Xue Jinhua’s face showed a trace of joy when she heard me say this. She said to me, "Brother Sigou, just stay here and feel at ease. We will ignore this old hag and she will not take the initiative to make trouble."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Xue Jinhua’s face showed a trace of joy when she heard me say this. She said to me, "Brother Sigou, just stay here and feel at ease. We will ignore this old hag and she will not take the initiative to make trouble."

"That how line this Liu Rulong will come to trouble you in three days, this is very unbearable" I looked at Xue Jinhua and said.
As soon as Xue Jinhua heard me, Liu Rulong’s face changed again. It seems that she has been very tolerant of this Liu Rulong. Seeing that Xue Jinhua is so depressed, I walked up to her and took her little hand and said to her gently, "Don’t worry, I have already died several times now. Even if the surname is Liu Mu, I will try to help you eradicate them!"
Xue Jinhua said to me with tears in his eyes, "Liu Rulong must have gone back and told his mother that although Liu Rulong looks like a dog, he is a loser in his bones. When he returns home, he will definitely tell his mother that the magic kingdom will be quiet again."
Looking at Xue Jinhua in such a hurry, I feel a little anxious in my heart, thinking that this Liu Rulong mother, no matter how old a monster she is, I will fight her. Xue Jinhua has always treated me well, even if it is to repay her.
Thought of here, I asked Xue Jinhua to sit down and ask about the details of Liu Rulongmu. From Xue Jinhua’s introduction, I learned that although the Mohican kingdom is already a land kingdom, the place where Liu Rulongmu lives is the surface of the land king city, which is a place where no one has set foot except their mother. It is mysterious and everyone will die if they go in.
Xue Jinhua also introduced me to Liu Rulong’s mother, who is an old monster. No one has ever seen what she really looks like.
Moreover, this old hag’s whereabouts are extremely secretive and she never shows up in public. Every time she appears, she will kill people, and the death of the dead is extremely miserable, which is a painful way that ordinary people can’t imagine. Besides, all these murders by this old hag have offended Liu Rulong without exception. This old hag is her son’s revenge.
Hearing this, I couldn’t help but be shocked and asked Xue Jinhua, "How miserable were those people killed by this old witch?"
As soon as Xue Jinhua heard me ask, it seemed that she remembered the horror of those tragic people. She couldn’t help but change her face and said to me, "That horror is really terrible. I don’t want to remember it."
I thought this must be a very tragic scene. Xue Jinhua couldn’t even recall it, but I’ve seen all the tragic things before. It’s far beyond people’s imagination to save Nellie. I don’t think Xue Jinhua has ever seen such a horrible scene. Of course, she will think that this old witch is biting enough.
Although I have some disdain for this old hag, after listening to everything Xue Jinhua said, I still feel that I can’t treat this old hag lightly. In the future, I can escape from this magic kingdom. I’m afraid I won’t have a good life after I think of it. I secretly make a determined effort to kill people outside, even if I kill one hundred here, there will be no problem.
At the thought of this place, a kind of bloody and abnormal pleasure flooded in. Now I think of killing morbidly, and I think the most important thing to do now is to kill the mother and the son of this disaster.
See my silence Xue Jinhua I was scared by Liu Rulong, the mother and son. She stopped talking and said to me, "Brother Four Dogs, you don’t have to worry too much about me and the mother for such a long time. We haven’t made enough trouble to make war. If we don’t provoke them, we will surely live in peace."
I mean Bai Xue Jinhua. She said this to comfort me because she was afraid that I was worried. But I can’t see what Xue Jinhua was thinking in my heart. Now I have secretly made up my mind that I must not let this mother and daughter go. Even if I pay a heavy price, I will kill this old witch and kill Liu Rulong, a smelly little girl!
After I made up my mind, I also found out where the old witch lived. It was the middle world of the Mohican kingdom. I decided to take a day off today to solve this old witch. I didn’t leave Xue Jinhua here when I thought of it. After saying goodbye to her, I went back to my room.
Back to my room, I lay in bed thinking about what happened today. The ugly face of Liu Rulong came to my mind from time to time. I don’t know if I am really in love with Xue Jinhua or whether I am competitive in men’s nature. My only thought now is to kill Liu Rulong.
I had a rest in the room for a long time, and the ladies-in-waiting came in again and prepared a rich meal for me to eat. It seems that these were all instructed by Xue Jinhua long ago. Seeing that Xue Jinhua treated me like this, I strengthened my belief and decided to set out to eradicate Liu Rulong Mother the next day.
Chapter 15 Black hole
Having made up my mind, my heart suddenly became cruel, and even I felt shocked, because I didn’t even have the heart to kill a chicken before me, but look at me now, it’s simply morbid and crazy. I feel inexplicably excited at the thought of killing two people, Liu Rulong Mu.
Even I don’t recognize myself. Maybe I have a heavy heart, and I have experienced so many hardships with Lotus. In the end, it was a fatal joke between God and Lotus. In the end, I still have to watch Lotus leave me. Such a blow really changed my temperament.
After dinner, I sent away the maids who served me. I wanted to save my strength and have a good rest. I lay in a comfortable bed and wondered what the old hag would do to make the whole Mohican army take her.
It seems to me that this old hag is either a ghost or a demon. Anyway, she is not a normal person. Otherwise, no matter how strong her kung fu is, she won’t be able to compete with thousands of troops. Although Xue Jinhua is so gentle and lovely in front of me, this little girl is a vicious figure in her bones. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to sit firmly in the top spot of the king of Mercy. What kind of person is there in Mercy? If Xue Jinhua is a weak woman, of course she won’t stand firm. I know this, but I won’t be wrong.
This old hag must be a very insidious person, but even if she is powerful, I must kill her. No, no, I can’t let her go.
Thought of here, I looked at the peach wooden sword on the bedside. This sword was given to me by Master. It can be said that it never leaves me alone. The ghosts have saved me several times. I gently stroked this peach wooden sword, and I couldn’t help but think of Master again. I don’t know where he is now with his old friend. When I think of Master, I really don’t feel good about it. Master has never been greedy for fame and fortune, but he has brought a lawsuit because of my affair with Nellian. I’m really sorry for his old man’s house.
I took out the ghost rope in my arms again. I’m afraid it’s as good as a peach wooden sword. That old hag must have a hex body or a spectre. These two magic weapons are unknown. From now on, I can’t leave my body at all times.
Looking at the glittering ghost rope, I can’t help but think of black and white often coming to my Yin and these two old friends. Lillian must have gone back to Yin now, and black and white will always be like Lillian’s. After all, Lillian Yin won’t suffer.
I was thinking in my heart that I was a little sleepy and fell asleep in bed. I don’t know how long I slept. I suddenly woke up and looked out of the window. Day and night are the same in Mohist countries. I can’t see solar energy all day long. I listen to the silence around me. It should be Mohist countries at night. Most Mohist people are still asleep.
I want to sleep again, but I can’t. Nai Hao got up and sat in the room, thinking about how to deal with Liu Rulong’s mother. Xue Jinhua has told me where the old witch lives. After breakfast, I will go there alone to look for it. Let me find the old witch, then I will stab her with a peach wooden sword without saying anything.
Thought of here, I clenched my teeth tightly, and I couldn’t help but see Liu Rulong’s ecstasy during the day. Of course, I can see that this little thing is that I am interested in Xue Jinhua, and I am bent on taking Xue Jinhua’s hand. After all, Xue Jinhua is the king of the magic kingdom, which is not so easy to get, but he has the old witch to support him and believes that Xue Jinhua will soon be captured by him.
Thinking of this, I can’t help but feel very angry. Although I have Nellie in my heart, I can’t tell what happened. Liu Rulong’s little idea is Xue Jinhua. My heart is as disgusting as eating flies. I can’t help but kill this son of a bitch now. When I think of this, I can’t help but wonder why I have to kill this mother and daughter. It’s not out of any sense of justice. I’m jealous. This is the truth.
Thought of here, I can’t help but smile bitterly. You still keep saying that you have Nellie in your heart. I didn’t expect you to be tempted by Xue Jinhua. Otherwise, what kind of jealousy would you have?
I found that I couldn’t understand myself more and more. I thought about it in the room and I don’t know how long it would take to look out of the window. People in the palace were busy cooking and waiting on Xue Jinhua. The maids who served me also came in at this time. They came to wake me up for breakfast and saw that I didn’t sleep. The maid-in-waiting couldn’t help but be taken aback and respectfully said to me, "Yan Gong, didn’t you sleep all night?"
I shook my head and said to her, "Sleeping is just getting up early."
Hearing this, the maid-in-waiting quickly came over to wait on me, washed up and took me to breakfast.
I had breakfast with Xue Jinhua. Maybe it was Xue Jinhua who ordered her maid-in-waiting to take me to her directly.
"Miss Xue, today I’m going to kill the old hag and the Liu Rulong together." I said to Xue Jinhua with a dull look after dinner.
Xue Jinhua froze at the sound of it. Although I told her about this decision yesterday, she may just recognize me. After all, in the eyes of Xue Jinhua and Mohican countries, Liu Rulong’s mother is simply a demon. How bold it takes to move her!
"Brother Sigou, are you sure? That old witch is not easy to deal with!" Xue Jinhua looked at me in surprise here and saw that she was very worried about me
I smiled gently and looked at Xue Jinhua’s pretty face. At this time, Xue Jinhua was even more charming and touching. It is the most radiant and beautiful time in a day for men and women to get up early. Looking at Xue Jinhua at this time is simply beautiful.
When I saw that she was so worried, I couldn’t help smiling. After a while, I said to her, "Don’t worry. I guess this old witch is either a demon or a ghost. I am good at dealing with her."
"Oh," Xue Jinhua seemed to come over in vain and then said, "By the way, I just remembered that you have a Taoist body."
I listened to a smile and said to her, "Otherwise, I wouldn’t have died in vain. Don’t worry, Miss Xue, although this trip is a bit dangerous, I have to get rid of the mother and son."
Xue Jinhua saw that my face was so sure that she slowly smiled and said to me, "Brother Four Dogs, then I will help you succeed. It would be great if you can get rid of the mother and the son."
Xue Jinhua’s expression on her face is very relaxed and excited. I know that Xue Jinhua has always regarded the mother and son as holding up huge stones in their hearts. Now there is hope to eradicate them. Of course, she is happy.
I asked the location of the old witch again. Xue Jinhua didn’t describe the location at this time, but put on armor, and then asked the hand soldiers to follow her and me to the place where the old witch lived.
Looking at Xue Jinhua’s Qinbing, I thought that these people went there to help, not to mention being a powerful old hag. Even a little female ghost like Huang Xianer and Bai Mei ‘er is cutting melons and vegetables to deal with these Qinbing.
But I can’t say these words, and Xue Jinhua doesn’t trust me to go here alone to escort me personally with Qinbing. This kindness has touched my heart.
A group of people went all the way to the old witch’s sight. It was already out of the capital of Mohism. It was not more than a mile away from the capital. There was a huge black hole that came to Mohism so many times. I have never seen this black hole before. When I got near this black hole, I looked at the hole of the black hole and was stupid. I saw that it was a huge black hole with a diameter of more than ten meters and went straight to the ground.
Moreover, there is an evil wind blowing from the hole of this black hole, which submerged the whole hole. Among the evil winds, they kept spinning around the hole and blowing around like a tornado.
Xue Jinhua jumped from the horse when he got here, and then pointed his hand at the black hole in front of us and said to me, "Brother Sigou, look, this is the hiding place of the old witch. If you want to see this old witch, you have to jump in through this hole."
When I left, I couldn’t help grinning, and my lofty aspirations suddenly vanished. I casually found the old hag and said anything with the peach wooden sword and ghost rope in my hand, but now it seems that it is not easy to kill the mother and the son, just to see them.
Xue Jinhua seems to see my mind, too. She looked at the black hole in front of us and said to me, "Brother Sigou, can you get in safely?"
Chapter 16 The Walking Dead
Looking at this huge black hole in front of me, I was really speechless. I never expected that the old hag’s residence was such a dangerous entrance, which was really a bad start.
I saw Xue Jinhua ask me this question. Of course, I can’t show weakness at this time. Even if there is a daoshanhuohai in front of me, I will jump. Otherwise, I will definitely be laughed at by Xue Jinhua and her Qinbing.
One breath, Buddha, a column of incense, and all the big words are said. I can’t shrink back when I get out of it. Thought of this, I touched the back of the peach wooden sword and tied the ghost rope in my arms. I didn’t prepare the spell this time because I expected that the old witch should be a monster spell, which should not hurt her much. I mainly rely on my peach wooden sword to deal with her.
I made up my mind. I turned around this big black hole twice and looked at the evil wind at the mouth of the cave. To be honest, I’m really afraid now. I really don’t know if I can come out alive after this jump.
But now I want to jump more and more, and I am hesitant to be laughed at. I am ready to jump when I think of this.
But just then, I suddenly heard something was wrong behind me. I can’t tell exactly what happened. I felt very uncomfortable and had a strong sense of foreboding. This feeling was so strong that I really felt that there was absolutely nothing wrong behind me.
Realizing this, I didn’t jump at once, but I was surprised to see that Xue Jinhua was worried and looking at me behind me. She seemed to want to persuade me not to jump, but she didn’t say anything. What shocked me most was that the group of Qinbing behind her was all stinking. There were more than 20 Qinbing in this team with waist knives. At this time, they were all covered in Yin qi behind Xue Jinhua.
I was shocked because I had already noticed that Xue Jinhua had brought this team of Qinbing out of the house as if they were no longer people.
Their yin makes me feel that they are no longer human beings, and they should all be walking corpses. I was shocked when I saw them. Now Xue Jinhua paid all her attention. I didn’t notice what happened behind me. Now she was in danger, but she didn’t know it. I was worried that Xue Jinhua would be harmed by these Qinbing behind her, so I shouted, "Miss Xue, be careful behind you!"
My voice just fell and Xue Jinhua was shocked by my sudden shouting and drinking. When I looked back, I realized that the twenty Qinbing behind her had changed their appearance. When they just came out of the house, these Qinbing were normal, but they all changed their appearance one by one when they got near this huge black hole. Seeing that I woke up, Xue Jinhua, these Qinbing all drew their broadswords. Several Qinbing quickly forced Xue Jinhua to hold the broadsword in her hand.
My heart says it’s bad. It’s bad. When these Qinbing accompanied Xue Jinhua and me out of the house, I’m sure they were all normal. But when they got to this black hole, they became a walking corpse and turned their faces with us. Maybe it was the old witch in this black hole who was cheating.
I’m sweating at the thought of this. It seems that I have underestimated the old witch in this black hole. Her skill is much higher than I expected. Although she hasn’t appeared yet, she can dominate these Qinbing.
How can I jump into the black hole to find the old witch now? I drank a lot and rushed to Xue Jinhua’s side. At this time, I was a few meters away from her, and I rushed to her. But before I could wait for her, the broadsword forced her QinBing to growl for two times, and then his QinBing rushed at me with broadswords.
Look at these soldiers peak sexually, I am a little at a loss. These Qinbing are carefully selected, and all of them have kung fu skills, otherwise they wouldn’t have been chosen. Although I am flustered, I also know that these Qinbing bodies are full of yin, saying that they are Promethean ghosts. I don’t know what magic the old witch has done to take these Qinbing souls and turn them into Prometheans. If they have yin, they must be restrained by peach swords and ghost ropes. Thought of this, I have a little peace in my heart and quickly pulled them out from behind for a long time.
These Qinbing’s faces were dark and covered with a thick layer of Yin qi. When they saw me coming, they all waved their broadswords and slashed at me together. I dare not fight with them with peach swords. Although the peach swords are sharp enough, they are made of pure steel. If the treasure in my hand is destroyed, it will be over.
With this concern, I shook my peach wooden sword and fluttered around with them. After I dodged a few knives, I stabbed a QinBing in the chest.