"Ah, there is such a thing. That’s strange. Let’s master let me take people to save such a waste. I know nothing about our master! "

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Yeah …
I know the old master …
This …
You should never …
But the reality is that my master not only adopted what the old man said, but also arranged for me to carry out the rescue plan, which gave me a green light all the way. He even allowed me to go directly to the Jiangwu Hall. Imagine how many years it has been calm since the tide of the red sea faded. In these quiet years, I really haven’t heard of what made the Jiangwu Hall let people go.
But now the master not only asked me to save the Nangong War, but also gave it to me. This special case allows me to talk to important people in Jiangwu Hall. What secrets are hidden behind this precedent?
Is it because of this special status of Nangong War that he can enjoy such special treatment because his father is a master?
Maybe all the answers have fallen there for too long, and time has passed in Kamimiyabe.
If you want to get rid of eye doubts, you must first understand them deeply.
The Nangong War …
How on earth can you make several masters of Zhuang become like this?
This story is much simpler.
Xiao Liang and I just held a piece of paper given by the master, and successfully brought several brothers from the Jiangwu Temple. Even in this newly formed team to rescue the Nangong War, I deliberately brought several people to the Jiangwu Temple, which is my own good partner on weekdays.
Wang Xiaoliang, Luo Fei, Pan Jiakui, Guo Ze, Wei Jian, Stuart Jiu, Qian Xin, Zhou Peng …
I …
Nine people, nine names and nine destinies have the same goal, the same direction and the same story!
In the meantime …
"Is everything ready?"
Look at this man in front of him. Look at this kindred cell Ellie, who is ready to go. Her eyes are full of certainty, determination and hope for the future, and she is unwilling to succumb to fate.
"(La Kevin) almost …"
Alice was the one who talked to her about the rescue plan before.
Next to Benny Young, Luca Brownie, Collinstadt, Paul Pidick, Christian Hawke, Russell Lodge, Jenny Barbara Jarvis Green are in turn.
"(La Cavendish) Guys, the goal of our trip is real. I don’t know what this child named Jill Wheeler looks like. I don’t even know if she is a man or a woman, tall or thin …"
Looking around, Ella Kevin continued to say quickly
"But I know that there is such a child waiting for our rescue in the depths of Parxiula. Since the Holy See has chosen to put this sacred mission into our hands, if we all have to work hard to complete it, we must bravely overcome it …"
Speaking of which, Ella Kevin took a deliberate look at the end of the line, Jenny Barbara, and then said again
"(Lacovians) We want to show those Xia Sonia people that we can lead their people out of suffering. It can be our holy church or our heresy trial group. No one can do it except us!"
Having said that, I saw that Ella Kevin suddenly pulled out her waist thin sword and then the blade position was actually attached to her chest …
"(la Kevin) the holy see! ! !”
Hula, more than one person is learning to look like Ella Kevin, and one by one becomes extremely Zhuang.
"(la Kevin) the holy see! ! !”
At that time, I was emotional!
The same thing, the same story, the same place, and the same group of people can bring two different languages together and make two different systems collide with each other. The nine names of the ancient East and the nine fates are intertwined, and the young people are moving rapidly towards their west.
Meanwhile, there are also nine boys and girls in the west who are eager to save the world, and they are advancing rapidly towards their East.
And then when the two texts collide …
When two systems meet each other!
Chapter six hundred and ninety-six A stranger
"ghost! ! !”
When I roared passionately, I heard a cold war!
"Physical preparation! ! !”
After waiting for Li Wei this cry, the rest of the people behind him were immediately alerted, especially Stuart Nine and Wang Xiaoliang, who were even more angry.
The sword in his hand at that time was constantly wailing because of this anger in his heart.
And the gang called "ghosts" by Li Wei …
As far as Ella Kevin is concerned, she was sharp-eyed when she was going to take them into the bottom of the cave of beasts. She immediately found something strange. It can be said that she was the first person in this rescue team to find all the people in Li Wei who were not too far away from herself.
While Ella Kevin hesitated to say hello, she saw that Li Wei and his gang flashed their swords directly at them.
This can also come on?
It can be said that Li Wei’s overreaction really stimulated Ella Kevin. You should know one thing about this Ellie. After all, she was sent to the East by the Holy See as a hidden person, and her physical strength has already broken through the baroness. That is to say, her ability now is not to say that it can be called rain, but to say that there is still something to do with her bare hands.
After all, for the ancient text of La Kaiwensi, the strength of the baron is equivalent to the innate person of Long Huan.
And the eye, Ella Kevin, looks less than thirty years old from the aspect. She looks so young, the baron is so young, and the talent hidden behind her is really terrible.
Now when Li Wei suddenly pulls out his waist sword like this, it becomes a little complicated for the baron from the Principality of La Kevin.
Because …
"(LaKevin) body alert to meet them! ! !”
Shout a word and you will see that Ella Kevin is the first to offer the thin sword in his hand, and then the tip of the sword points to all the people in Li Wei who have fallen in front of him.
This time, it is a conflict between two texts, and it is also a collision between two systems.
"Arms spare you die! ! !”