "I let you do this is hello …"
"If you were really good, you wouldn’t do this." How can you always force your son to divorce his daughter-in-law?
When Lu Zhengying closed her eyes and opened them again, her sharp eyes stared at her tightly. "What if she compares with Lu?"
Lu Yichen immediately hooked his lips. "Are you trying to say that you still have a place to live? If I disobey you, you may lose Lu’s inheritance?"
"You … how do you know?" Liu Zhengying turned pale. What he just said was to threaten him to compromise. I didn’t expect him to know all about it.
Lu Yichen looked at his father in the previous step, and his eyes were no longer worship when he was a child. He said faintly, "You can give it to anyone you want for Lu, but I won’t forgive you if you hurt your mother."
Liu Yichen finished pulling the office door and went out.
I just went out and saw Lu Yizhi coming out of the ladder.
It’s timely to ridicule the corners of your mouth.
Liu Yizhi walked up to him and looked at Liu Zhengying’s office. "Is the chairman there? I’ll report to him. "
"Manager lu asked the wrong person? I am not an assistant to the chairman. "
After Liu Yichen finished, he bypassed Liu Yizhi and walked into his office door. His hands could not help but hold tightly into fists.
According to the normal procedure, Lu Yizhi is the deputy manager of the marketing department, and the reporter should also report to him, but now he reports directly to the chairman.
Old man Lu is telling him that he is not just talking.
But he miscalculated. For Lu, he never coveted what he had done. It was his duty to enter Lu’s class after graduation.
If old man Lu wants to give the company to Lu Yizhi, give it to him, but if he dares to hurt his mother, he won’t stop like this.
Pick up the desk phone and take a look at it. There is a future.
When I saw that it was Sue’s late love, I just lost my depressed mood.
Lu Yichen called back and just got through, he smiled and said, "Wife, do you miss me?"
"Yes, I really want to have lunch with you. I’m in the western restaurant near Lushi now. Come here."
"really?" Liu Yichen was a little excited and asked, this is the first time that Mrs. Lu said that she thinks he is also the first time to take the initiative to accompany him for lunch.
"Are you coming?" Sue was talking with the menu in her hand and pointed to the menu steak for the clerk to see.
Liu Yichen picked his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Of course, come to Mrs. Lu and wait for Mr. Lu to arrive soon."
After hanging up, Liu Yichen picked up his coat and strode out.
When waiting for the ladder, I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see that it was Liu Zhengying and Liu Yizhi who nodded.
Liu Zhengying cold hum obviously still angry just now.
Lu Yizhi glanced at the two people’s reaction, and the corners of their mouths became warped. "Big brother, I want to have dinner with my dad. Do you want to come?"
"No, I have an appointment. You can go." Think of Sue’s late love, Liu Yichen’s mouth is Yang Yang.
Liu Zhengying stared his one eye.
He’ll take this step. I didn’t expect him to meet anyone in person. Can’t you just get rid of it?
"That’s a pity …" Liu Yizhi said regretfully, but he hoped so.
Ding yi ti is here.
Liu Yichen waited for Liu Zhengying to go in with Liu Yizhi before he stepped in.
There are three powerful gas fields in the narrow ladder, and the masculinity becomes a little thin.
When Liu Yichen hung his head and looked at his wrist, Mrs. Lu must have been anxious.
Liu Zhengying looked at Liu Yichen’s back and glared at him.
Lu Yizhi looked at Liu Zhengying with an evil smile on his face, and he wanted it to be like this.
Just now, when he went to see Lu Zhengying, he looked the same, but Liu Yichen just came out of his office. They must have quarreled.
Now look at their faces. Sure enough.
After the ladder reached the first floor, Liu Yichen strode forward and never looked back.
Liu Zhengying looked at Liu Yichen in the hall and walked away. His face was very smelly.
"Chairman, let’s go. I’ve booked the restaurant."
"Well …" Liu Zhengying slowed down. "Now it’s noon shift. Don’t call me chairman."
Liu Yizhi looked a little flattered and said, "Dad …"
"Well, let’s go and eat." Liu Zhengying patted Lu Yizhi on the shoulder and took the lead in walking toward the outside.
When Liu Yichen came to the restaurant, Sue was propped up and looked out of the window.
"Wife …" Liu Yichen pulled up a chair and sat down.
Sue looked back at him at night. "Work is very busy. No one answered me just after I hit you. Will it bother you if I suddenly come to see you for dinner?"
"Why? There was a meeting just now." Liu Yichen held Sue’s hand across the table and held her hand before he felt that she was really by his side. Old Lu’s words made him very angry, but he saw that she had no gas.
He won’t divorce this marriage.
"Are you hiding something from me?" I felt that he was holding her hand more and more, and Sue frowned at night.