The hundred sage generals guarding the Chinese car are all full of energy, mighty and extraordinary, and the one who took the pledge looks like a 50-year-old Xu Huxiong, wearing a golden armor and holding a seven-star moon halberd like a god.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所, 桑拿夜网 The hundred sage generals guarding the Chinese car are all full of energy, mighty and extraordinary, and the one who took the pledge looks like a 50-year-old Xu Huxiong, wearing a golden armor and holding a seven-star moon halberd like a god.

Purple-and-gold walking belt with a slap in the face and a big shura seal on it.
His name is "Wu Shura", a venerable figure in the realm of saints.
The sage emperor is the fifth realm of saints, but his fighting power is far better than that of the fourth realm of saints. There are too few super-strong monks. Nowadays, in the Seven Wasted Humans and Demon Cultivation, there are also the Alliance Leader and the Seven Tailed Fox who have reached this realm.
Let a saint emperor guard leader immediately compare the ten saint guards of Xufeng infanta to ostentation and extravagance.
"Sister Lemon heard that you went to the Northern Wilderness to get" The Secret of the Emperor ".Did you find a Mr. Right back? Hehe, I forgot to tell your little sister that I’m getting engaged for half a month and I’m going to get married in a bloody battle. Sula Wong’s son has a bloody battle, which is the first day of my shura clan. Should you bless me when you are a sister? " There was a feminine female voice in the Chinese car. Even Guo Yi got goose bumps all over when she heard this. It was too soft.
The name of Xufeng Princess is Xufeng Rain and Mengxufeng, and this surname is not the surname of Emperor Shura, but the surname of Xufeng Princess’s mother.
And the woman in the Chinese car is the favorite daughter of the forbidden shura emperor, "Princess Buxun", and is also recognized as the first beauty of the shura clan.
There is an unwritten custom in the shura clan. Once a woman reaches the age of sixteen, she will be engaged. If she is not married at the age of thirty, she will be regarded as an old woman, which will be looked down upon by all the shura clan. This woman is too unattractive.
Even those who cultivate immortality are young for tens of thousands of years. If they are not married at the age of 30, it will be a shame.
There is no such thing as a proud man as Xu Fengyumeng, and it is for this reason that men have been practicing for hundreds of years and have not married. This forbidden day seems to be a disgrace to the royal family.
Of course, Guo Yi seems that a woman like Princess Xufeng can’t get married for hundreds of years, even tens of thousands of years. Even her own father and brother are not allowed to walk into her ten steps. It is simply more difficult for her to find a man to marry.
Guo Yi can clearly feel the coldness of Xu Feng’s monarch in the bamboo car and know that this female Tyrannosaurus rex will be angry.
However, to Guo Yi’s surprise, her cold body quickly converged and her beautiful face gave a smile. "Sister Bu Xun is the first beauty of my shura clan. I don’t know how many shura clan heroes will cry when you get married. I will congratulate you before, sister. Don’t be a widow just after you get married."
Guo Yi rubbed his temples. He had seen many things about this woman, but all her sisters and brothers were so cruel that Guo Yi caught a cold.
"This is not my sister’s worry. After half a month, my sister will come to drink this cup of wedding banquet."
Step invertors princess like don’t recognize Xu Feng infanta words mean Chinese car is slowly turning up from the bamboo car miss slowly toward the distance.
It wasn’t until the Chinese car shop was far away that Guo Yi laughed. "So your name is Xu Fengyumeng. Why do I always feel uncomfortable with this name?"
Xu Feng infanta’s cold light in her eyes was terrifying, and Guo Yi’s heart jumped slightly with a cold snort. Does she want to kill people?
The bamboo car drove into the Shura Palace and then turned left, passing through the busy lanes and heading for a remote place in the palace.
Xu Feng’s monarch didn’t kill Guo Yi, and she became polite. The somebody else is a quasi-emperor, but it’s better to stay out of trouble. When the Ascension Platform is overthrown, she will return to the northern wilderness and sort it out with her before it’s too late.
Sitting in front of Xufeng Princess, Guo Yi always felt that he didn’t hesitate all over, and then asked, "Where are you taking me?"
"Cold palace!"
Half an hour later, the bamboo car stopped slowly, and the princess Xufeng took the lead in walking to the shaft and looked at this tall, brilliant and deserted palace. Instead of being as indifferent as ever, her eyes gave birth to a trace of tenderness.
On a bloody day, a cold wind blows and leaves fall all over the floor.
Although it is a corner of the Shura Palace, the whole palace is out of place. It is cold, cold and quiet, and even the fallen leaves are piled up thick. It seems that no one has ever cleaned it.
Ten sage generals are far away, and no one dares to get close to them. They know that this place, the Xufeng monarch, does not allow people to get close to it.
However, the next scene surprised the ten saints including Ganling because they saw Guo Yi jump out of the bamboo car.
What kind of trouble is this?
Princess Xufeng never allowed anyone to enter her ten paces, and Guo Yi not only walked into her ten paces, but also got into her car …
Lonely men and few women live in the same car, and it’s also a fragrant car for Xufeng monarch. If it goes out, it will definitely shock most of the land shortage.
Guo Yi glanced at the ten sage generals in the distance and nodded at them with a friendly smile. Then he looked at the cold palace in front of him and asked curiously, "What people live in it?"
Princess Xufeng’s lips are slightly judo "holding my hand?"
"What?" Guo Yi instead quickly back two steps.
Princess Xufeng’s face turned cold and shouted, "Did you hear me when I told you to take my arm?"
"Mom, which muscle is smoking again?" Guo Yi thought so in her heart, but she was still forced by her arrogance and trembling. She stretched out her right hand to hold her slender arm, but this woman was often angry. Guo Yi still kept her fist distance for fear of being too close to her, and her fist flew over again.
It’s not like hug your lover at all, and it’s like holding a bomb that will explode at any time.
Xu Feng infanta stared his one eye slightly, and his arm slightly dint immediately pulled Guo Yi to the past two people next to each other and then went to the cold house.
Guo Yi has never seen a big wind and a big slut in the flower field, but he feels the most uncomfortable when he hugs the princess Xufeng. I can’t blame you for forcing me.
Seeing this scene is even more shocking to the ten sage generals in the distance. One of them swallowed a mouthful of saliva and rubbed his eyes. He still felt unbelievable and said, "Boss, what the hell is going on?"
Ganling also felt numb for a long time before saying, "Guo Yi, who is called the first rogue among human beings, must have given the Monastery Temple an intoxicating drug. We must get rid of this rogue or the Monastery Temple will even …"
Several of his shura generals are deep, but it is only reasonable to have such an explanation. Otherwise, how can Reagan be willing to be hugged by a humble human if he doesn’t let people enter her thousand steps princess temple on weekdays?
"Be natural, you are me … man" said Xu Feng’s monarch.
"Are you kidding? Let’s not play so well. No, although there is no one here, it’s better to do such a thing under the eyes of Emperor Shura. It’s better to find a quiet place where no one bothers." Guo Yi said with a stiff arm.
Xu Feng infanta stepped on Guo Yi’s upper and almost broke Guo Yi’s toes.
Together, they have entered the cold palace, where gloomy leaves are flying all over the sky and the echo of sparse footsteps can be heard.
Before coming to a palace with a closed door, Princess Xufeng reached out and tapped the door made of pure iron with a thud.
"Mother Lemon has come to see you". The voice of Xufeng monarch has become softer and gentler than "Princess Buxun", and it is as beautiful as water.
Guo Yi’s heart was very surprised to see that Xu Feng’s monarch’s face was so soft and curved at this time, and her eyelashes were slightly thin and her lips slightly raised a radian, which was particularly pleasant.
That’s like a sensible little girl of sixteen or seventeen.