Fuxi listened to Qingyang’s return, and he was sure to hear the teacher say that this younger brother, who had never seen him before, did his best in medicine. He had a tendency to lead the people outside the tribe to welcome Shanshi Lie.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 Fuxi listened to Qingyang’s return, and he was sure to hear the teacher say that this younger brother, who had never seen him before, did his best in medicine. He had a tendency to lead the people outside the tribe to welcome Shanshi Lie.

After waiting for a long time, I saw a simple and honest man rushing to Qingyang to wake up. "The pursuit of that man is the teacher’s adult brother-Shanshi Lie."
Fuxi recognized from Shennong’s whole body breath that it was a door-building method tactic, which was also because Shennong didn’t practice medicine and didn’t practice other methods. It was strange how to fix it so low, but the realm of the immortal was not even stable.
Shaking his head, Fuxi drove away the distractions in his heart and greeted him. He affectionately took Lieshan’s hand and said, "Teacher younger brother has come a long way to have a rest in my house."
"No," Lieshan shook his head ungrateful and said, "Saving people is like putting out a fire. Let’s go and see the patients first."
Fu Xi raised his respect in his eyes and put away that point in his heart that emerged because of teacher younger brother’s training. He smiled and helped his chin and said, "Good! Teacher younger brother, please come with me. "
A group of people came to the place where the patients gathered, Lieshan, and looked at the illness one by one, frowning and thinking hard about it. It was very strange that the patient was weak, his face was purple and black, and the sick people were old, weak, women and children. As if poisoned … Wait … Poisoned! ! !
Thought of here, he carefully examined the patient’s eyelids, nose, tongue coating, ear roots, neck, jaw and other parts, took a long breath and turned to Fuxi, saying, "What my brother and I found seems to be poisoned."
"Is there a cure?" Fuxi quickly asked
Lieshan shook his head slowly, and when everyone was gloomy, he took out a package and handed it to Fuxi, saying, "This is a famous tea that the teacher asked for from grandmaster Penglai Island. It is said that it was planted by the teacher himself. The elder brother can order people to boil the tea or support it for about a month."
Fuxi picked up a piece of green tea and ordered people to do it by mistake. "What should it be like after January?"
Fierce mountain eyes flashed a crystal mans proudly said, "Brother, you can rest assured that after January, I will have a good medicine to relieve the pain of my people."
Before and after they walked out of the ward, Fuxi said to Lieshan, "Thanks to the younger brother and foolish brother, thank you very much." With that, he quickly flashed sideways to Lieshan and said, "Brother is Ren Huang. Don’t be like this."
At this moment, a big fire is attacking Lieshan. If it is struck, there will be no one missing from the three thrones in the future. However, the ghost flame is worried that Lieshan is broken, and it has been tracking Chiyou for a long time before it can find a chance to sneak attack him. This is also because Fuxi’s mind is in turmoil today. If it is not so, Jin Xiandao should have been traced by the ghost flame.
See teacher younger brother will be hurt in the ghost flame hand Fuxi yazi splitting folded drink a way "thief! Dare! " Ghost flame doesn’t care about steering the flame into the biggest obstacle in the plan-Shanshi Lie.
In the midst of Fuxi’s despair and the joy of the ghost flame, Lieshan closed his eyes and quietly waited for the flame body. What should I do if I am still worried about the Terran wounded? Forget it, the teacher will find a way.
After waiting for a long time, I didn’t feel any pain. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the flame was forming a bird-shaped newsletter. After a beautiful one, I flew to the ghost flame until I knew that the master waved and would not dare to stay long and fly back.
In front of the flower ghost flame, a young man appeared with a long face like a moon, eyes like a cold star, and a flaming sword behind the Tsing Yi cover. The only fly in the ointment is that this face is slightly frivolous and makes people feel confident.
Ghost flame waved and threw a flame to a stranger. The man actually opened his mouth and swallowed it. Ghost flame saw that his opponent was unfathomable and knew that he was not an opponent. He handed over and said, "King Chi-you has seen his predecessors in the ghost flame and practiced in Xianshan."
There was a little irony in the eyes of the visitor. "You have to be like this. I have no friendship with Chiyou, but it’s really from the origin … My name is 6 pressure … Have you heard of it?"
Ghost flame a face of vacant aside Fuxi Lieshan two people is to listen to the cloud said that this one Qiqi worship "brother Fuxi (Lieshan) visit granduncle"
6. Press and wave the robe sleeve to hold the two men up and say, "I’m not your teacher." Looking at the two men with a thief smile on my face, especially Fuxi’s dark heart, san huang knelt down and listened to Jiu Ge’s saying that it was a famous saint in the future, and Fuxi hem kowtowed to you in the Yi Palace. Now it’s back …
No! He is the elder brother of Nu Wa Niangniang. What should I do if Niangniang gives me trouble in the future?
In my heart, I said to Fuxi, "Friends, you and I haven’t seen each other for many years, or were you there in those days …" Thinking that some things can’t be revealed, I said, "Let’s get into trouble."
Dark eyes stared at the ghost flame and said, "Let you see a real flame before you die." Say that finish, Pian refers to a sword, pokes a lux firm but gentle, flies to the ghost flame, and blinks to his crowd.
Seeing that he is about to die in this oblique thorn, a big hairy hand will crush huge gas and stir up dust all over the sky. When it is eliminated, a monster with a cow head will say, "I have seen Ren Huang."
Fuxi frowned and said, "Chiyou, what are you doing here no longer?"
Without turning his head, Chiyou kept a close eye on Six Presses and said, "I’m a lost person and I’m here to bring it back …"
6 pressure at this time in the heart very uncomfortable interrupt two people drink a way "wait a minute chat! Let’s fight first. "
Chi-you had this idea long ago, and when he first arrived here, he was now much higher than him. He wanted to try the power of the new achievement method on his body early, and he was welcome to wave his hand and hit the 6 pressure with a fist mixed with overbearing momentum.
I didn’t see the sword behind me, and I reached 6 pressure hands. I easily blocked this fist, but I was pushed back several steps and muttered, What a bull! I have no technical content.
6 pressure to suppress mana at the peak of Jin Xian, swing a sword and bring up a sword and shout "Fire and rain meteor!" Into the sky lux firm but gentle flurry to hit the human-god.
Chiyou naturally heard of the famous Kendo style for six years, which was obviously imitated. His face showed a cautious look, and then he showed contempt and disdain. "You can’t see its shape, but you can’t see its god." A punch was printed on the sword and it scattered the fire and rain all over the sky.
Chapter 33 Shennong Baicao
The sword was so easily broken to 6 pressure that I was surprised. I groaned in my mouth, "How did this happen …"
Chiyou sneered, "I heard that the demon emperor’s sage’s kendo was displayed in one style and you … hide the sword when you display it."
6 pressure is a typical optimist. Now that we know what the problem is, we don’t want to say "Thank you again." When we shake the blazing Yang sword in our hands, red clouds gradually appear around us, and red spots are constantly thrown into the sword. Every moment, the light of the sword will light up and the momentum will be filled.
Human-God dare not accumulate strength by his opponent again, and attack 6 pressures in a fit, and also drink a lot. The sword in one hand flashed katar with dazzling red light, and the golden iron tone provoked air billow to send them back respectively.
Two people, one is to gather fire energy, the other is to instantly draw aura blasting force, which is equally divided … It is 6 pressure with sharp weapons in hand, which takes advantage of some.
Looking at a fist wound, Chi-you hummed, "Let’s stop here today and wait for me to find a weapon." Say that finish, I grabbed one side and the ghost flame flew away. Chi-you is the reincarnation of the ancient wizard, and it’s not without knowledge. With 6 pressure, the hand-controlled fire stunt is obviously a glimpse of the law. 6 pressure is to suppress mana in my own equal Shui Pi line and pay more attention to it.
Fuxi wanted to catch up and was stopped by 6. Yang shouted to Chiyou, "Forget it this time, and I’ll kill Jiu Li if there’s anything to hide!" See Fuxi some don’t confused and explained that "poisoning is obviously from this person’s handwriting is … Jiu Ge said that this human-god is a robbery in which the protagonist can’t be killed for a while, otherwise Jiu Ge wouldn’t have sent him to reincarnation."
Back to the sword into the sheath, 6 turned to look at the fierce mountain and laughed at it. "It was as uninteresting as Xiao Yun’s apprentice." The fierce mountain was embarrassed. 6 The sound was coming again, but it was serious business. "This time, the Terran was hard. Jiu Ge sent me to help me repair the fire law, which can help you refine medicine." Jiu Ge snickered in his heart. He called the old man a mixed merit. This can’t tell you.
In the next 20 days, Lieshan and Liuya traveled all over the famous mountains, rivers, Fudi Baolie Mountain to try their medicines. Every time, they tasted and savored their medicinal records in person. Liuya followed the side, which was to keep the medicinal materials classified by virtue of its excellent fire control ability. Lieshan was poisoned several times because of every medicine. Fortunately, it was lucky to have 6 pressed aside, but in just over 20 days, Fanxian realm Lieshan actually became an old man.
Two people travel-stained to return to the tribe for three days. There is a huge medicine tripod in the quiet room, which is the innate magic weapon. In the future, Shennongding will divide the work and combine 6 pressures to control the temperature and control the dosage.
Three days later, all the practitioners in the tribe were poisoned, and Fuxi took a group of ministers and waited in front of the quiet room in a hurry.
Squeaking, a big fierce mountain came out with a haggard look, but with a hint of satisfaction, he handed Fuxi the medicine bottle in his hand and said, "A pill is dissolved in a jar of water, and each poisoned person will have a bowl of medicine to get rid of the disease."
Fuxi immediately ordered the people to do it. In a moment, someone reported that many people had improved. Fuxi was overjoyed and danced and then said, "purport ~! Shanshi Lie has made great contributions to the Terran. Since today, I have added the title’ Shennong’ to learn many things from the Terran with me. After many years, I will meditate on Shennong Specialized Avenue. "
Fierce mountain is not … it’s Shennong’s fear that shakes his hand and says, "How can this be done? It’s better for senior brother to be an emperor."