It is said that it was a long time ago.


No living thing knows … how long ago and how it was formed.
The inference and calculation of numbers even include directly observing ancient times and always obtaining real answers.
Some creatures think that’ thinking’ is as old as emptiness.
The’ thinking’ body is an emptiness.
It is said that there is such a virtual … it is the composition of thinking.
It originally came from the imagination of some normal virtual creatures, and some wonderful situation formed the initial … unforeseeable prototype.
Then it grew up slowly and became a vast void.
At first, almost no normal virtual creatures knew this place, but some creatures knew this place.
They are unpredictably a pure imaginary virtual mixed with several biological imaginations.
They knew this place had never been there before.
Later, they managed to reach the unpredictable and witnessed the environment there.
It was they who found this place different from the environment they recognized … It was almost like’ imagination’.
There is not an environment imagined by all kinds of creatures here, but an environment that they have never guessed.
There are all kinds of normal virtual creatures living in this environment, and there are no associated creatures. They completely belong to their own environment and live.
This group of creatures who came here were surprised. They thought it shouldn’t be like this.
But after a detailed investigation, they found some traces of the past.
They notice something imaginative.
Then they think that it used to be a place full of imagination, and maybe something happened to change the creatures here, thus giving birth to all kinds of creatures here now.
Maybe’ evolution’ happened, but it may also be other reasons. At that time, they saw unpredictable creatures almost and imagined.
So they tried their best to make this place an imaginary place instead of the place it is now.
However, no matter how long they study and investigate, they can’t turn this place back into a purely imaginary place.
At last they fell into despair and died.
But they didn’t die completely. It is said that their bodies gave birth to some new species.
These species like the’ emotion’ of despair very much.
It seems that … it was originally said that it existed in creatures such as’ boneless dolls’.
They are first born in despair and then devour despair.
Their meaning of "despair" is that when a dream creature gives up all the goals in life … when everything is no longer important, they will produce some kind of "energy"
And dolls are this kind of energy food
It can also be said that despair of other dream creatures is a nutrient for them.
Dolls were not very famous at first, or their communities were not very large.
They don’t hurt other creatures at first, but look for those who may be desperate and wait for it to die of despair and then devour it.
Simply put, they are like scavengers, waiting for a creature to die and then eating their corpses.
In the unpredictable field, this kind of business can still keep them alive.
Because there are some creatures called’ great consciousness bodies’
They are very huge, similar to a huge brain deficiency floating, and this creature is said to be’ sentimental’
They often worry about things related to themselves, and their emotions are easily fluctuating.
These huge consciousness have a long life, and their life process is usually wandering around a large area.
At the same time, they will also make various imaginative judgments on various biological conditions around them and so on.
Finally, they will gradually become depressed, mainly because these conscious bodies always feel that there is no hope for the creatures around them.
Their lives usually end in disappointment with everything around them and die slowly in despair.
At that time, the dolls were waiting around it, and they didn’t devour it until the consciousness died, resulting in those’ despair’
But life with other creatures is always unstable, and sometimes the great consciousness is not desperate, which makes many dolls who have been looking forward to the death of a meal.
Sometimes they try to make other creatures despair, but not very well.
They can’t affect the great consciousness, because the great consciousness is very clear that they are desperate food, and what do these dolls do?
Conscious bodies feel that they should despair before they despair.
In other creatures … that’s not clear. At that time, dolls mainly followed the huge consciousness.
But there has been no special development, so a long time passed until … they found this place sometime, which is hope.
Hope and despair are more’ pure’. When the consciousness inside dies, they are born of pure despair, which can give birth to a large number of … dolls.
Then they devour hope here.
And their behavior seems to have done some harm to the unpredictable edge.
Although their damage range is very small for the whole virtual, it still causes damage
Some creatures noticed this and investigated it.
The creatures who noticed this were mainly the vagrants.
But they didn’t interfere too much. They studied dolls.
Later, they tried to sneak into the doll group to investigate.
At first, they didn’t find that these dolls were just like those small creatures like scavengers around the huge consciousness.
Because of the dolls, the way they enter the hope is not to enter directly, but to let their’ offspring’ be born. In the hope, a creature will be born, that is, the detached person will become their offspring.
It’s similar to that a Kirshnikov’s own nuclear information affects another species, such as an orangutan, and then the descendants of the orangutan become Kirshnikov’s no longer an orangutan.
The actual deserters are not deserters, but descendants of this … desperate carnivore.
And their actions have become completely different from before.
They are passive waiting creatures.
Now it is very positive, as if it is constantly eroding these.