"But there is snow cake in your carriage?"
"Huh?" I don’t know why Li Xingyun’s face feels even hotter when she is stared at.
He seems unable to believe all the uncertainties in his ears.
Then get up the courage to meet Ling Er’s bright eyes. At that moment, his eyes looked at his heart as if he had reached his throat.
It is said in the book that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and he can see himself clearly from those eyes!
He doesn’t know what this means.
The same feather son seems to feel slightly hot from his eyes.
Clean cheeks turned red, and she bowed her head slightly and said shyly, "We’re hungry …"
Since childhood, Cher has read many books and recorded many interesting stories.
From human geography, mountain and sea classics to the ancient theory of nine columns … but there has never been a book that teaches people how to beg for food.
She won’t believe that she hasn’t carefully watched a film, nor will she.
They are not vagrants, but beggars. They have been pampered and clothed since childhood, and they don’t know what it is like to starve.
They tasted it on the first night when they were free again.
"It’s good to have sharp teeth and sharp mouth, or you’ll really be hungry." Cher’s little hands are full of authentic snow cake with fragrant smell, and she already feels sweet and bored before she tastes it.
At this time, if the young Li Xingyun knows her thoughts about the praise of Yi Er’s sharp teeth, I am afraid that drinking this saliva will choke out.
"Sharp teeth and sharp mouth? Is it as good as an aunt? "
Several bonfires were piled up in the forest to clear up the misunderstanding. After figuring out the truth, Lord Li and his brothers kept vigil and kept warm to have a rest.
Li Xingyun, a teenager, learned that two Yan Ruyu were also going to the monastery to study, so he warmly invited Cher and Ling Er to go the same way.
Gradually getting acquainted, his face is not so red, his heartbeat is not so rapid, and his breathing is much smoother. Perhaps this water has the effect of dredging blood veins, ventilating and moistening lungs.
Li Xingyun thought so.
"Hey, Li Xingyun, do you have a letter of recommendation when you go to the monastery to study?" Clean as a Wang Qingtan Linger always feels that Li Xingyun’s little pair of eyes thief Mimi will not be soft-spoken even if she eats the snow cake presented by others.
"Well …"
This abrupt sentence really made Li Xingyun choke.
"Push the recommendation letter?" Li Xingyun sleeve angle wiped her cheeks water some surprise and said.
"Yes! Although the monastery is generous and convenient, it is very strict to enroll students and apprentices. If it is a sacred place where there is no real material to know that a pair of eyes look good back and forth and a girl’s face can’t stop staring, a rogue can never be admitted to the hospital. "
Although this remark smacks of tit-for-tat, it’s true that Michelle thinks so, although she came out with a letter of recommendation …
"But Mr. Wang told me that the monastery has been in the east of the country for thousands of years. It has always been teaching and educating people, emphasizing morality, law, yi, art, travel and Sichuan, and it has been widely carried forward to have today’s grand occasion. Do you need a letter of recommendation?"
Li Xingyun was excited to pace back and forth, and Kan Kan talked about it, and his words were full of cynicism.
Cher snickered.
Linger snickered, "Who is your husband?"
"Mr. Wang is the most learned person in the village," Li Xingyun said proudly.
Ling son specially stretched the ending "Oh ~ your husband lied to you"
"Impossible, sir. Never lies."
"How do you know he never lies?"
"Mr. Wang told me himself."
"So you don’t know that he lied to you?"
"I …" Li Xingyun language knot.
"What he said must be wrong."
Li Xingyun was suddenly silent and looked at the clean face, clear eyes, white teeth and pink hands by the campfire. I couldn’t help but shake my faith. "It seems that what Mr. Wang said may not be good for Yan Ruyu …"
The sixth chapter see cold gun again
Of course, hatred can only be washed away with blood.
This is the belief that Luo Changfeng has developed in the past three years.
After leaving the mountain, he said goodbye to the old winehead and his traveler’s inn. He didn’t go east.
It’s not that he doesn’t know where Dayan Empire is located, or his father wouldn’t have let him secretly send the sky map three years ago. He has actually followed Luoling to the west since childhood, and with his extraordinary talent, he knows the eastern topography, landforms, climate and customs well.
Uncle Yuwen, who has been running for more than ten years, is not as clear as him.
Remembering the past, he felt a twinge in his heart.
"Yanbailou, Yanbailou, it’s true that the emperor of this country has never listened to rumors and suspected that my father has second thoughts. You don’t hesitate to slaughter me …"
For the people in Luohe County or for the whole Tiandong, people have believed that rumor for three years.
It’s said that Luoling’s heart has two meanings, and the emperor’s decree is to destroy the door!
"This hate bitter! I, Luo Changfeng, vowed to drink your blood, gouge out your bones and slaughter you with a door to sacrifice my Luo Menling. "
Luo Changfeng walks through the mountains in the middle of the night.