"Thousands of men of God …" Xuanxing muttered to himself, and at the same time he realized that it was unusual.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 "Thousands of men of God …" Xuanxing muttered to himself, and at the same time he realized that it was unusual.

At the moment, the kings of gods have sent a large number of gods and kings to explore this matter, but after three days, they still haven’t got any clues, and the king of gods of Geng Li has never appeared. He seems to have disappeared with the prosperous planet of the four families like the tens of millions of gods.
After waiting for three days, there was still no result, so Xuanxing returned to Oboro-gravel and other people. Because it was too strange, even if all the gods and kings were out, it was difficult to figure out the cause and effect of the whole incident. Xuanxing was not going to pay attention to it again. When Zilin and them woke up, Xuanxing would immediately rush to the corner to practice.
At the moment, the whole celestial world is shrouded in haze, and several gods are afraid that their planet will suddenly disappear, and the two gods, Xu Ling and Zhong Xu, are now in the celestial world to prepare for the crazy experiment that Zhong Xu has just sent out.
"Xuling Xuanxing is guarding those super beasts. It is estimated that they will wake up in three years. In my opinion, Xuanxing is likely to hide and die after they wake up. We have to hurry. If all goes well, we should be able to come back when we succeed in three years." When Zhong Xushen spoke, there were four round beads with faint light in his hand. They are just four prosperous planets that just disappeared in the divine world!
"Before it’s too late, let’s start work quickly." Xu Ling urged Xuanxing to grow too fast, and he must not give him a chance to close his eyes.
Immediately, Zhong Xu God threw the two planets in his hand to Xu Ling, while others probed into one of the planets, and then he helped the powerful gods to force out the pearl of the soul in the sea! And obliterate consciousness, so that every soul bead becomes a pure soul. Seeing this virtual spirit, the God also handles the two gods in his own hands.
It is a very complicated thing to strip thousands of soul beads from the sea of knowledge and obliterate consciousness. Even if two gods personally carry out this matter, it will take three months.
"Zhong Xu, why do you experiment … seems to have souls?" I’m afraid there is also an illusion that this crazy person can have such courage. If it weren’t for Xuanxing’s illusion, he wouldn’t be crazy to do this crazy experiment together.
"The soul has a certain consciousness, which is important for the experiment. Can’t I still experiment with the baby?" Zhong Xushen naturally said, "Are you interested in studying this kind of experiment with me in the future?" Then secondary virtual god asked with a smile
"Let’s study it yourself. I’ll forget it." Virtual Ling immediately shook his head and refused.
"Ha ha to peel his soul Yuan Ying, remember not to completely obliterate his consciousness, just make him insane." Zhong Xushen smiled and put Geng Li in front of Xu Ling. At this time, Zhong Xushen’s heart was wry smile. In his eyes, he was almost no different from an insane person, but they didn’t understand that every time he tried, Zhong Xushen could ensure his life was worried. Even if the experiment failed, it was no big deal. At most, it took him some time to heal.
"I have seen two gods." The voice of King Gengli interrupted Zhong Xu’s reverie. At this time, King Gengli was imprisoned, and he was quite nervous. He really couldn’t understand that he would be arrested by two gods.
"Geng Li’s sorry, you have to die today." Xu Ling was about to start work when Zhong Xu stopped him and looked a little dim.
"Two deities, what did I do wrong …" King Geng Li sweated and wanted to defend himself, but Zhong Xu immediately waved his hand to tell him not to talk. "You don’t have to say anything now, so you can come and have a grudge with us. We don’t need to claim your life, but we can sacrifice you in order to kill Xuanxing." When Zhong Xu spoke, his eyes flashed with a strange color and the look of King Geng Li fell to the ground and became a little confused.
"It is said that your death was caused by Xuanxing. If you are unwilling, then you should resent Xuanxing. He forced you to death." Zhong Xu’s deity echoed like a hypnotic sound, and gradually Gengli’s ear exuded an amazing rage. Fortunately, his body was banned by two deities. Otherwise, this violent breath was enough to kill several immortals in the whole celestial world.
"Hands-on" When Geng Li’s body exudes rage and reaches its peak, Zhong Xu’s deity suddenly wakes up with Xu Ling’s deity.
A moment later, the virtual ling deity has deprived Yuan Ying, the soul of King Geng Li, and made him insane.
"Zhong Xu just talked nonsense with him about what directly forced his soul Yuan Ying out." Xu Ling God didn’t good the spirit and said that it was very difficult for Xu Ling God to start work because of Geng Li’s anger.
"That you don’t understand. Just now, my soul-urging technique made him resent Xuanxing. As a result … his soul can act as the deputy soul to have the best effect … He is a god king I specially chose." Xu Ling smiled and said that he would ignore the layman beside him. Suddenly, a god king appeared.
If XuanXing field, he will be able to recognize this god king. He had a conflict. King Jinghua did the same thing. Zhong Xu God once again made Jing Hua exude rage and had a strong resentment against XuanXing. Then Zhong Xu God stripped Yuan Ying of his soul.
"Right" Zhong Xushen took a deep breath and saw that a large number of baby gods suddenly appeared beside him. Seeing that he kept playing, God definitely made those baby gods break down into pure energy, while Xuling Shenshen dared not neglect to see him, and he also broke down a large number of baby gods into pure energy.
A year later, the two deities thoroughly decomposed and reorganized thousands of baby gods, refining the energy to be unusually pure. At this time, the baby gods were refined into a normal baby size by the two deities! Virtual ling deity feels that this deity level is not weaker than his own deity!
After all this, the two gods took out a lot of soul beads again! In the same way, they decomposed the soul beads into pure ones, and finally put the two soul kings Yuan Ying into that large amount of soul force …
Another year later, the soul force of thousands of gods formed a soul baby! Moreover, it exudes tyrannical rage, and even the two deities, Xu Ling and Zhong Xu, feel a little self-conscious when facing him.
As the two deities played a series of mysterious gods, they definitely saw that the soul was completely integrated with the baby, and the two deities became a little pale because they were crossing their soul into the sea of knowledge in front of them.
Gradually, the figure of "baby" in front of the two deities became flickering, and it seemed that a breeze could blow it away.
"Boom … boom …" At this time, a number of painted black clouds appeared in the whole seven realms of the fix-true realm, the celestial realm, the underworld and the very celestial realm inexplicably.
Chapter 56 Soul God
In the history, the whole seven realms have a vision at the same time … This situation has happened several times! Seven times were caused by the birth of the deity, but the purple omen more than one million years ago was somewhat puzzling 2.
Today, the whole seven realms usher in the ninth omen at the same time, which is composed of black clouds!
When the world was covered with black clouds, the practitioners suddenly felt a tingle in their scalp, and many practitioners vomited blood directly and fainted, and even more so, they were possessed directly! This black cloud almost made all practitioners feel depressed.
However, some practitioners are exceptions. For example, most practitioners in the underworld have benefited greatly from this, and a few practitioners from all walks of life, such as the fix-true world, immortals, demons and gods, have benefited a lot from this strange omen.
"What is this?" Looking at all walks of life, the God Aogan frowned slightly and whispered to himself, because he found those practitioners who benefited from this omen … They all have one thing in common; They are all people whose hearts are full of tyranny and rage!
"Big Brother, what the hell is going on?" Emperor Lin was surprised and looked at the darkness and asked in disbelief, but he was so proud that he looked awed.
"I don’t know" day everyone would fly dry god shook his head. "Now the whole seven realms are full of black clouds full of tyranny. It’s not hard to imagine that this omen is definitely not a good thing. I’m afraid … what’s going to happen soon?" Day everyone would fly dry god mused.
"It’s amazing that we can find the source of this omen." The proud deity is quite old. It must be quite scary to sound this thing that is about to be born. If he is born smoothly, it will definitely bring great losses to the whole seven realms! It is our duty to wait for a few deities to kill them, but at the moment, our roots will not notice the source of the black omen, and naturally we and others have no way to destroy the unknown.
"Strange things have happened one after another recently." Dilin said with a wry smile. Two years ago, four prosperous planets were suddenly lost in the celestial world, and there were thousands of gods on the side of those four stars! And the king of Geng Li disappeared inexplicably, and today there are such evil omens in the seven realms. Is there any disaster in the divine realm?
At this time, Xuanxing Oboro gravel still guards Zilin and other three super beasts.
When the black omen appeared, the body of the three super god beasts suddenly trembled slightly.
"Xuan Xing, what is this?" Oboro gravel was a little nervous and asked, the breath attached to this black omen is quite horrible, even if it was oboro gravel in the late period of the emperor, it felt a little uncomfortable.
"I don’t know," said XuanXing somberly. "This black omen breath can actually pass through the top god’s forbidden defense and directly affect yourself and others. XuanXing can’t neglect and hurriedly give Zilin a place where they are isolated from the outside world. So Zilin’s body stopped shaking.
"Huh?" Xuanxing found that Zilin, Yinling, and Phoenix’s body surface was full of power and the temperature suddenly rose a lot. "It should be about the same." Looking at the three super beasts in front of him, Xuanxing’s face showed a little gratified smile.
In the celestial world, Xu Ling and Zhong Xu Shen Zun continue to input their soul force into the virtual shadow knowledge sea in front of them.
"Zhong Xu, you really have two of us, but this time we made a baby." Xu Ling, the God of God, looked a little pale and smiled. This thing must be earth-shattering. Although it seems to be evil to create this thing by himself … if it can help him kill Xuanxing, it is a baby! The root of the virtual spirit will not mean whether the virtual shadow is evil or right.
"Ha ha, we are lucky. It seems that God is ready to help us destroy Xuanxing." Pale, the virtual god grinned and smiled. The results of this experiment far exceeded his expectation that the experiment was not only successful, but also the things made inspired the seven omens!
As the soul force is constantly delivered to the virtual shadow, the strength of the virtual god is also sharply reduced. At this time, he can only play 20% strength! However, the thought that Xuanxing is about to be killed is not so much about his own strength. It is also called to be able to kill Xuanxing even if his strength drops again.
This black thunder formed it quite quickly, and the virtual shadow was created by it without coming to react.
Looking at the violent shaking in front of the virtual shadow, the two gods immediately became nervous. If it was scattered by the black thunder, their hopes would be dashed.
But to the delight of the two gods; After the virtual shadow shook for a while, it returned to normal, and then there was no more thunder in the black clouds. In a good mood, the two gods continued to lose their soul power to the virtual shadow. Although they knew that the soul of the sea was shrinking, the two gods were still flattered.
This situation has been maintained for a whole three months, and today the seven black clouds finally dissipate quickly.
"Shout …" Virtual Ling Shen Zun sighed straight at the same time, and then they really finished their plan, which means that the two of them gave their 50% soul force to the virtual shadow respectively.