Qing Ye reveals that Pangu is like a fiend behind him, especially when the clouds above him are clear and clear, and the time flows through Qing Ye’s body and blows out the giant face of that high Beirut.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 Qing Ye reveals that Pangu is like a fiend behind him, especially when the clouds above him are clear and clear, and the time flows through Qing Ye’s body and blows out the giant face of that high Beirut.

"Give me a punch and Pangu will break the sky!"
It contains a powerful force, and it seems to be twisted like being crushed by a giant tire.
There was a loud bang, and the huge face of the Lord’s divine power condensed energy was like lime cast in Qing Ye, and it was shattered with one punch.
Several fragments are broken and abandoned, and then they change back to cyan.
Beirut’s giant face was blown back to its prototype by Qing Ye with its mouth open, and even the screams didn’t come.
After the shock of heaven and earth, Qing Ye smashed Beirut’s giant face with one punch, the boxing momentum kept exploding directly in the high crushing, and turbulence could be seen.
Everyone was dumbfounded! Even Eudaly looked up at the transformed Qing Ye in horror.
Boxing smashed the main divine power and condensed the energy form? This Eudaly even got stuck in his throat and didn’t move.
When I think of Qing Ye’s extinct punch, everyone feels trembling in the depths of their souls.
At this moment, Beirut’s giant face turned into a few cyan main powers and then played together again. Qing Ye saw a sneer. "Today, I completely eliminated your energy condensate!" Then he offered a bunch of Kun Ding.
Gan Kun stood upright around the half-round rotating Gan Kun Ding, and the mouth of the Ding collapsed, shrouded in a white light, and then faced the blue main divine power.
"Gankunding, I will collect everything for me!"
Dry Kunding broke out with a strong light, and the half-cyan main divine power tripod was white and misty, and the cyan was to be condensed again, and the main divine power flew to dry Kunding.
After receiving the blue main divine power, Qing Ye’s hands sneered at it and turned it back into the palm-sized hands of Qing Ye. Then Qing Ye’s hands emitted a white flame and the blue main divine power of Kun Ding became empty.
This will completely destroy Beirut, the main divine power energy condensate, and it will never be restored.
The angel of the Lord God in Beirut, Eudaly, was dumbfounded.
"Ye Tian, this little guy, took the female breast hand and said," Mother and father are the best, right? "
Looking at Ye Tian, I looked at the prostitute in Qing Ye with reverence and smiled. "What do you say, Tianer?"
Ye Tian upturned her little face and said, "My father is the best, of course." The prostitute smiled and pinched Ye Tian’s little face.
There was silence between heaven and earth, but just after Qing Ye struck out Beirut’s main divine power energy condensate, it was not long before there was a strong energy fluctuation in heaven and earth, and a cold and extreme airflow seemed to fill heaven and earth.
They looked into the distance and saw a green light flashing at top speed.
It was a moment when the green light came to the front of everyone, and then they stood still and looked at the people in the green light, but they were all braved the green flame
This is exactly what happens when Qing Ye retreats in front of Beirut Wind Lord ten thousand years ago, but ten thousand years later?
Qing Ye looked at Beirut wind Lord god sneer at "Beirut you Lord god finally appeared.
Looking at Ye Qingshen wrapped in blue arrogance, Beirut’s face was faintly angry. "Qing Ye, do you dare to kill my energy condensate?"
The Lord God’s energy condensate also implies that the Lord God’s power is enough to kill a strong god except dzogchen, but the power has no effect on Qing Ye. Beirut didn’t think that he wanted the Lord God’s power to condense the energy body and hold off Qing Ye to prevent Qing Ye from escaping again like a second time. He didn’t expect to be destroyed by Qing Ye before the Lord God came.
It can be said that Liu Wang’s loss is not only to mobilize his own divine power but also his own face.
Once upon a time, high above the Lord God, was it so disrespectful?
The fact is that even dzogchen, a god, had to flee in front of the main divine power energy condensate, but this Qing Ye’s strength was so much higher than that of ten thousand years ago that he knocked out his main divine power energy condensate with one punch.
Before I came here, I wanted to kill Qing Ye and take HarmonyOS’s sword. Beirut had to change my mind but asked in anger.
"Kill your Lord’s divine power energy condensate?" Qing Ye a face of indifference and then drink a way "I now even killed your Lord god body" say that finish blow out.
Qing Ye Pangu really tore the thunder easily with one punch, stirring and vibrating.
Beirut wind god body in the face of Qing Ye this punch unexpectedly produced irresistible psychology, but the body is like the wind, spinning up and retreating for dozens of miles.
But Ye Qingru is willing to put his figure on the heels of several punches, and the sky is rumbling, which means that even the people on the ground feel the world shaking.
Avoid Beirut, raise an iron bar in his hand and swing out "wind explosion!" Combining the wind law, five kinds of metaphysical blows are broken and then double-punched to Qing Ye
There was a loud bang, and the gas was spinning, and it was scattered to the ground to stop the stone from cracking and the hurricane from rotating. Everything on the ground was ready for powder.
Although the war between the two men was dozens of miles away, Yu Jinbo was the first to bear the brunt of the ghost mansion hundreds of miles away. Those middle gods were instantly strangled, and the general gods did not escape bad luck and directly turned into gold goddesses.
Some powerful gods have escaped.
Hiding to one side at a distance, Eudaly’s original black air billow disappeared with a frightened face.