Several eyes in the Jiange of Kunlun Mountain outside Zhongzhou City also looked at the figure of Daoxuanbang.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 Several eyes in the Jiange of Kunlun Mountain outside Zhongzhou City also looked at the figure of Daoxuanbang.

Those eyes are as ardent as ever.
Those eyes are suffocating
Finally, there are only seven places left in the top ten of these suffocating eyes.
"Hundreds of leaves cherish the seventh place in the earth."
Hundreds of brothers in front of Tiandong Temple were thunderous, and congratulations were heard all over the sky.
The sick boy in the wheelchair showed a smile.
"Baihua Island is the sixth mysterious place in Xiaoxiang Rain"
A small head sticks out from dozens of flowers in an island in the South China Sea.
It was a little girl dressed in an alien costume.
The little girl is not young
Just sixteen years old this year.
She has a graceful figure but a childlike face.
The little girl carries a medicine basket and flowers to collect medicine.
She heard someone calling her name, and a pair of exquisite big eyes looked cute everywhere.
"Hundred cases of Wu Bao di Xuan fifth"
The master elder brother Liancheng in front of the temple in the Twelve Stars in Tiandong rubbed Xiao Wu’s head.
Xiao Wu smiled innocently.
"Day south demon race young our son to xuan fourth"
Yan Nanfei, the White Gate Tower of Dayan Empire, turned around and looked at the demon boy in front of him in great surprise.
Yan Nanfei’s ten companions also looked at the demon boy with a face of shock.
Our son pointed to the sky unnaturally and said, "That’s me!"
Chapter 45 Start a prairie fire
A few months ago, I heard that the demon race had joined the WTO.
More demon teenagers cut themselves off from Yunling and crossed Jiangling all the way, and even picked many young and outstanding figures in the Xuanbang.
This news is known to the whole continent and the whole day by some really big shots.
Although it is not an unsolvable problem for the demon race Terran to enter the WTO, after all, the demon race has never been in contact with the world for many years. The appearance of the name of the demon race boy in this new list has surprised many people.
However, at this moment, the eyes of heaven and man are attracted by the new Xuan list, so it is not too reassuring for the demon race to appear in the new Xuan list.
Of course, except for the White House Gate Tower, Yan Nanfei and others …
The names that can appear in the top ten of the field Xuanbang are all suspected to be the most talented and dazzling young girls in this world.
Some of this is unexpected.
For example, the demon boy our son appeared.
Naturally, it is taken for granted.
Tiandong Baizong’s three-generation younger brother Xiaowu Ye Xichao and others are all veteran top ten figures in the list of the earth’s mysterious places. This time, it is naturally controversial, but for Tiandong’s younger brother, many Baizong’s younger brothers are resentful when they are squeezed into the back of the temple in the twelve star rivers by this sudden demon boy.
"One hundred cases of loneliness and myriad mysterious third"
The third place in Di Xuan’s new list didn’t surprise people too much.
This lonely myriad is the only entry-level brother of twelve stars and seven stars in the past, and it is reasonable to occupy the top five places in the list of the new list and be included in the top three.
In front of the temple, there is a giant sword figure in the team of the twelve constellations.
The giant sword looks like a big iron piece without a front.
This is certainly not a pure piece of iron.
This piece of iron is locked with a thick black iron chain on its bone.
The black chain penetrated the hilt of the giant sword and wound the generous arm of the figure.
That figure is next to Mulang’s evil throne.
That huge sword stands out.
That figure is also very eye-catching.
This man is a lonely man.
This epee is called Zang Feng Jian!
The third place in the new list of Di Xuan is next to Mulang Xiejunli.
The second and third place in the geological list is the adjacent position, just like the second and third stage of the seventeen stages in the courtyard.
The second place in the new Xuan list is the four-star evil brother Mulang evil king beside the lonely myriad!