"Who are you? Is it so fierce? "


Qin Yu firmly looked at the big fellow at this time, took a step forward, and then summoned up his small chest, stared at his cheeks and helped to summon up his hands and hold his chest.
But Qin Yu said that the middle-aged Han and the little girl were surprised at the same time. The big fellow was surprised that Qin Yu didn’t know what eyes he could see from where he was fierce, while the little girl was frightened that Qin Yu and he had only known each other for a long time, so he maintained himself with the little girl and looked at Qin Yu’s eyes gradually changed.
This aroused the big fellow’s interest, got up and leaned over and looked at Qin Yu contemptuously.
"oh? Who are you? "
Chapter 9 Leaning on incense
When Qin Yu and the sloppy middle-aged man were playing with each other, something else happened on this surging Yanhu Island.
Yixianglou …
Located in the center of Yanhu Island, this flower house is a famous fireworks place in Jinzhou, and these local talents are directly called Yixiang House, which is also called Jinlou, because once people enter this fragrant house, they are so puffy, upside down day and night, and the jade is pregnant and the wine is so unhappy. People are drunk because of the wine. People wake up and wake up and wake up and wake up and wake up drunk, and the beauty is really drunk. The hometown is a crisp bone field. Those who boast some literary talents and those who boast some things are all heroes in the Jianghu.
What’s more, Jinzhou is located in an outstanding place in the south of the Yangtze River, which naturally breeds beautiful women. In front of us, this golden tower includes the most beautiful Jiangnan women in the world. Only when people have experienced the mystery of China and the world have they been able to comment on it. In order to catch up with the Lingjianzong Festival, relying on the incense tower has spared no effort to get a day’s beauty and threatened that this woman’s talent is even more outstanding. At the same time, relying on the incense tower lobby has ordered people to hang a pair of pairs. If someone is opposite to each other, they will be invited to talk about tea and the moon. This genius has made
Chan Ming Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan Chan
So right, how to go right?
But everything is absolutely right, and there will definitely be a day when people will be right.
To say that this golden tower is really not simple, with the help of this spiritual sword Sect, this grand event will be spread all over Jinzhou with the help of a huge call from this day, which will make Jinzhou crazy.
However, everything needs careful consideration to taste the mystery.
It’s self-deception to say that this leaning incense tower has a little background. If there is no big power behind it, it is expected that this leaning incense tower is also a golden cave, and there are also a few people who know exactly who this big boss is in the shadow of leaning incense tower.
Yixiang Building was set up by the people of Yulinwei under the leadership of Yulinwei Listening Camp, and this Yixiang Building is also an institution of Feiying Listening Camp in Jinzhou.
At this time, Qin Gang and the stout man had already stopped at the entrance of Xiang Lou.
"Ha ha ha ha Qin bro before I came, but I learned from many sources that this leaning incense building is one of the best pavilions in Jinzhou, and the chicks are all stunts that make people want to stop. Today, my brother and I are my hosts, so how about catching up? What’s worse, brother, I’ve heard, bro. Your family rules are strict, and your siblings care for you. It’s hard to come out without relaxing. It’s a secret, you know it, I know it, and my sister-in-law doesn’t know what to do. Besides, I’ve heard that there is a peerless actress in Yixiang Building who looks beautiful and has the highest talent. Why don’t I go and have a look, bro? "
The Li Xiong, who was called pudgy by Qin Gang, burst out laughing and hugged Qin Gang directly. He was about to rush into the fragrant building. When Qin Gang saw the burst of humanity and desire in his eyes, he secretly lost his heart.
Act well.
Qin Gang couldn’t help thinking.
Therefore, no one can think of a stout man who explodes and bursts with sensuality, and he is the same person as many governors who are in charge of the sky.
"This ….. this is all right. Let Li Xiong be happy. I will accompany him at any time."
Qin Gang thought carefully at the door for a long time before secretly making up his mind and looking at pudgy so excited, I couldn’t help thinking of the lady waking up before leaving, but I couldn’t refuse to think for a long time and replied.
"Ask Li Xiong not to tell the steward in my house that I will settle with Li Xiong today if he is not drunk."
Say that finish Qin Gang looked at stout no words.
However, at this time, his heart was even more doubtful about what this stout really wanted to do.
Humpty Dumpty smiled more brightly after hearing Qin Gang’s words, and then he took Qin Gang and walked into the fragrant building.
Don’t look at the fragrant building, which looks sparse from the outside. Usually, it’s amazing to wait for two people to walk into this fragrant building. It really is a golden cave.
See the blue glass candlestick, the enchanting red candle oil drips along the grandiose candlestick, accompanied by the surrounding nobles and lords frolicking and shouting. The young ladies of Yingying shuttle through the lobby on the first floor, and a strong rouge gouache runs through the whole Yixiang building. From time to time, some young beauties in exposed clothes walk by Qin Gang with small fans in their hands, and occasionally a few daring people stare at Qin Gang with watery eyes, as if they could hook a man’s soul.
Qin Gang looked around and suddenly found a group of disheveled people drinking in the corner on the west side of the lobby. Judging from their clothes, it should be Qin Gang, the younger brother of Lingjianzong’s outer court. He was frightened and quickly turned to Humpty Dumpty, only to see that Humpty Dumpty kept looking around and didn’t know what he was looking for, so he pulled Humpty Dumpty and asked.
"Li Xiong what are you looking for? I will look for it with you, too? "
Dumpty waved and said
"Nothing, nothing, just a horse."
Said and looked around again.
It’s ridiculous to see pudgy stand on tiptoe and try to reach out.
Suddenly pudgy seems to have found it and shouted excitedly
"The procuress! The old lady! "
Humpty Dumpty shouted at the top of his voice, and Qin Gang could feel his majestic body shaking with the cry.
"It turned out that he was looking for this …"
Qin Gang’s heart is thinking more and more about his wife.
They should all be anxious.
Stout toward the lobby a bow to another handsome male small gong pot shouted.
See the small gong pot followed the sound to pudgy’s side, and when you look at it, you will see two people dressed in rich clothes. They hurriedly ran to pudgy with their hands rubbing and smiling, and said,
"Come on, come on, this gentleman, you called me?"
Xiao Gong Guo kept bowing while smiling and talking.
"Nonsense! Who are you calling if I don’t call you? I heard that you have come to a beautiful woman. What’s her name? I can’t remember to call her to accompany me to drink. "