"Dear Fairy Friends", everyone took their seats and filled a glass of fairy wine by themselves. Emperor Tu Meng said clearly that his voice clearly entered the ears of several immortals.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 "Dear Fairy Friends", everyone took their seats and filled a glass of fairy wine by themselves. Emperor Tu Meng said clearly that his voice clearly entered the ears of several immortals.

"Thank you for visiting my daughter’s wedding in Luosuo. I’d like to propose a toast to you. I have an announcement to make …" Emperor Tumon suddenly stopped.
"hmm?" Xuanxing and others also have some doubts about what this Tumeng Emperor is going to do.
"From now on, I, Tumen, am an ordinary immortal emperor, who will take the place of Tumen in the position of the great emperor."
Volume 1
Chapter 332 Yuan Ying’s fourth change!
"Tumen" At this time, the four people of Xiahou Emperor looked at Tumen Emperor in amazement.
Emperor Tumon attached great importance to Luo Suo’s ascension to the celestial world, and he would definitely give the throne to Luo Suo, Xiahou and other four immortals. It was already clear that this was the case, but Emperor Tumon would actually place the emperor in Luo Suo at this time … This surprised Xiahou and others.
Not only the Four Emperors were surprised by this, but also Xuanxing Ganyuan and others didn’t think that Emperor Tumeng would be so impatient.
Luo Suo, the "Great Emperor", looked at Tu Meng the Great at a loss. Although he had predicted that he would surely ascend to the throne, he never thought that this moment would come so quickly.
"Ha ha Luo Suo Now that you have married Princess Xiang Lan, you should change your mind according to the rules of the mortal world." At this moment, Shen Tu Xian Zun laughed not far away.
Although Shen Tu Xian Zun was a little surprised by Tu Meng’s decision, their immortal realm didn’t care much about it, and they didn’t want the new emperor to be a big villain, so they wouldn’t intervene.
"… dad" Luo suo some not used to call a.
"It’s settled. Hehe, I should abdicate." Tu Meng Emperor laughed. Indeed, as he said, he has been in the throne for hundreds of millions of years, and his fate is coming. Tu Meng Emperor must give the throne to others, and Luo Suo is his favorite candidate. Of course, Tu Meng Emperor will naturally give it to Luo Suo.
At the beginning, Emperor Tu Meng was not prepared to give Luo Suo the throne so soon, but more than ten years ago, Xuanxing suddenly invited three immortals to attend Luo Suo’s wedding. For the first time, there were four immortals supporting Luo Suo!
In addition, there is Xuanxing. Although Xuanxing has the initial realm of the immortal emperor, his strength is definitely not weaker than that of the feather fairy statue. In the eyes of all immortals, Xuanxing’s status is the same as that of the five immortals!
There are four immortals, Xuanxing, who fully support Luo Suo. Surely the whole celestial middleman will have no objection.
Luo Suo is Xuanxing’s sworn brother, and it’s even the first time that the immortals are unwilling, but they can accept this fact.
That’s why Emperor Tu Meng suddenly announced this important news.
"Ah … it seems that we should abdicate." Xiahou Emperor shook his head and said that the four of them were doomed soon.
"Dear fellow travelers, today is the wedding day of Emperor Luo Suo. I propose a toast to you." The voice of Emperor Tu Meng reached the ears of several immortals around him and saw Emperor Tu Meng lift his head and gulp down the fairy wine in the cup.
Tu Meng Emperor personally toasted himself, and the immortals around him were flattered. They immediately drank all the wine in the cup, while the leaders of the three patriarchs and the top ten forces of Xianjun House, several immortals and Xuanxing also drank all the wine in the cup.
"All right, everyone, help yourself." Emperor Tu Meng turned around and went to the hall of Xianjun Mansion with everyone.
Those immortals around immediately lit up their eyes after drinking a cup of Chinese fairy wine. This fairy wine turned out to be a senior fairy wine-Yan fairy wine!
Tumen the Great was really generous. Actually, the senior fairy wine entertained the onlookers’ wedding. Thousands of immortals in Fiona Fang have already been surrounded by immortals. There are at least one million of these immortals. Even if each immortal has a glass of fairy wine, it needs nearly 100,000 pots of Yan fairy wine, and each pot of Yan fairy wine costs ten fairy crystals …
This wedding will cost at least millions and tens of millions of fairy crystals to Tumeng the Great!
In fact, these fairy wines were finished by Xuanxing Tumeng the Great Emperor, so there is no need to pay the bill. The loss of ten million fairy crystals has no effect on Xuanlin Sect.
Xianjun Mansion looked at Xuanxing, the three patriarchs at the opposite table, and had an impulse to directly destroy the three of them and put away their fairy babies!
"Maybe … Master Xiu will break through again" skyshatter muses.
"Breakthrough ….." Whistling day three people face some dignified because they are very clear about what XuanXingXiu breakthrough means.
Every time Xuanxingxiu breaks through, his strength will inevitably increase several times. Now Xuanxing’s strength is equal to that of the immortal. If he breaks through the realm again … there will be two situations!
The sixth immortal will be born in the fairy world, and the second possibility is that the robbery of Xuanxing is coming! This is the first time that four people don’t want to see the result. This is not because they are worried about Xuanxing Du Jie. On the contrary, they have absolute confidence in Xuanxing’s soaring to the celestial world, but they don’t give up the master’s soaring to the celestial world so soon …
"Look at some, and when we all soar to the celestial world, the five of us will never be divided again." skyshatter laughed. Du Jie and soaring are inevitable, even his master is no exception.
Lin Lin several people nodded, but in their hearts they secretly told themselves that they must strive to practice hard and strive for an early ascent to the divine world before ensuring stability …
At this time, XuanXing has been cross-legged in a secret room to run the nine-change YuanYing, and the purple fog in his YuanYing nostrils can gush faster.
Suddenly, Xuanxing’s face was surprised because two strong purple fogs poured out of his baby’s nostrils and the pouring speed was still accelerating!
Although Xuanxing has experienced this situation, the purple fog overflowed slowly at the beginning, and it took him tens of thousands of years to absorb all the purple fog.
And now the purple fog is pouring out rapidly! Xuanxing can’t estimate that his baby will return to normal in a hundred years! And self-repair … It is very likely to directly enter the initial stage of the fourth change of Yuanying!