"The biggest problem in the celestial world is that there is no follow-up power, and no one can train us into reserve soldiers. There are so many celestial worlds and so big … we are too busy!" Violet will celestial map research after a transparent headache shook his head a way

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 "The biggest problem in the celestial world is that there is no follow-up power, and no one can train us into reserve soldiers. There are so many celestial worlds and so big … we are too busy!" Violet will celestial map research after a transparent headache shook his head a way

"Yes, the number of people is really a big loss, and those who have the immortal power to melt the soul will become the core force for us to deal with the chaos law. Don’t move easily and don’t let them lose!" The ancient setting nods a way
"Besides, we have to worry that there are not only shura protoss, but also the law of fighting chaos, and we will continue to send people to capture the soul-melting people!" Qiling also deeply expressed this intention.
"Hey, the qualifications of the fairies have almost been taken to the limit. In a short time, our overall combat power will be able to maintain this horizontal line method, which is the most deadly!"
This major issue silenced everyone.
"If … Master, they can contribute … they should be able to cope with it, but they haven’t been heard from for so long …" Xu Liang said with some sadness.
"Jiuyang xianjun? If I guess it’s right, he’s also going by the law of chaos and is an enemy or a friend. Now it’s certain that we can’t count on them! " The holy devil waved his hand and looked at Xiao Fan, who had been silent for a long time. "Do you have any good ideas?"
"Maybe … my idea is feasible!" Xiao Fan frowned and suddenly looked up at Huo Ling and others and said, "How long did it take you to practice before you arrived in the celestial world?"
"Er … we? There is nothing in terms of resources … "Several people talked about their own practice in detail.
"Brother Violet, if the two of us work together to exert our time force, how far can the flow of time be compressed at most when the palace is disturbed in such a large area?" Xiao Fan turned to continue to ask
"Well … it’s hard to say. After all, our strength has risen, but I estimate that at least we can compress it into a hundred times. I’m afraid it’s the limit to rely on your strength for three days!" Violet rub the rub and calculate for a moment and then said
"Three days? Compress the time flow to a hundred times … that is to say, every time we exert our time force, it can change the time flow of this palace for 300 days or about a year, right? " Xiao Fan licked his lips and said
"Well, that’s true, but it will take at least a few days if you want to regain your physical strength and exert your strength again. Besides, this change in time flow is effective for Xuanxian realm!" Violet nods a way
"What’s the harm of physical recovery? I can refine some absolutely resurrected pills, which can make us recover our physical strength quickly, and the law of owning people in Xuanxian realm does not affect my plan!" Xiao Fan laughed.
"Xiao Fan what do you want? Can’t you be mysterious and fart quickly? " Barren demon king big grins rang rang.
"It’s very simple. No one in the celestial world can have good qualifications and can reach a high level in a short time. Then we can’t find someone in the celestial world?" Xiao Fan cunningly laughed
"Don’t look for someone in the celestial world?" Everyone obviously doesn’t understand Xiao Fan’s meaning.
"Aha is very simple, aren’t you? I didn’t expect this? " Xiao Fan is so mysterious that he shakes his head.
"Murphy is …" The ancient setting suddenly eyes slightly shrink "you won’t have a fever? Do you want to find someone from the six realms? "
"What?" Everyone was shocked when this statement came out!
Find someone from the six realms to come here? This idea is too fate!
"This is a little pull? You have to know that the thickness of the barriers between the celestial world and the six realms is ten times that of the barriers between the celestial world and the Buddha world. It is almost impossible to get through the roots, so there is a real strength to reach the limit. Talents can soar from the gap retrograde channel to the celestial world, which has not appeared for billions of years. You people can also be said to be different! " Wang Haoran hurriedly shake head a way
"Hey, how can you know if you don’t try?" Xiao Fan or laughed
"How to try? Let me start by saying that Harvard refers to orchids, even if they are full of strength, it is absolutely impossible to do this. If you can really break down the barriers between the celestial world and the six realms, you must have divine power to do it! " Ksitigarbha bodhisattva must veto way
"Why don’t I try it first!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and asked Gu Ning, "Gu Ning, you should know that you are the retrograde channel of the immortal royal king Yu Xianjie and the Six Boundaries, right?"
"Well, knowing the location of the retrograde passage is near Xianhuang City in Xianhuang Prefecture. We soared from the Six Realms. We were the first to get there and were sent to different Xianzhou because of the turbulence at the entrance!" Ancient setting nodded and replied
"So that’s it. So we have to take the lead in taking back Xianhuang State!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick.
"I said Xiao Fan, what do you think?" Violet was a little worried and said, "If you fail to force your way through the barrier, no matter how you fix it, you will be torn apart by turbulence!"
"Don’t worry, brother violet, am I that bold?" Xiao Fan clap breast way
"Yes!" All people who know Xiao Fan almost say the same thing.
"I depend on you is really too much …" Xiao Fan flipped his eyes and waved his hand. "Okay, okay, then you will naturally know that this plan is in the bag and nothing will go wrong!"
Although they are still deeply suspicious, they can’t organize their strength to prepare for the first world war of the immortal Buddha Coalition to recapture the immortal emperor state with Xiao Fan!
Chapter 3 The battle started
Fairy emperor state at this time has become a shura protoss celestial base.
The unique buildings of Shura protoss are erected in this barren land, and the grotesque smell makes all the surrounding vegetation rot and wither in this smell.
Thousands of shura protoss warriors gathered here, and several extremely superior masters of the divine king were in charge.
After all, Xianhuang Prefecture has an excellent geographical location right in the middle of the celestial world, so it is also the most convenient to send troops to all parts of the celestial world.
The most powerful confidant stationed here is a charming and enchanting woman with the strength comparable to that of the ancestral realm, Xiao Fan.
And most of his masters are women. Although their appearance is beautiful and beautiful, they are ruthless. Even if they are several times more vicious than men, these women are also people who dare to provoke them.
There is no doubt that these masters are in the immortal emperor city, and it is not the former Gu Ning and others who dare to provoke them.
This huge force is like a nail firmly nailed to the celestial world!
A huge cylindrical castle in the ruins of the former Immortal Palace, a woman wearing tight black armor can encircle her waist and her eyes are full of black and red patterns. She is looking at the distance in front of the window.
The purple cloak fluttered slowly behind her, making a pair of straight and plump long legs looming.
Half of the towering peaks are wrapped in armor, while the other half are very eye-catching. A deep ditch is slowly rising and falling with breathing.
It’s even more tempting to have a long head of green hair hanging over your shoulders just half-shielding the scattered bimodal peaks.
Charming! God-class strong!
It is said that there are also many strengths in the master of the emperor level who can compete with the ancestor realm seven, but no one can match her!
According to the spirit’s strength, it ranks among the top five players.
These five masters don’t include the one from Shura’s celestial world, but the one who created the God Valley is also among the best!
However, before Hongliang was killed, Gu Ning and others were seriously injured by the mysterious woman who passed by. Now the injury has not recovered, and Yan Hong is still sleeping.
"Charming adult!" A little while later, a coquettish girl dressed in the same way came forward and knelt behind the charm.
"Well, what can I do for Qili?" Incarnate Yan a pair of arrogant indifference expression also didn’t back so muttered.
"Dou Rong is dead! The elite soldiers he led were also annihilated! " Qi Li respectfully said
"Hum, was that disgusting guy finally killed?" The corners of the mouth of the charm’s eye are slightly raised to stir up a radian and say coldly, "But … can you still kill others in this celestial world?"
"I don’t know this, but it may be that Dou Rong, an arrogant guy, has been killed by the enemy’s trick again!" Qi Li shook his head a way
"It should be so … otherwise, how could this celestial body suddenly kill Dou Rong at this time?" Incarnate Yan nodded and seemed to agree with Qi Li’s view.