I fell to the ground, and when I got up, all the people had already come over. I just saw that my hands were bloody and broken-Qiong Qi was planted a foot long coffin nail from the shoulder, and the nail went straight into his chest and poked it in the heart!

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 I fell to the ground, and when I got up, all the people had already come over. I just saw that my hands were bloody and broken-Qiong Qi was planted a foot long coffin nail from the shoulder, and the nail went straight into his chest and poked it in the heart!

Nail rust is full of blood. It seems that I was too cruel just now!
Don’t stay in Qiong Qi for Zhang Tianshi with people here have jumped to pull the nail-immediately the wound before the outward Siming braved Yin qi came out and turned black smoke into a half!
That half-ri light has shone on this guy’s body beam as the master chanted, and if there is any substance, nail it firmly and motionless!
I don’t know.
The only thing I know for sure is that this matter has been understood, except that chaos was not born and everything was calm again.
The great event has been decided. Naturally, we have returned to Chengdu and returned to various factions. Although Qiong Qi has already dealt with it, the fate of the Millennium is still counted, and the people who have mixed up need our help.
But I quit!
According to the master’s wishes, Sang Yu and I settled in Southeast Asia after we got married, and took the gluttonous food there to take care of it, while my National Security Bureau worker waited for two years and handed it over to Nine Small Schools.
The elder brother returned to England with his family and still left his sister to take care of the master, saying that he would wait until later.
Fourth brother resigned soon after returning to the United States, but he changed his job at the Immigration Bureau-according to the master, there are still big events in China, and we Zhuge family should move to the outside. He said to change a suitable job first.
Brother Wu did not leave the seventh department, but he unloaded a lot of work and took a consultancy job.
Zhuge’s family keeps a Chinese family. It’s still a rule. It’s time to see whether the master will stay nine or five after a hundred years. Anyway, he can’t leave.
I resigned this time, and the credit naturally went to him, so I was promoted-after graduation, I went to Hangzhou Bureau and the salary was much higher!
However, the goods finally persuaded Blackie. If Blackie didn’t help me, I think this guy might be mysterious!
I’m going to leave for Singapore to say goodbye to my master. When I left, I saw nine small rooms passing by and the child looked sad and asked, "What are you doing?" A pair of sweet memories? Have you ever been afraid to go to the National Security Bureau? "
"Not nine small gave a" you come and have a look.
I walked over and saw that there was a wrd document on the desk, and it seemed to be a novel. I suddenly wondered, "Are you a lowercase novel? Not about me? "
"No, no, nine children cried." My name is fantasy. I’m going to write something to try first. After that, I’ll write something called Twilight City. It’s all fantasy. You know I’ve always liked it … "
"All right, all right, I interrupted him." Anyway, you must never write about me and play as you like, but don’t pull me? " Think I added, "When the time comes, Brother Seven will come back and bring you a gift.
"really?" But my words seemed to wake up. His eyes turned one after another. "It’s a pity that our practice is not written. You really gave me a good suggestion-so if I were our story, I would pretend that everything happened. How am I? My name is the first person … "
"That’s fine. I patted him." Okay, that’s it
After that, I typed a new file and established a document named "Ghosts and Ghosts reappear", and the pig’s foot impressively wrote nine small names: Liu Pi Cloud!
Famous soldiers crossing the Jiawu Special Forces King
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Zhang Yiyuan was a major officer of the special forces of the China People’s Liberation Army, who was besieged by international mercenaries during his vacation, and finally several international mercenaries died together.
I woke up in a stormy sunset and was born again in a Korean war. I watched a generation of special forces Wang Ruqiang defend national defense, strengthen the army and fight against Japan, beat Russia, reorganize rivers and mountains and revive China! Whoever doesn’t get angry with him will be punished if he makes a strong man! Justice always belongs to the strong!
The first chapter special forces king
Zhang Yi carefully crouched in the dense forest, hiding around his figure, but there were six or seven well-trained killers. Even though he was the first master of China’s special forces, he didn’t dare to be careless. However, after all, today was careless. He said that if he didn’t expect someone to drive out the western foothills outside Beijing to assassinate him, the signal for help had been sent out, and he didn’t know when reinforcements would feel it.
Zhang Yi is a special soldier, the best special soldier in China, known as the China special soldier Wang. The captain of the 2-year-old "Oriental Excalibur" special warfare brigade of the China People’s Liberation Army has just graduated from the Army Command College for advanced command courses, and will enter the General Staff of China after the holiday.
However, no matter how meticulous his thinking is, there are omissions when he is suddenly attacked. When Zhang Yi is calmly lying in the bushes, a dead branch is actually crushed. In the cold and silent night, Zhang Yi gives a crisp break. Zhang Yi secretly calls out a bad trend and jumps out to the right side for three or four meters. Almost at the same time, several fires first shot at Zhang Yi’s original hiding place.
Fortunately, Zhang Yi was exposed, and at the same time, several enemy shelters in the forest were also exposed. Zhang Yi followed his body and quickly fled to a nearby tree, which was hidden by the crown of the tree and bounced back along Zhang Yi’s body.
Zhang Yi’s crown turned around, his legs clamped the branches, and he raised his hand, that is, two weapons points opposite two guns should be extinguished. Obviously, he has lost his ability to move, and then Yu Killer shot at Zhang Yi’s hiding tree, and Zhang Yi was suppressed by fire.
A wave of bullets in the past, Zhang Yi gently slipped into the bushes, picked up a big stone in his head and threw it at the other side. The stone just landed on the right side. Two fire lines tilted over. Zhang Yi held a gun with both hands, and a wave of bullets was ejected. The other side had a weapon point that was dumb, but the hiding place was found at the same time. The killer on the other side shot continuously here. Zhang Yi felt that his right shoulder was numb, and then his mother’s shoulder was pierced. Zhang Yi secretly gritted her teeth.
But at this time, the more you can’t turn around and run outside, the more you can become a killer target. If there are two special snipers inside, you can’t escape.
However, it is obvious that the other side also knows that this is a suburb of Beijing. Although it is sparsely populated, most of the police stations are not far away from here. The longer it is, the worse it will be for them. Only a few minutes later, not far away, two figures slowly stood up and leaned over towards Zhang Yi’s stealth position. Two people covered each other and one person hid in the dark to wait for an opportunity.
As two people approached Zhang Yibai, we couldn’t wait. Once two people were near and found him, we would close our eyes and wait for him to die. Zhang Yi secretly held her breath and flew sideways. At the same time, two pistols were on fire at the same time. "When two killers saw the figure shaking, the conduits were not good. One killer actually leaned forward and hid behind the other killer, but the killer in front could not hide. A few bullets instantly shot into his chest and lay on the ground and stopped moving.
Behind the killer obviously also suffered a gunshot wound, stuffy hum all over, followed by a rolling and hiding. Zhang Yi shot, and at the same time, the killer in the dark also flashed a gun and a shuttle bullet poured over toward Zhang Yi. Zhang Yi felt a pain in her calf and knew that her calf was also hit, but fortunately, it was not the key. I managed to transport my body muscles by myself. Although it was painful, the blood stopped temporarily.
Zhang Yi returned the gun to fight back. The two sides didn’t reach each other several times. The gun gradually stopped. At this moment, Zhang Yi was only a few meters away from the right side of the killer who had just been injured. Zhang Yi calculated a distance from himself. A jump should be able to react to each other. It should not be difficult to take his life when his depth is the shortest by relying on his own palm.
Zhang Yi’s skill of biting his teeth was covered with a tiger’s pounce, which surprised Zhang Yi. It was a pity that the other party reacted quickly and turned to face Zhang Yi. After all, he was shot in the shoulder, but the gun in his hand didn’t adjust when he adjusted. When Zhang Yi had jumped on him, the killer didn’t show weakness. The automatic rifle was smashed in Zhang Yi’s hand and eye, and the left hand grabbed the barrel, the right palm stood upright and cut the killer’s right arm toward the other party’s neck. Meet two people bump into each other, click a piece of iron wrapped in the palm of Zhang Yi’s hexagram, and once cut off a green flag with a thickness of more than ten centimeters. This time, if you can, the killer can stop it. The forearm is directly cut, and the killer screams. A right arm falls down, and Zhang Yi’s right hand changes to grab the killer’s neck and five fingers are forced to detain and crush the killer’s throat.
At this time, another killer also found that his teammates were not well, so I’m afraid they would be caught. Even regardless of his teammates’ crazy fire shooting at Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi conveniently hid the dead killer in front of him for two consecutive rolls in the other side of the trees, raised his hand and fired several shots at the opposite side continuously, suppressing the other side and did not dare to look up. While the other side was hiding, Zhang Yi pulled the killer’s body and rolled it to a relatively safe corner.
Zhang Yi unloaded the magazine and reloaded it. This is the last one. There is at least one other person, and he is well prepared. He is still injured. The situation is not optimistic. Zhang Yi gritted his teeth. Today, he seems to be able to spell it out. He thought about his right arm and picked up the body of the killer in his hand. The killer saw the target exposed. "Pa …" A shuttle of bullets poured over. Although Zhang Yi had a body cover, he was still hit by a stray bullet. Zhang Yi gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger at the same time. The killer suddenly lost his voice.
Zhang Yi quickly rushed to the shelters. The killer was hit on the forehead and was already out of breath. Zhang Yi didn’t dare to crawl in the bushes for a while. He didn’t find the enemy again. He picked up the body cover and carefully withdrew from the Woods and came to the ground.
The sound of helicopter gunships flying in the distance has been able to vaguely hear Zhang Yi take a long breath and realize that his reinforcements have finally arrived.
Zhang Yicai wanted to tidy up a wound, but there was a gun behind him, and a sharp pain in his back. At least he was shot four or five times, and he was careless. There was even a killer in the jungle, and he didn’t even notice it at all.
When Zhang Yi bit the tip of his tongue, he woke up temporarily. He did not hesitate to take out two close-fitting daggers and threw them out. This is the intuition given by his many years of fighting career.