A large number of fragments were emitted from the mouth of the cave, and they aimed at the deserted vortex city outside.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 A large number of fragments were emitted from the mouth of the cave, and they aimed at the deserted vortex city outside.

But these desert vortex cities are far away, and each of them has prepared a huge amount of weapons to fight back. None of these flying things hit the city.
At the same time, they gather from the outside to eat star bodies, and they don’t just fly to the mouth of the cave, they will attack the desert vortex city
However, these bodies have no technology, and they are all easily defeated by some simple floating objects.
Successive victories have made the desert vortex very confident, and they think it is easy to solve this crisis.
At the same time, there is more opposition to the shortage of granular organisms, and they feel that it is unnecessary to consume a lot of resources to manufacture and upgrade weapons
As the protest’ sound’ grew bigger and bigger, the granular creatures decided to clean up the vortex of protest against it.
To say that cleaning up the reality is to let them go to the "front line" war.
At that time, because granular organisms did not let the desert vortex enter the mouth of the cave, they always attacked by launching missiles from outside to inside.
But we have to see if this method is effective, because the image information in the cave can’t be handed out, so we have to go inside and see it directly.
Most of the barren vortices that have problems with granular organisms were put into this exploration team and then sent to observe it.
Of course, there are also a small number of abandoned vortex of granular organisms, otherwise granular organisms can’t follow their perspective to observe inside.
At the same time, this reconnaissance team has low-level weapons and a relatively fast aircraft.
Reluctantly, these wild eddies can’t oppose the ruler’s order that they can accept being sent inside.
No one knows what will be in it, but according to the fact that the mouth of the cave will attack the city now, it is definitely not as safe as before.
When the reconnaissance team moved, they did prove that it was dangerous inside, and even they failed to enter the hole.
The reconnaissance team was hit more than 1000 kilometers away from the mouth of the cave, and all the barren vortices of the team and the aircraft that took them were instantly destroyed.
But destroying them is not a common fragment, but something like a missile.
After the reconnaissance team was destroyed, one after another … huge flying objects appeared at the mouth of the cave.
These flying objects are all cities.
I’ve seen the ruins that were once left in the past.
And now they have become fortresses several kilometers in size, forming a huge army to fly out of the cave.
Seeing this scene, the desert vortex was frightened, and they immediately prayed for guidance from granular organisms
Granular creatures also thought of this possibility, but they didn’t expect the body inside to transform so many ruins into fortresses.
So it made the desert vortex fight the last battle.
Is to blow up the hole
The hole body is similar to the entrance, and it can’t be destroyed by conventional weapons.
However, the’ frame’ at the edge of the hole is made of solid matter, and the possibility of blowing up the frame has been thought about by granular organisms.
There was no action before, but now it doesn’t matter so much. It ordered the vortex force to bomb the frame of the giant hole
And those fortress floating out of ruins also intercept barrage launched by desert vortex and attack desert vortex city at the same time.
Both sides have similar firepower because they are separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and both sides can intercept each other’s attacks well.
So those ruined fortresses flew to the desolate vortex city at high speed.
The wild vortex fire almost crossed them and hit the mouth of the cave, and a small amount flew past, but what effect did it have on the border of the huge mouth of the cave?
Just when the vortex felt hopeless, a crack suddenly spread from the location where a missile hit.
There have been many missiles hit before, but it didn’t work, but this time it was very strange … The crack quickly spread to the whole hole, and the center of the hole flashed with the broken border.
Several fortresses have just leaned out of some bodies, and after the mouth of the cave flashes, half of them are floating in the void, and the remaining half should be returned to the cave.
This means that … the hole is closed.
Chapter three hundred and forty-five Split
The mouth of the cave collapsed, and the mouth of the cave lost its delivery effect with the fragmentation of the’ border’.
Although the hole looks as dark as it is, there are no ruins and fortresses to fly out again.
The ruin fortress outside lost its endless stream of reinforcements, so it cheered.
They think it is possible to win.
The particle biological injection point is not in battle, but the border just collapsed.
What ….. will blow up?
The border missile blown by desert vortex is actually a kind of very common impact bomb with the most powerful model, which can destroy cities of several kilometers at a time.
But attacking the huge frame of the giant hole obviously has no great effect, which can be seen from hitting many rounds in the past
But now … What has this effect?
The granular creature carefully observed the burst frame and found something strange inside, which felt like a cloud.
But it’s hard to know just by looking at these particles, so particles try to find answers from other places.
When the granular creature has no clue, it suddenly feels some information, which is sent from a certain position in the collapsed frame.
This is the language used in the past to attack the static source text.
Just as granular organisms can read written records in their ruins, they can also directly understand these information.
Granular organisms found that this was a message about the initiation of explosive bombs.
It also understand that reason for the destruction of the whole border.
A long time ago, all the articles attacked the stationary source … They actually planted explosives at the border of the hole.
This is not an ordinary explosive, but something called a’ movable vibration device’
When this device is started, it will stimulate the surrounding living things and make them’ vibrate’, which will lead to a huge … collapse phenomenon.
The information did not explain this technology in detail. The article wanted to solve the crisis by blowing up the hole a long time ago, so they put a huge amount of this’ vibration device’ in the border of the hole.
However, they didn’t make it in the end because they felt that they had to go in to solve the static source completely.
They also wanted to start the device to destroy the hole after the attack failed, but in the end, they didn’t do it for some reason
However, these devices remained intact after such a long time, and they were activated because they were stimulated by desert vortex missiles.
But didn’t you notice that the static source was so long? Didn’t you want to get rid of these devices?
Therefore, it is more and more difficult for granular organisms to imagine what the static source is all about.
But now it’s always less to blow up the hole