Cher and Ling son saw the figure in the ring and rushed over quickly.
Los Changfeng frowned.
I definitely didn’t expect my opponent to be Cher’s brother.
"Rose Sword Yannan Fei Yuan’s strength is the tenth mirror platform". Jiang Manlou took a stupefied look at the powerful little six and said, "The root is not that these guys can be compared."
Chapter Farmer Dean
Proud as a mirror, the senior brother of the seventeenth hospital is fierce, and Xiao Liu didn’t refute Jiang Manlou’s evaluation after deliberately belittling it.
Perhaps the words "the tenth platform" don’t give an image description of the strength. From the eyes of Xiao Lingtong and others, Luo Changfeng can see how much weight the name "Yan Nanfei" has among the old students.
"Is the Rose Sword very powerful?" Li Xingyun is also the first time I heard this name. Don’t be curious and ask.
"Maybe," said Li Luo, holding a sword and slightly narrowing her eyes.
"Could it be powerful or not?" Su Xiaofan then asked
"I’ve heard that it’s very powerful, but no one can say for sure if I haven’t played against you," said Li Luo.
"Just try" Luo Changfeng strode.
If it is in private, of course, he won’t want to compete with Yan Nanfei for fear of hurting each other’s feelings.
But today is different.
His new position is Yan Nanfei’s old position. They have never met, but their positions are opposite.
What’s more, all the freshmen in Zizhuxuan, including the old ones, even the teachers in Tsing Yi have always had a question about the strength of Luo Changfeng.
Everyone doubts the real strength of Luo Changfeng.
Freshmen don’t accept the title of "the first person" of freshmen. Although it is a hollow name, not everyone can deserve it for freshmen with their own pride.
Peng Jiu, those people don’t.
At the very least, Luo Changfeng has to come up with real strength to convince them that they can’t sum up the introduction of Chuanmen golden mean with the strength of previous Chuanmen students in the college.
Yu Laosheng’s teaching in Tsing Yi is, of course, to test the position and verify whether the quality of the only freshman in Chuanmen is still the same after three years, and whether it really deserves their attention.
The argument about who is the opponent, Luo Changfeng, is inevitable after all.
He will also cross his heart and announce to the living and the people who have already gone to sleep that Luomen is still alive.
"Brother, do you want to fight with eldest brother Changfeng?" Cher’s little hand in the ring took Yan Nanfei’s arm in pettish like Chen Tao.
"Brother Changfeng?" Yan Nanfei took a look at Taiwan’s Changfeng.
"It’s Brother Changfeng. He saved my life and Ling’s life."
"Cher has grown up now. See, eldest brother Changfeng, Cher’s heart is much more important than his brother."
"Which have …"
"Okay, okay, brother, do you promise to stop without paying attention?"
"That’s more like it." Cher wittily vomitted to stick out sweet tongue is pulling the feather son in the ring.
Luo Changfeng ring beside the river full of sighs and sighs patted him on the shoulder and motioned for him to be happy.
Xiao Lingtong and his party looked at Luo Changfeng with great interest not far away.
It doesn’t matter whether it is the result of the first contest.
For them, this confrontation between the rose sword and the bodhi heart is the most important thing, which is what they want to see most.
He believes that at this moment, there are several eyes in Zizhuxuan, keeping a close eye on every move of the challenge, and when the fight is over, the result will enter the ears of the remaining dozen lazy guys in the hospital for the first time.
Luo Changfeng is ready to enter the ring.
The crowd in the back of Zizhuxuan once again caused quite a stir.
The line of sight of all the people around the challenge actually saw a line of six doormen coming towards the challenge.
And in front of the six doormen, there is a distinctive old man figure walking in the front.
The old man is very tall and looks as old as a hundred years old in a cassock, but his strong body is nothing like dying.