Xia Wanting Mo Xiaocheng’s arms are bumpy. Every time Mo Xiaocheng runs fast, every time he fights with the thorn blade, he feels a lot of shock. If Mo Xiaocheng hadn’t held her firmly, she would have been thrown out. She had never stayed in a man’s arms for so long, and she never had to rely on a man to save her life. At this moment, she would have been touched.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Xia Wanting Mo Xiaocheng’s arms are bumpy. Every time Mo Xiaocheng runs fast, every time he fights with the thorn blade, he feels a lot of shock. If Mo Xiaocheng hadn’t held her firmly, she would have been thrown out. She had never stayed in a man’s arms for so long, and she never had to rely on a man to save her life. At this moment, she would have been touched.

Once again, the deputy mind of MoXiao City put a thorn blade around Xia Wanting’s left hand, and Xia Wanting couldn’t help loosening it. She felt that she was almost thrown out, and she hugged MoXiao City’s neck with a low shout.
The stabbing blade is not unarmed at this time. In addition to his accurate marksmanship, he has a short stabbing blade with him. When he was hiding just now, he found out from where he was, holding his hand and fighting MoXiao City!
"MoXiao city! You are forcing the tiger mountain! I can’t kill the woman in your arms if I don’t have nai! "
The stabbing blade was forced to die in Liangshan, and five B-class killers were killed. He felt absolutely sorry, but now he could see that Mo Xiaocheng was really going to tell him that he died in a fist and wanted him to desperate efforts. He knew that he was no match for Mo Xiaocheng, even if Mo Xiaocheng had one hand, he could not deal with it. When he took aim at Xia Wanting without hesitation, he fought to the death!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two It is not illegal to kill people on the high seas!
For stab blade, five B-level killers are nothing. Hong Men has money and someone has access to train several B-level killers. It is not difficult to die if you die, and it will not matter if you deal with a master like Mo Xiaocheng and then ten B-level killers. Only at his level can a B-level killer pose a threat to him.
It usually takes two or three years to train a B-class killer, but it usually takes five to ten years to train a A-class killer. It takes at least ten years to train an S-class killer carefully and constantly let him go out to perform practical training and eliminate some of them.
At that time, the stab blade was also an ordinary person who improved his strength step by step, from grade B to grade A and then from grade A to grade S for a total of 25 years! He entered Hong Men at the age of five, and now he is 30 years old, which is the peak of his life, reaching the S level. He is full of pride and dares to be the first killer in Hong Men. Although he is still far from this position, he has this ambition. He is a killer, and his heart is cold and hot.
There were about 100 children who went to Hong Men with him in those years, but after so many years, there were not many left. They either died suddenly during training or went out to fail in execution and were killed.
Thorn Blade has experienced all kinds of storms in his twenty-five years. He died against the enemy and his best friend died. His wife was all alone. Hong Men won’t let the killer have a family. He can contribute his life to the big family of Hong Men.
Now, once again, he has become more calm and sober in the face of life and death. He already knows that it is impossible to win Mo Xiaocheng, and if he goes to his own physical strength like this, the other side will definitely be a losing field, and the defeat of Mo Xiaocheng’s hand is definitely a word of death.
He’s only thirty. He can’t die and he doesn’t want to die!
Therefore, he did not hesitate to turn his attention to the unarmed Xia Wanting in Mo Xiaocheng’s arms. He made the flowing water like a dragon. He was trying his best to be photographed by Mo Xiaocheng and would pounce on Xia Wanting.
Mo Xiaocheng’s eyes turn cold. This stabbing blade is unique in vision and dares to fight. He wants to protect Xia Wanting, which makes the pressure even greater. Moreover, his physical strength is not always so good. Every punch and foot consumes one-third more physical strength than usual, and he wouldn’t have consumed his physical strength so fast if he hadn’t just been shot in the shoulder.
"MoXiao city! You’re slow. You’re bleeding all over your shoulders. You’re exhausted! I don’t think you can protect your woman! "
The thorn blade licked his dry lips, and his physical strength was amazing. Up to now, he has not consumed much. If Mo Xiaocheng’s moves were not too slack, he could hit his fist too hard and too fast, and he would not be forced to fall into the wind and retreat everywhere. His various killing tactics were often seen by the other side and broken by the first hand.
He stabbed blade hand strength increased speed was a few minutes faster!
Mo Xiaocheng’s eyes twinkled and he retreated half a step. In his mind, he punched a crisp sonic boom with one hand. His eyes were not crooked, and he was not biased towards the wrist of the stabbing blade. If the stabbing blade was compacted, it would definitely be broken.
"Hum!" He didn’t move slowly when the stabbing blade was cold-snorted. His forefinger and middle finger caught the tiny stabbing blade in his hand, so he went to a row to cut off Mo Xiaocheng’s hand.
Although his sharp stabbing blade is less than two pieces, it cuts the iron like mud, but it is also the result of raw skin.
MoXiaoCheng is calm, but his fist collapses, so he takes it back. When his stabbing blade is about to strike the middle of the fist, he suddenly changes his fist, and an eagle claw violently grabs it at the stabbing blade.
At the moment, the talons of Moxiao City look extremely ferocious, and the veins stand out one by one, which makes people believe that talons can easily crush human bones!
Passing 18-wheeler, slow pen and ink describe a lot of facts, and it’s also a blink of an eye. Many people haven’t reacted yet, so Mo Xiaocheng made another surprise move to push back the stabbing blade. It’s not enough for Mo Xiaocheng to be fierce, and it’s not enough for Mo Xiaocheng to be fierce enough. Mo Xiaocheng was so beaten by Mo Xiaocheng that he stopped by taking five steps back.
At this time, Cheng An and Yang Dong also rushed over and fought Moxiao City with the thorn blade.
The two of them have been injured in their wrists for a short time, and some of their fighting capacity has been restored. When they see the thorn blade in trouble, they immediately look at each other and rush over. Boss, the strength of the thorn blade is worse than them. If the thorn blade is killed, they will definitely have no good field.
"A cluster? I’m not afraid of you dying one by one! "
Seeing that the remaining three killers have become a front, they are firmly pegged to themselves, and there is a well-thought-out smile in Mo Xiao’s eyes. He has been holding Xia Wanting in his arms, reducing a large part of his strength and fighting with the stabbing blade, but he is really afraid that Cheng An and Yang will seize Xia Wanting and threaten him, so that he will really fall into the worst situation and be subject to control everywhere.
And now Cheng An and Yang Dong actually retreated to the side of the thorn blade and looked at each other opposite themselves. He flatly didn’t have the possibility of being able to capture Xia Wanting over himself.
Let Xia Wanting patted her on the shoulder and gave her a look. Mo Xiaocheng laughed fiercely, and the shoulder bomb jumped out of the meat automatically. When it fell to the ground, he loosened his joints and looked at the opposite side, eyeing up three killers. "You three hit me?" Very good. I was just thinking about this situation. If your two hands are eyeing me, I still have some fear. Will you catch Miss Xia and threaten me now … Haha, I’ll show you my real strength in Moxiao City! "
The stabbing blade’s face changed greatly after hearing it. On second thought, he thought of the meaning of Mo Xiaocheng’s words. No wonder there were several opportunities just now when he was able to pursue 56-point thrashing, but he didn’t fight to the end. It turned out that the other party was afraid of Cheng An and Yang Dong.
Xia Wanting should feel steadfast when she was let go of Mo Xiaocheng and came to the ground steadily, but she inexplicably used a method to hide the fact that her waist was warm and her hands were wide, so she was not used to it! She looked at the heroic figure of Moxiao City, and her eyes were sometimes blurred and sometimes cold. No one knew what she was thinking at this time.
Then I heard Mo Xiaocheng call her Miss Xia instead of Wan Ting, and she had a strange feeling, but she didn’t know what was strange.
However, the thorn blade heard that Mo Xiaocheng was not asking Xia Wanting to be Wan Ting, but unfamiliar with Miss Xia. His heart was shocked that he was cheated by these two people. They were not lovers. This acting just now was just to paralyze him!
However, if you don’t let the thorn blade want to go to Moxiao City, you will rush forward like a bamboo, and your fists will be greatly combined like a mountain tiger, flying like an eagle and hitting long.
"Now it’s out of the high seas, aren’t you playing the scourge of killing people on the high seas without returning to China? Well, I’ll kill you on the high seas! Humanity returns to life! "
Mo Xiaocheng is in high spirits, arrogant and arrogant, and his words are all over the hall. At this moment, he is the only protagonist and cannot be defeated!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three What about Hong Men?
When the lion king wakes up, the beasts, Fu Zhenlong, are shocked!
MoXiaoCheng pounced on the thorn blade three people at this time is such a feeling.
I can’t help but think that Mo Xiaocheng’s single whip has reached the stabbing edge in his hand, and Cheng Anyang’s move without stabbing edge quickly followed him close to his body. They don’t believe that he can still lose if he hits one of the three. Does he practice martial arts when he is born?
Cheng An suddenly kicked the floor chair to MoXiao City. At the same time, he rushed to MoXiao City with a beautiful kick when it was near, while Yang did not show weakness. Although his right hand was powerless, he still had two strong thighs with his left hand. He was not a fist but a pair of iron legs. He once kicked off a thick wooden stake in an adult thigh with one foot, which could kick a person a few meters away.
He knows that his martial arts may be far less superb than that of Moxiao City, but he believes that two A-level killers and an S-level killer can cooperate with Moxiao City, and 99% of them are enemies, but if he kicks him, he will be seriously injured even if he dies. He has this confidence!
"One enemy three? If I don’t fight for three strengths, I will give up directly, or if it is more than enough for you three grasshoppers! "
Mo Xiaocheng laughed and didn’t put the three people in the eye. The anger and cold light flashed in the eyes of the stabbing blade. He squatted for a long time and his leg muscles were as tight as stones.
An arrow shot out of his hand, and two cold cold light flashed from his hand, which were the two sharp stab blades.
Come on!
Too fast. It turns out that the stabbing blade has been hiding his strength just now. This is his real strength.
In a flash …
Mo Xiaocheng was also stabbed by a blade. Zou Ran was startled. He accidentally drew a long crack in his chest suit, and he almost saw the meat. If he hadn’t flashed fast, this would have been cut!
At this time, Cheng An kicked the chair and flew over Moxiao City like thunder. He didn’t avoid flashing directly with a single whip. The obstacle of the chair falling apart didn’t stop him. He swam and divined and died. Youlong’s palm pushed the mill, and at the same time, he fought with the thorn blade.