When I realized that the old gentleman was thoughtful and meticulous, but he analyzed the general trend of heaven and earth in a few words, I couldn’t help but admire him and laughed. "It turned out that the old gentleman was just my bait, so I resigned myself to it."

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Laojun said seriously, "If I can get bait, I will not hesitate!"
Realizing that the old gentleman looks righteously, but he also admires the three Muslim selfish thoughts in his heart?
Enlightenment and said, "Laojun, rest assured that heaven and earth will not be alone in the end. I am willing to give up this body and I will not be fooled by others."
The old gentleman said, "Just like this, Sanqing will do its best to help you, although your status will hinder you from going to the front of the stage, but you can do your best. I understand that things are not worse than ours, and you should not be constrained when you act cheaply according to your own wishes."
Wu nodded and said, "I have asked Yuan Da Tian Zun that the underground five dragons can be saved, and please ask Lao Jun for advice."
Laojun said, "It’s not difficult to save these five dragons by nature’s seal. Only the seal needs you to solve it." Laojun seemed to be interested in inviting and busy. "At this moment, I want my grandson to heal or you will go with me."
Realizing the hypocrisy of andao, the old gentleman left and fled into the lock demon tower in the city of asking the heart alone. The three realms of life moved away. Yuan understood that many prohibitions in this world were not feasible, but at this moment it was blocked.
The second volume can be said Chapter DiYiQiEr save five dragons
In this world, the single and pure soil is the easiest way for Sanqing to use the five elements to make the soil escape technique.
However, there is a huge rock in the depth of the enlightenment. You know, the ordinary soil is only ten feet deep in the ground. At this moment, although you can enter the huge rock, you know very little about the five elements of soil. At this rate, I am afraid that you will not see the crushed dragon Naide again in a decade or two.
The old gentleman smiled and asked, "So soon, where is the evil dragon?"
Enlightenment that "soil is soil, and there are several huge rocks mixed with it"
The old gentleman laughed. "No matter how soft this world is, there is an indestructible side, but I can’t help you haha."
I realized that there were many things waiting for me to do that day, so I ignored the old gentleman and went to Dayu and others.
Sure enough, Dayu just came to smile and asked, "I saw you turn around two or three times, but something happened?" Realizing the future means that Dayu said, "If it’s soil, it won’t talk."
Wu took Dayu to lock the demon tower, and the two of them fled into the earth together. When they arrived at the huge rock, Dayu read a spell and went straight in. Wu followed the soft soil of the rock.
Listen to Da Yu’s voice, "This is the simplest rock-breaking technique in the soil. You can’t believe it?" Wu Dao said, "I can’t even escape from the earth." Dayu said, "There are also rock escape techniques in the earth escape. If I go it alone, I can do it ten times faster."
Wu Dao said, "Why didn’t I stay in Kun Peng’s belly when my predecessors conquered the earth so badly?" Realizing that Dayu Kuan-jen asked this question without feeling directly.
Dayu said, "How dare you touch the source of five elements like Zhu Rong and Ru Shou when you don’t know the five elements?"
Enlightenment "so that’s it"
After a short trip, the two of them have been deep for three or four thousand feet, and they have secretly scolded this Kunpeng Te malicious resentment. How can these unlucky dragons be pressed so deeply?
I was thinking that the rock was getting hotter and hotter. Dayu said, "I’m afraid it’s in the lava." Sure enough, the two of them went through the rock and went into the fire, and they realized that Sanqing was amazing. I actually knew that there was a fire, so I copied it.
At this time, Dayu said, "There is a saying that the soil is the root of the five elements. If you look at the fire, water, gold and wood in the soil, it is really great."
It’s true that Wu Zamo is careful. It seems that the five elements should be widely used. It’s hard to say that I’m going to find that been empress. Although I don’t know if I’m an enemy or a friend, I’m lucky.
They naturally walked like a duck to water without fear of fire, and later they saw a dragon with dozens of feet in the fire lying in the lava like a dead one.
Wu and his wife came near to see the dragon. Suddenly, they looked up and saw someone coming here. The whole body came to life, stirring the lava to boil and the flames to turn the waves.
Wu found that although the dragon was noisy, it was always unable to get out of Fiona Fang. It circled several times and fell into a teardrop in the lava.
Dayu said, "Judging from his appearance and body, there is a suspicion of imprisonment."
After carefully reading the secret of using the Xuan method for a long time, it was sure that there was a layer around the dragon’s body, and it was extremely difficult to see if there was a ring covering the tangible quality.
Then the dragon roared, "You two came to see my joke!"
Wu realized that this circle was created by luck and nature, and naturally it was Kunpeng method. When he saw the dragon growling, he shouted, "If you want to get out alive, shut up as soon as possible!"
The dragon realized that he had come to save him, and he was ecstatic, but he dared not send it again.
Wu Piao came near and touched this circle with his hand. Kun Peng was very stingy. The circle was consumed by nature, but it was very pure. He took it away with a move of his mind.
The dragon had to take off the cage for a while and swam back and forth in this inferno for dozens of times before he prostrated himself and said, "Little Dragon Ao En kowtowed to the benefactor and dared to ask the two benefactors for their high names, and I will return in the future."
Enlightenment: "Little things, little things, three worlds, all creatures have returned to heaven and earth. I need to thank you for coming to save you from trouble." Aon bowed to several worshippers and roared with his head held high, breaking through the rock and leaving.
Dayu brought Wu out again to see that the town of Long Ta had been cut off from the waist and the dragon had disappeared, and even the old gentleman had disappeared.
The two of them ran to a town, Long Ta, where the tower stood in the west of our world. The original situation was similar. The dragon was rescued by the name of Ao Gongwu. It seems that they are all named Ao. I wonder if the Dragon King of the Four Seas has any relatives.
Then they got familiar with it and rescued the remaining three dragons from the town in the sea. It took Long Ta a little trouble to realize that it took a lot of time to display the magical power of water-bending. These three dragons were Aojing, Aonan and Aosheng.