Well, I admit that you cheated us with all kinds of tricks and gave the Soviet Union a fatal blow when it was weakest!

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Well, I admit that I overestimated the centripetal force of those republics, and I didn’t see that they were a group of villains who could share weal and woe!
Well, I have to admit that I’m an imbecile in politics and I haven’t been able to crush those political speculators with ulterior motives!
But I firmly believe that I have done nothing wrong! My motherland is a great country. It was born with a bang, rose with a bang, and stood proudly at the pole of the world in Eurasia, making the whole world tremble for decades. Even if it is going to be destroyed, it should be destroyed with a bang instead of dying, lying in a hospital bed and watching you put a noose on her neck a little bit, and pouncing on her before swallowing her last breath, devouring her meat, drinking her blood and sucking her bone marrow!
Two-headed eagle Gaul chicken John Niu, wait for me and I will let you know what the Soviet Union is!
"Bring back the Western Fighter Department of the Urals Mountains" Borrossi Love ordered some force "Let General Beriya withdraw from Kolkata Military Base and Ma Leijun Base at all costs to cover the Black Sea Fleet. Be sure to keep this fleet and bring it back to the Asian Battlefield Military Department." Every time he said something, his facial muscles twitched like pulling a rough thread from the meat.
Everyone looks pale, which means giving up the million-strong army trapped in Beijing and Manchuria! The Chinese army will not let this army go, and they will hunt them down until they are completely wiped out! Is the Soviet Union still capable of forming another million-strong army?
Ogarkov looked at the screen with fighter silence.
Borrossi Love took a deep breath and said, "Let’s do this for the time being ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
We can’t let an enemy plane break into Russian territory. This is the bottom line, but it is still so difficult. The diplomatic forces carefully asked, "Why don’t we negotiate with NATO?"
Borrossi rove showed a mocking look. "Why do you need these millions of troops if you have something to talk about?" Staggered up and picked up the military coat. "I’ll talk to the president and leave us alone!" " Say that finish striding out, ulanova wants to be stopped by his turning and gesturing. She can lean against the door and watch him striding towards the end of the corridor. She likes to see his tall and straight back, which always gives her a very safe and reliable feeling. But this time, she can see that he is shrouded in a layer of black dead air!
Ogarkov also came out and looked at Borrossi Loff’s back and said in a low voice, "He … He is afraid to go to extremes. I am most worried that things will happen."
Ulanova charming body yishan "extreme? Is my emperor really helpless? "
Ogarkov shook his head bitterly. "The most terrible thing about the building is that there are still a large group of people who are desperately poaching. We can’t stay up unless we surrender, but he would rather cut off his right hand than sign the agreement."
Ulanova clenched his fist and muttered, "There must be another way! I firmly believe that there is no end to the world! "
At this moment, the bell rang again. Even Ogarkov’s face changed slightly. After such a terrible night, this sentence has become the incarnation of the god of plague. Every time it rings, it always brings bad news to the Soviet Union. What will it bring to the Soviet Union this time?
When I received the call, the voice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was trembling badly. "Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine declared independence at the same time and invited NATO troops to station!" kiev
Many NATO special forces protected the Ukrainian president from appearing in front of reporters, and they gushed, "Russians are the most shameful bullies in the world and greedy vampires. Even if the whole earth is sent to them, it will satisfy their appetite! Since their rise, the whole of Eastern Europe has fallen into a terrible disaster. Sweden, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… In particular, the history of Ukraine in the past 200 years is a history of blood and tears. The Russians plundered us, enslaved us and slaughtered us. In the 1930s, people created a terrible famine and starved millions of Ukrainians to death! We’ve had enough! Enough of Russian insolence, enough of red empire’s political system and more of being enslaved! Today, on behalf of all Ukrainians, I would like to declare Ukraine’s independence! "
"This is a Ukrainian call. This is a Ukrainian choice. I hope that the Kremlin bureaucrats will respect the Ukrainian call and choose not to interfere with our independence! We will not be afraid to interfere and desire our independence. Ukrainians have the confidence to defeat the enemy and defend our independence and freedom! "
forest of pagodas (under which Buddhist abbots were buried)
"Russians are unreasonable bullies, who have repeatedly ignored Estonia’s master and dignity and forcibly incorporated Estonia into them. They should all go to hell! Enough! We’ve had enough! I declare Estonia’s independence from the Soviet Union and joining NATO! Soviet troops stationed in Estonia please evacuate 24 hours or they will be wiped out! Russian soldiers of Estonian nationality in the border service ask you to leave the army and return to Estonia, otherwise you will be punished as treason! "
Latvia …
Lithuania …
Georgia …
Moldova …
Azerbaijan …
It was learned that the Soviet invasion of China was cut off by the Chinese army. NATO clamored for the independence of the Soviet Union’s stunning territory after the war, and roared like 1,500 anti-ship missiles. The world heard that the giant ship, which had experienced more than half a world of ups and downs and was scarred, was crying and moaning when its parts were disintegrating. Although public opinion supervision was strengthened after the outbreak of the Soviet War, NATO could not cover up such a serious incident with great fanfare. Soon, cities fell into chaos and panic. What NATO will suddenly fight against us? Why are so many countries scrambling to declare independence? Is there really no hope in this country?
The situation in the Caucasus mountains is the most serious.
The Caucasus mountainous area has always been a region with frequent ethnic conflicts, where many forces such as Chechnya, Abkhazia, Georgia, Ingushetia, Ossetia, Dagestan, etc. have gathered together. Irreconcilable and contradictory ethnic groups and other aspects frequently lead to bloody conflicts. After the Napoleonic War, Tsar Alexander I finally had the energy to turn his attention from Europe to the south, so he set out to operate the Caucasus. Because of the important strategic resources here, General Alexei Ermolov was ordered to manage Georgia. Astrakhan province and Caucasus save trouble. He abandoned the strategy of building forts and posts in mountains and forests to strengthen control over the area, but adopted the method of burning villages and moving residents to the plain, which made them in the control of the imperial army and consolidated the left-wing forces leading from the Caucasus to Georgia. In June of 11, five Russian imperial soldiers spent four months on the lower ground to build a fortress on the Songza River, because it was considered to be the hottest place in the North Caucasus at that time and the most conflicted place for all parties. This fortress has been playing an important role in maintaining the stability of the region for decades, but it has gradually lost its strategic significance. In 197, Grozny built the city and completed its historical mission.
Soviet troops stationed in the Caucasus soon found that the city, which had been established for only 17 years, had turned into a powder keg, and it was from 1957 that Chechens returned to this land one after another.
In the dark in front of Lebanon, small units in Soviet military uniforms are moving rapidly. They are tall and sharp-eyed, and every pore is full of the fierce and unruly mouth of the Caucasian people. When they laugh, they show a mouthful of Bai Sensen’s teeth, like a group of dogs who smell blood. Everyone’s eyes are shining with revenge. Small units have merged into large units, and there is no end in sight. The goal is Grozny leading the big man with a beard. The roadside shouted, "Chechen Han people speed up and grab the morning." God gave us a chance to get revenge. When the sun rises, we will break into the city and kill all the Russian dogs. They will wash their blood and shame us! " Everyone in the team suddenly agreed to speed up, and everyone was filled with a morbid, frightening and exciting look that penetrated the night and stared at the bloodthirsty expression of the distant city, which could not even cover up the night.
They are all Chechens.
To tell the truth, Chechnya is not a popular ethnic group, so it is less in the Caucasus mountains. They are rude and fierce, and the barbarians have expressed their disgust at the Russians coming into the Caucasus mountains. The conflict between the two ethnic groups has never stopped. This feud has lasted for nearly 200 years. After the rise of the Soviet Union, the feud between the two sides has deepened again. The Soviet Union announced that all personal property will be confiscated, and the animals and horses will naturally be confiscated. This policy has led to a series of terrible consequences. Fierce resistance broke out against Chechens. People say that horses are their lives, and they would rather die with guns and fight a guerrilla war until the outbreak of the Soviet-German war. In a sense, Chechens became German allies, but Germany finally failed to enter Grozny. After the victory, the Soviet Union liquidated Chechnya, moved 100,000 troops to surround Chechen villages and cities, and exiled hundreds of thousands of Chechens to Kazakhstan by train. Soviet soldiers were ordered to shoot Chechens when they left the tracks five meters away! One third of the Chechen people died in exile.
Chechens in Kazakhstan have spent more than ten years in poverty, and this painful lesson doesn’t seem to change anything for them. They are still as shabby as before. They know how to eat and drink, and they never save and store. They have no long-term plans. They don’t let their daughters go to school-some boys still learn to read and write, but girls don’t want to read-and they don’t let women work in sports farms. They don’t want to spend any effort to take care of their land. They like stealing things. After eating meat and drinking no wine, I went to visit the honest Kazakh herdsmen’s house, drove away the flocks of livestock, stole all the things in the house, and simply robbed them after more than ten years. They are still a group of annoying people.
These pesky guys are so persistent in hatred and revenge. According to Chechen rules, if someone accidentally kills a Chechen, the victim’s family will also kill a member of his enemy’s family to take revenge. If the murderer’s family doesn’t bleed, the victim’s family is not qualified to live in this world. Nothing can stop them from taking revenge. The police station, the district party Committee and even the garrison headquarters sent planes to flinch in front of this revenge mob. It is conceivable that this nation will hold deep hatred for killing one-third of their people in the Soviet Union! Red empire is still tough than when they can bear it, but now red empire is extremely weak, so they do not hesitate to jump out and wave a butcher knife to indulge in revenge!
"What person? Live! "
In the dark, the Grozny defenders were disturbed, and the sentry behind the bunker amplified the drink.
Answering the sentry is a grimace of a grin. "Kill them all!"
Several Chechen soldiers hey hey smiled, shouldered rocket launchers, aimed at firing a row of rockets and roared out. The sentry shouted "Enemy attack ———". The voice fell and the fire exploded, and the whole people were blown to pieces. The second wave of rockets was followed by a patrol infantry fighting vehicle, which was blown to pieces. The blazing fire lit up a corner of the city!
Two beams of light swept over, and together with these two beams, they pointed out that they were two double-mounted, high-level and heavy machine guns. The Soviet style has always been rude. No matter which nationality you are, if you want to attack us, you are my enemy. Sweeping you is not negotiable! It’s depressing. It’s heart-throbbing. Thumb is thick and high. Machine bombs are fired five times. A group of fireflies is like a broken shot. It blows up a bitter fog of blood. The Chechen soldiers scream, and the minced meat and plasma splash instantly kills many people! The Chechens who were beaten reacted very quickly and set up machine guns and fired at them from the commanding height. The Soviet Union fired rockets one after another. Some guys set up mortars and fired directly at the city. The shells flashed across the night and screamed and screamed. With the explosions, the flames rose and the impact point spread rapidly. Several citizens ran out in horror and looked at the shells flying overhead. They were at a loss.
What’s going on here? Why is it that all of a sudden there is gunfire? Did NATO troops call?
Before they could understand what was going on, they were turned into bloody bodies by successive shells.
In the city, there were also dense guns and hot bullets fired from all corners, and they rushed to face the Soviet soldiers in a hurry. The grenades smashed the helmets of Soviet soldiers properly, and the guns and explosions rang like a group of wild animals screaming "revenge! Revenge! Kill all Russian dogs! ! !” In less than five minutes, the whole Grozny was involved in the war. More and more Chechens took up arms and attacked the Soviet strongholds. Soon, they smashed the militia arsenal, moved out automatic rifles and submachine guns, distributed mortars on the spot, and aimed at the Soviet military compound. Some guys broke into the school or the rich residential community with violent expressions and robbed Soviet soldiers when they saw everything. Once they fell down, they never got up again. Chechens rushed with mountain knives and waved broadswords to cut off their limbs. Finally, they cut off their heads!
Those two heavy machine guns intercepted the watchtower of the siege Chechen army, and suddenly made room for magma-like flames. The Soviet soldiers felt that they could not help but rise at the moment, and mixed with large and small bricks and stones, so they sneaked into the commando fortifications in advance and installed time bombs. It is unclear whether the Chechens should follow the tunnel warfare and dig the tunnels to the bottom of the fortifications and then feed them with explosives. Anyway, these loud noises shattered the Soviet army’s attempt to keep the rebels out of the city, hoping that thousands of siege troops would flock in. The enemy Soviet army roots could not resist being forced to fight and retreat to where to retreat. The whole city became a battlefield. Chechens laughed wildly and roared everywhere. Bullets were aimed at their backs. There were explosive flames everywhere. Where should they retreat to find a safe place to breathe?
In this hostile city, the Soviets couldn’t find a foothold. Guns flew in from all directions and knocked them down one by one. The Chechens came out of the streets, surrounded them and waited for them. They could be cold bayonets or heavy sharp mountain knives. A few of them were calm and covered each other and retreated into the military compound and barracks. They organized fire and resisted tenaciously. The Chechens were knocked down one by one and their profits were not destroyed. Please report to the level for reinforcements!
Not only in Grozny, Chechnya, but also in towns and cities, fierce gunfire rang out one after another. Shooting from the Caucasus mountains means that the Soviet Union is now under attack from both sides. Although they still have considerable military strength and the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, all these methods have saved the tragic fate of the Soviet Union.
After receiving the report of the outbreak of the Chechen war, the president in the oval office of the White House showed a heartfelt smile. Not surprisingly, the collapse of the Soviet Union is a foregone conclusion, and the United States will still laugh at the end.
It feels good to personally send the strongest enemy to the grave and he has a funeral!
It feels good to have the fate of the world in your own hands!
"The press office arranged a press conference, and I want to make a speech to let the world know that we are fighting for freedom and democracy, not aggression," the president said flatly. "And let the army work harder. The navy will strive for 24 hours to annihilate the main force of the Black Sea Fleet, and strive for 40 hours to advance to Ukraine and the Baltic countries to unload red empire’s thickest breastplate … By the way, has China made a statement on our actions?"
Guo Qing said, "Not yet. They are busy taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to launch an psychological war against the Soviet troops surrounded by them. It is said that they have achieved a lot, and the Soviet army’s morale has been shaken."
The president was a little annoyed and said, "Find out their true attitude as soon as possible. We don’t have time to circle with them!"
Guo Qing said, "I personally went to Beijing to have a face-to-face talk with their leaders … It is a headache to deal with Chinese people, and they will never tell you the truth … Besides, it is said that when the Soviet particle beam launch base broke down, the Chinese army used laser cannons to help the Soviet army shoot down the missiles that were about to hit the base, which made our attack fall short!"
The president frowned. "What the hell do they want?"
Guo Qing had a headache and shook his head. He didn’t know what China really wanted. ulanova walked out of the Kremlin with a heavy heart and came to Red Square. Although he knew that Borrossi Love needed her to give him a little comfort and encouragement at this time, the almost frozen atmosphere in the Kremlin made her feel scared. In the center of this storm, she seemed to hear the loud noise when the Soviet building slowly collapsed, and the coldness and refusal when Marshal Ogarkov reached the order made her shudder.