"Very well, someone in your hand? Send someone to check all the situation before the completion of this’ solid city’ and don’t let it go as soon as possible! " Xiao Fan thought, "What is the strength of the protoss?"

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 "Very well, someone in your hand? Send someone to check all the situation before the completion of this’ solid city’ and don’t let it go as soon as possible! " Xiao Fan thought, "What is the strength of the protoss?"

"The protoss?" Crocodile God smiled at once. "It’s just a lowlife protoss. It seems that his training is not so good except that his ancestors entered the triple heaven, and it has been declining in recent hundreds of thousands of years. It is said that some time ago, he did not know which master he provoked and lost many people!"
"Well, I tied the knot with them some time ago!" Xiao Fan didn’t hide it and said, "But I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. Now that I’m the head of this’ death squad’, you can send some experts to find an irrelevant person to entrust us to deal with the protoss!"
"Well, it is necessary to bother? If you say a little god, you can make the whole protoss disappear! And the "protoss fairy clan" in Triple Sky has its predecessors. Are you still afraid of setting off any storms? " Crazy crocodile god puzzled asked.
"That’s different. Some things are the most interesting to do by yourself, aren’t they?" Xiao Fan eyes flashed with a cold light laughed
See the cold light crocodile god couldn’t help shivering and nodded.
Then everything went according to Xiao Fan involved.
After the old head announced that Xiao Fan was the new head of the "Death Corps", it really caused dissatisfaction among most of the regiments.
However, Xiao Fan is not unhappy with this rotten stall. He directly sits on the throne of the head of the regiment and releases a fierce murderous look over everyone. "I know that many of you are not only the decision of the old head of the regiment, but also the approval of the crocodile god. You can’t!"
"Hum Xiao Fei you didn’t join me’ death group’ for half a year and your identity background is unclear. Xiu is just a god in the middle. Can you sit in this position? I am the first horse carbon! " A black-faced man came out with a juryman and folded to Xiao Fan drink a way
This Ma Tan is also a veteran in the’ Death Squad’, who once made great contributions and was the tallest person in the team leader. But now the old team leader suddenly announced a new person to inherit the team leader position, which immediately made him furious.
As he said "no", most people in the whole "death group" were angry and eyeing up Xiao Fan.
"no? That’s easy to handle. Do you think that if you can let you? " Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick cold and said
"Hum, first of all, you have to have a team leader who can make everyone fold their fighting power. The old team leader was able to overwhelm the group and defeat one enemy. Do you deserve it?" Horse carbon road than shouted immediately watched while sitting watching a pair of things don’t like the old colonel.
The old colonel nodded slightly toward Ma Tan with a smile on his face.
Is this a sign that you can challenge the new colonel at will? Also said that the old head root will not intervene in this matter?
"I see. In that case, please give me your advice!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a stir up to raise my hand a young that rusty sword suddenly let out a buzz suspended around.
"Hum, you can’t fix a god in the middle and dare to challenge me? If I accidentally kill you later, don’t I have to bear the charge of murder? " Horse carbon disdain cold hum a jar jar gas said.
"Since I dare to sit in this position, I am not afraid of others. No, I can now announce that if you have something to kill me, this position of head is your horse carbon!" Xiao Fan grimaced and said.
"Ha, ha, ha, have courage. Since you say so, don’t blame the veteran for biting!" As soon as Ma Tan laughed, his divine power suddenly gushed out, and the initial strength of the middle god made the whole hall shake constantly.
When the old colonel saw it, he stepped on the floor slightly with his feet and protected the whole hall with his strength.
"Then I will learn a brilliant idea!" Xiao Fan raised my hand a little, and the rusty sword shook a few times, and then suddenly flew out of the middle of it, and the sword shadow flashed all over the sky!
"This little skill of carving insects is very bad for me!" Horse carbon raised my hand toward the side of a clap soon hands into claws mercilessly to drag up deep coal was lifted from weeks dancing around.
"Burn it for me!" Horse carbon made a point that all the coal burned and suddenly the high temperature swept around.
It is not uncommon to rely on other things to exert attribute power, and relying on external forces to increase strength can greatly reduce the consumption of divine power
And when these coals burn, the persistent temperature is extremely high, and they have been flying all the time, and all the rusty swords that stab themselves are coming towards Xiao Fan!
"Hum turned out to be a coal digger? No wonder it’s so dark! " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and fingers and even called the rusty sword back to his face to form a sharp sword barrier.
"Failure to repair the gap is a means to make up for it!" Horse carbon roar loud immediately gave a punch to hit the sword curtain!
"Bang!" The impact of flint’s earth power spread around, and a large group of mercenaries were shocked and went belly-up.
But then Ma Tan’s face changed
The scene he had expected was that he smashed the blade with one punch and then smashed the opponent’s body.
But he didn’t expect that his fist not only failed to shake the sword curtain, but also his fist appeared at this time, and blood poured out with it!
"Impossible! This ….. how could this thing hurt me? " Horse carbon hurriedly back fist at the same time back a few steps eyes full of shock.
Ma Tengxiu’s divine power reached 600,000 in the early stage of the middle god, but according to common sense, the degree of divine power in the middle stage of the middle god is only 400,000 at most. The difference between himself is not a week or so, but it’s too strange to see the present situation, right?
But he doesn’t know that Xiao Fan’s strength has risen again after many wars, and the injury has just returned to the peak level. Xiu has entered the realm of a late god, and the degree of divine power has reached 100,000 feet, which is comparable to that of an ordinary middle god. How can this horse carbon be his opponent?
However, Ma Tan can’t see Xiao Fan’s depth. After eating a dark loss in the first round, I couldn’t help being more angry than shaking my arms and smashing all those burning coals towards Xiao Fan!
"Nine days to break the sword, Wan Jian is out of heaven and earth!" Xiao Fan hands rapidly pinching at the same time, all the rusty swords in front of him suddenly flashed dazzling white light, and all around them were distorted by the white light of these swords.
"What?" Ma Tan’s eyes suddenly shrank, followed by all the burning coal, which was immediately chopped to pieces, and the flame went out with all the signs, and there were several sword marks!
"Damn it! Magic! The earth is rolling! " Horse carbon nasty eyes become hideous red, hurriedly pinch method again definitely feet toward the ground a stamp the whole ground was living up several huge stones suspended half.
"Without a sword, everything will be chopped to pieces. Haven’t you realized that you have lost? If I hadn’t shown mercy just now, your head would have left by now! " Xiao Fan fingers to move the number of sword mans white light instantaneous horse carbon again.
"shua shua!" Sword and awn interweave, and the rubble turns to dust in an instant, and the horse carbon body appears again with hundreds of sword marks. The blood method controls the flow and dyed his robe red!
"But … damn … it’s … so powerful!" Ma Tan clenched her teeth and clenched her fist. She hesitated again and again, then sighed and bowed her head. "Yes, you win, I give up!"
"Just admit defeat!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick a way "just this matter I can as never happened! I want you to continue to do your best to work for the death squad. Xiao Fei can promise in front of so many people that he will never treat you badly! "