At first, these guinea pigs saw hamsters, but after seeing more hamsters, some of them came to try to communicate with Lin hamsters.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 At first, these guinea pigs saw hamsters, but after seeing more hamsters, some of them came to try to communicate with Lin hamsters.

Their communication is mainly about Lin Hamster … expressing their opinions.
For example, Lin can’t bump those dream creatures who touch the statue well, and she can’t take the touched statue back, chew it up and recast it well
Even the materials used to construct the statue are not considered the most’ equal’ by them.
These guinea pigs made various comments on Lin Hamster and urged Lin to correct this behavior and make it perfect.
It is said that statues touched by dream creatures will slowly lose their effect.
They will be’ polluted’ by the biological thinking of dreams, making the statues impure.
If you keep putting it there, it will have no waking effect on the lost creatures who come here, so you must take it back and reconstruct it.
Lin found that these guinea pigs were so obsessed that they affected the energy of their surrounding dreams.
There are some special dream energy that will float to them, and they can’ hair’ to absorb this energy.
The more they absorb, the more golden their fur will become.
Of course, they don’t look for food by themselves, which is the root of their survival.
But they will look for statue materials, which is also the most dangerous thing for them.
Generally speaking, they will limit the recycling of statue materials, but these materials will always be less in the process of long-term use, so they will go out to look for them every once in a while
They came to communicate actively, and Lin learned a lot from them through hamster troops.
These guinea pigs usually don’t like chatting. They like to make statues of Charlene constantly.
Lin asked for a long time before asking why they built the statue, but they didn’t say anything about them and Charlene.
Of course, they also asked … Lin hamsters have to build statues of everything.
It turns out that their hamsters are just like them, and they are very strange when Lin asks them.
It seems that it is not surprising for them that a creature with the same purpose suddenly appears.
Lin said it was fun to watch them do it, so she just learned to do it.
These guinea pigs still say that what is the reason to do it is to be perfect.
So I reached an agreement with them, and Lin joined them in this wreck ball … adventure.
Actually, it is to find the’ best’ materials.
The best material is very difficult to get. According to this group of guinea pigs, there are many dangerous creatures nearby.
Generally, they live in safe areas, which are rarely touched by dangerous creatures.
The whole wreck ball is full of scavengers everywhere. Guinea pigs don’t call them scavengers … but they have a funny name’ Lost Pleasant’.
These creatures don’t eat scavengers here, or they don’t usually eat scavengers because they generally don’t eat the debris here. Although many creatures dig up the debris, they mainly eat creatures …
Many creatures have been lost and died all the time, and dying here will have a wonderful effect, that is, their memories will generally remain.
Here, the’ lost pleasers’ mainly aim to mine these memory data.
They have different excavation methods.
Some people dig up sharp body structures and remains as they seem, while others lie prone and don’t move.
And they actually absorb the memories in the corpse of this lost creature.
These memories usually contain all kinds of past experiences of living things, such as all kinds of experiences and lives in normal emptiness.
These memories will be hidden in their wreckage in a special dream energy state, and they will fall into a very happy state after the’ happy people’ dig out and absorb this energy.
Then they will continue to dig.
Because they don’t dig up a complete memory, they usually just get some memento mori or something
But no matter how small the fragments are, they will be absorbed.
Therefore, all kinds of debris here are occupied by all kinds of’ pleasers’.
Lin thinks they can also be called spiritual scavengers. On the whole, they are still scavengers. Let’s call them this.
However, due to not eating the biological remains without memory data, they still generally remain here.
This debris ball is also formed in this way.
Today, these scavengers continue to try to dig out memento mori from the wreckage here.
Even if it’s weak, they have to
So you can see quite a few species here.
These creatures that focus on digging memories are generally harmful, but there are also some dangerous creatures.