Quickly take the epee behind your back …


Five zhangs …
Let go of the reins and let the crotch horse run at will, while grasping the epee hilt with both hands in an instant, the epee will be split in two and the two new long swords will be held in your hands.
Ten feet …
When the bearded man roars, he sees him stomping on his horse so that he can leap in the opposite direction. When he jumps high in the middle of the middle school, the double swords in his hand are also ignited in succession by the flame.
Since the body is full of fire, the sword in the hand has a mission, and the body has a mission, and then it has a mission.
Only war!
A bearded man in the fire is like a fire god of war
And this man bearded man impressively is that many years ago from rong tianyu case lucky to adjutant that command shenhuo iron foot general Zhao Dahu.
When Li Quan heard Lu Feng’s orders, it was the Shenhuo Mansion that forced Rong Tianyu to hand over the Shenhuo military order. But at that time, the Shenhuo general Rong Tianyu had already seen through the ambition of Lu Feng, the Long Huan king.
Rong Tianyu seems that Liu Feng is so anxious to want this shenhuo military order in his own hands because the other party hopes to expand the territory for Long Huan through the shenhuo military order.
For Lu Feng, it’s really a big deal to be able to expand the territory for the Dragon and the World. He is in the blood of the royal family, and what he has learned all his life is also an achievement for the royal family. It seems that only by constantly expanding and letting the small countries around him be at the feet of the Dragon and the World can his abilities be truly recognized by his ancestors and accepted by the world.
However, it seems that Rong Tianyu’s constant expansion is equal to constant killing, constant killing is equal to constant karma, equal to life and death, and life and death are equal to reincarnation.
The purpose of the Shenhuo Army was not to let Cheng Lu’s sword in his hand, let Cheng Long Huan’s court deal with the small and weak butcher’s knife.
The purpose of the Shenhuo Army was to inherit the continuity of Oriental culture, to resist the pressure from Yongye Forest for Oriental culture, and to resist the tide of beasts from Fengjing seabed for the people of the East.
However, once Rong Tianyu gives the Shenhuo military order to Lu Feng, Lu Feng will rely on the Shenhuo military order ability to fight in all directions, and he will also let millions of Shenhuo soldiers lose their spiritual support in resisting other disasters because of the loss of the Shenhuo military order.
Rong Tianyu seems to be in a state of shenhuo, and he can’t even give it to Lu Feng.
Since Lu Feng in Chaotang can’t do Rong Tianyu’s work, he is waiting for us, the general of Shenhuo, and even fate has been robbed.
As soon as Rong Tianyu’s front foot came home from the DPRK, when he had not faded away from the official he wore at the DPRK, Li Quan smelled it and took the imperial army with him, which was to surround the house of God with fire.
Li Quanwen didn’t say hello to Rong Tianyu, and Rong Tianyu had no way to deal with the immediate dilemma. For a moment, both sides were silent, and the sky was covered with white arrows. The dark night was shot away in all directions towards the house where Rong Tianyu lived.
There is no way to ensure the strength of Rong Tianyu. At the last moment, Zhao Dahu forcibly took away his wife and daughter.
But Li Quanwen didn’t know that Zhao Dahu took it away, not only Rong Xiang and Rong Yue, but he was personally entrusted by Rong Tianyu to take the piece that had been watched by Lu Feng for a long time away from Shenhuo Hou Fu.
After so many years, Zhao Dahu has disappeared as if the world had disappeared, as if he had never been to this world at all.
In those days, when Li Quanwen thoroughly investigated the Shenhuo Houfu, he did not find the Shenhuo military order. His first reaction at that time was that Rong Tianyu hid the Shenhuo military order. However, how he questioned Rong Tianyu was a good word? Rong Tianyu just kept his mouth shut about the Shenhuo military order.
Rong Tianyu was arrested for more than a million days, and there was even more chaos in the Shenhuo military department. Those who were more vocal were bound to fight to the death in Lu Feng and stabilize the hearts of the people. Even if he felt sorry again, Lu Feng finally made a big mistake for Rong Tianyu.
This crime alone is to thoroughly turn Rong Jiafa over.
After all, the eyes are still Lu Jiatian or Lu Jialong Huan.
Therefore, Lu Feng has an excuse to deal with the constant dryness and chaos. The military department keeps lobbying, eating, diluting and disassembling …
And Lu Feng is this for nearly ten years, which completely disbanded the Shenhuo Military Department with hundreds of people.
Since then, the term Shenhuo Military Department has been thoroughly remembered by history.
Now, after so many years, Li Er didn’t think that Zhao Dahu was hiding in the boundary, but with the appearance of the other party, it made him feel another doubt. Now Zhao Dahu is hiding in the boundary, so is Rong Tianyu’s daughter hiding in the boundary with Zhao Dahu?
On the one hand, the remnants of divine fire, on the other hand, the military orders of divine fire, and on the other hand, the boundaries are rebellious
Zhao Xuan, how many secrets do you have?
But before Li Er could see Zhao Dahu’s figure clearly, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. Before he could react, he felt that his feet were already off the ground, and he appeared in this slightly cave after only a few breaths.
Chapter three hundred and forty Veterans
Now, in order to win more for his own sister, Zhao Xuan’s brother Zhao Dahu must come out.
When Li Er first came to the wall, Zhao Dahu was going to fight, but no matter how he begged Zhao Xuan, he was never allowed to lead troops to fight privately.
But Li Er has hit the sky wall, and Zhao Xuan still won’t allow Zhao Dahu to play. This is really worrying him.
Seeing that Li Er is about to break through the sky wall and seeing that his brother-in-law Yu Beitang is about to die in the stone bridge, Zhao Dahu will not care so much at this time.
Simply tie up the old department and then go out again when it thunders!
Even though these veterans are nearly half a century old, even though their temples have turned gray and their eyes are already wrinkled, when Zhao Dahu waved the flag, they still chose to wear armor and shoulder their double swords and stand here one by one, waiting for the final swan song in their lives.
I can no longer watch the fall of the Valley of Secrets with indifference, watch my home trampled by others with indifference, watch my hope fade away with indifference, hold my sword in my hand and put on my armor with indifference.
Only war can break the confusion.
Only war can break the predicament.
In Zhao Dahu’s eyes, he can watch Yu Beitang die in battle and ignore Yu Beitang. In his eyes, he won’t care about personal life and death. After all, in his cognition, no one in this world can occupy a place in his heart except Zhao Xuan.
Zhao Dahu was willing to die to protect his only sister, but he knew that if something happened to Yubeitang, Zhao Xuan would be deeply blamed. Even if the war was over, even if they won in the end, Zhao Xuan would hate himself. The death of Yubeitang would make Zhao Xuan’s generation regret life, and his sister would gradually sink.
But this is not that end that Zhao Dahu hope to see.
Put an end to all this, put an end to all kinds of factors that the eye can guide the incident. He must never let Yubeitang have an accident. Even if he knows that he will expose himself, he will let the world door be involved again in the Shenhuo case, which will make the Shenhuo military order fall into the risk of being taken away by the traitor. However, he can’t care about his sister at this time, and he doesn’t have so much energy to do more consideration at this time.
The actual Shenhuo military order is not a simple token, it can be called a divine thing, that is, it can greatly strengthen the physical function of the messenger and his teammates in a short time, and it can maximize the potential of the messenger in terms of strength, agility, speed, endurance, reaction and resistance.
However, this seems to be a marching enemy, but it also has great disadvantages
The divine power derived from the Shenhuo military order makes it pay a price, and its price is that the former overdraft messenger overdraws his vitality too early, so that the messenger can quickly strengthen his potential.
However, those soldiers who have been baptized by the divine power derived from the military orders of Shenhuo, although their fighting power is extremely strong for a short time, have overdrawn themselves too early, which also leads to the fact that these soldiers are consuming their own vitality very quickly. This kind of strengthening effect can also support the three-wick incense kung fu at most, even if Rong Tianyu came to make the strengthening effect in those days, it can only maintain him for half a day.
When these strengthened soldiers have passed the time limit inspired by their potential, they will all fall into the period of mental weakness for nearly a month, not to mention marching and fighting, and even walking in the most common way is extremely difficult
In those days, Rong Tianyu was very careful to make the preconditions for the Shenhuo military order, which was set by him to be quite harsh. Unless the Shenhuo army met those real monsters hidden in the mountains, lakes and seas, he would say that he had a choice to make this Shenhuo military order, or he would not say that he would make an exception to make the Shenhuo military order no matter how difficult the current dilemma was.
Even if the enemy faced by the Shenhuo Army at that time was fierce, Rong Tianyu, the general of the Shenhuo Army, would not break this precedent, because he knew very well that once he made the Shenhuo Military Order, how serious the price he would pay later would be. If he could let his brothers live for a few more years, he could not but others would make the Shenhuo Military Order. This problem is never to compromise with people.
However, this is only a small part of the secrets of the Shenhuo military order