"You mean … the magic way?" Xiao Fan is puzzled.


"It is in this dark magic door that these two kinds of Daoism are basically cultivated. Almost all the brothers of the magic tunnel master will learn after they have reached a certain level. Because they have the characteristics of restraining the magic tunnel, they can learn by others except the elders and core brothers!"
"The magic way … can restrain the magic tunnel?" Xiao Fan was secretly surprised to hear the shadow say this, which also means that the dark magic door before the shadow is at least the core brother!
And this magic refined Taoist theory ranks among 100 kinds of Daoism, which can make people laugh off their fangs.
It is purely poor and weak, and Daoism ranks last in the total ranking of all Daoism!
When Xiao Fan got this doorway from the shadow, he immediately became dumbfounded when he realized it after surgery.
This ….. This is a door art?
Don’t say don’t even most spells are more powerful than this magical power!
For Xiao Fan, magic refining is a complete waste. If it is not a Taoist art that forms the avatar magic explosion, it is really tarnished by being included in the Taoist ranking.
"You’ll know when you try it. Make sure that the dark devil’s brother is hiding!" Shadow said
"This … all right! Then fight! " Xiao Fan cracked his mouth. He believed that the shadow wouldn’t lie to himself. This woman is even concise in speaking, and it’s even less likely to joke about herself than without feelings, isn’t it?
He also loomed behind Xiao Fan.
"So with the help of my The Hunger gas mixture, an enchantment can be formed around. This enchantment seems to be very sensitive to magic gas exploration, which makes the other party’s magic tunnel ineffective!" Xiao Fan couldn’t help his eyes lit up and immediately understood the magic refining effect!
"This garbage doctrine is not one place! Everything has its vanquisher! " Xiao Fanxuan, that is, the corner of his mouth flips a black flame with a pick of his palm, and his palm leaps in their ears and slaps it hard on the chest of the dark devil’s brother.
"Fighting poison with poison is a magic fire that burns magic gas. Since you want my life, bring it first!"
After saying his word, a palm severely printed the chest of the Dark Devil’s brother.
"Boom!" Bone fragmentation sound harshness ratio
One mouthful blood gushed out from his mouth, followed by his figure spinning backwards and flying out. Only ten people could encircle the tree and break it, and then he fell to the ground severely.
"Ah … ah … no … don’t …" The body magic gas magic fire way power can burn crazy and turn deadly flame body itself.
"Don’t? Why didn’t you think of not killing me when you said anything? " Xiao Fan took a deep breath and scattered the magic way to the front of the man and looked down coldly and said
Suddenly, a strange wind swept around the dark magic door, and all the burning black flames went out.
"Ha ha, it’s amazing that young people can learn so many kinds of Daoism, but … where did you learn to practice Daoism?" An old voice suddenly sounded and echoed in the Woods.
"A master?" Xiao Fan raised his eyebrows and hurriedly put a few pills to restore Yuan Li into his mouth and looked around cautiously.
"Be careful, it should be that the elder of the Dark Magic Gate is more powerful than this ordinary brother!" Shadow worries wake up
"There’s no way to get to this point now. If they don’t want to talk it over, they can come and block it. If not, I’ll retreat first. Anyway, if I want to leave, very few people can keep me!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and showed up with a complete seven-star-destroying dish. If he is really forced to launch a force, ordinary people can’t stop him unless he is a master like Luo Cha, the soul of the magic sword, comes in person.
Soon a dark old man appeared in front of Xiao Fan like a ghost.
The old man didn’t cover his face, his wrinkles were deep, his eyes were faintly flashing red, his face was wide with white hair and shawl, but his face was very pale.
"Shit, how is he coming? If Xiao Fan can’t do it, prepare to evacuate first! " Dark video is a little nervous.
"hmm? This old man is very powerful? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows, but everyone in the dark magic door suppressed Yuan Li and Xiu, and it was really depressing for Xiao Fan to see each other’s depth.
"Well, it’s not as bad as usual. He reached a round of realm three hundred years ago. He is the one I said … second only to the door master’s left and right protectors, and the left protector’s white blade!" Dark video is a little shaky.
"A round of realm power!" Xiao Fan breath in a gasp hurriedly voice asked, "what is your degree? Can deal with the master of the peak? "
"Me? Adult peak! " Shadow hesitated to inform.
"Adult peak …" Xiao Fan was silent.
Shadow repair turned out to be the pinnacle of adulthood?
Then you can see that it is not difficult for the master of the peak to want to assassinate.
This is the Dark Door Killer thing? Isn’t this one-round realm old monster assassinated even three-round realm decision masters?
If you follow this logic and go to the dark magic door, wouldn’t the Lord have three rounds of repair and be able to kill the magic sword and blood shura?
I was thinking that the old man stared at me again and asked grimly, "I’ll ask you again, where did you learn the magic training?"
Chapter 225 Shadow
"Where did you learn that I don’t seem to have any meaning to tell you?" Xiao Fan cautiously took two steps back. Since the shadow seems to be a dark magic door, some people don’t want to celebrate the holidays, then they can’t reveal her things and cause more trouble.
"Hum a sharp-tongued little doll. Since you don’t want to talk about it, there are several ways for you to tell the truth!" White fat blade step out around with a flash.
What a powerful force!
Xiao Fan looks dignified and ready to offer the seven stars to destroy God at any time.
If you fight hard, you are definitely not the opponent!
"magic flash!" Bai Jian suddenly raised his hand far away, but when he saw the palm of his hand suddenly flashing and black before his wrist, it disappeared strangely!
Followed by Xiao Fan feel ear to a gust of wind was about to dodge when suddenly a big hand severely grabbed the neck, the whole body along with being living up!
“!” Xiao Fan heart in a surprised what is this means? His hand can leave his body and attack himself?
But I don’t want to think much about Xiao Fan. I hurriedly clapped my hands and jumped up to the Taoist fire. I was attacked by the big hand that pinched my neck.