It seems that the final method of soul-calling is successful, and the face of the snake shows anger and slowly lowers its huge head.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 It seems that the final method of soul-calling is successful, and the face of the snake shows anger and slowly lowers its huge head.

She has a big mouth full of fangs, golden yellow, and one-eyed eyes staring at the Liujia idol, as if wondering about the failure of the secret method.
The golden pupil like a round table is only ten meters away from Wang Xuan.
At this moment, Wang Xuanshen’s five colors robbed the light and his eyes instantly recovered.
The soul-calling technique was broken, and the snake, the god, the face and the god were hard to shake, but before retracting his head, Wang Xuan reached out and grabbed a handful of Longjing Jinyu arrows from behind the quiver.
So close, it takes a bow and arrow to wave like hidden weapons.
Three golden lights point directly at the huge vertical eye, and the remaining two golden lights are sharp and fly into the fangs.
Feel the crisis, the snake face, the human face, the scales stand on end, the golden yellow eyes shake, and the gas in front of him is transient and sticky.
The golden light of the Tao is like being stuck in mud, which is half stagnant enough for the snake face to escape.
Wang Xuan guessed it right. It’s impossible for a wild god to have no cards in this scary world.
This golden snake-eye avatar is somewhat similar to the earth-fixing charm of Taiyi Sect, but it is solidified in the spirit, and Wang Xuan has never heard of it.
Not only was Longjing Jinyu’s arrow blocked, but even he jumped up and followed closely, and he was also set in the middle.
There was a commotion among the animals behind the mutation.
The yoshimitsu flash in the eyes of those ancient carvings stirred up a wing, although it was ready to move.
This golden light and magical powers cooperate with the soul-calling technique to restrain their blood and magical powers, which is why the fairy carving suffered.
But at this moment, the five-color Guanghua behind the silver Liujia statue suddenly broke the magical power of the snake god and the face god with a crackling sound.
Dragon Crystal and Golden Feather Arrow flew out of the Sphinx, and the whole head of the Sphinx was wrapped in rolling thunder balls, which stung the huge snake body in the rear and twisted wildly, stirring up the waves in the whole lake.
Geomagnetic Dragon Crystal’s killing power to remove amazing thunderstorms is the huge suction that permeates all around. This wild goddess’s head can’t move in the thunder ball, and she screams all the time.
However, it did not disappear with Lei Guang.
Wang Xuan is not surprised.
I don’t know how many times Lei Jie’s body has adapted and won’t be easily beheaded.
If he is busy with the method, he will take care of it
Taking advantage of this short gap, Wang Xuan has already jumped into the giant snake’s body, and the colorful light is shining. The two dragon balls are buzzing and the fire is splashing, smashing the iron cages.
Plop! Plop!
The water kept ringing and the earth breath woke up.
Gu Canghai’s blood moon eyes suddenly opened and then he heard Wang Xuanyin "Don’t start with me!"
They were surprised at the same time, but they didn’t want to break through after Wang Xuan.
Beasts roared in all directions, and a large group of Liujia idols came to stop many monsters from making moves.
"get out!"
Gu Canghai’s blood moon was taken away, but after all, there was a fairy tale to break through at the same time.
Gu Canghai’s sword refers to a coagulation that was instantly solidified by the snake god’s rolling waves and tides, and a flying sword whizzed out.
In an instant, the flesh and blood were scattered, and even those idols were tinkling and constantly retreating.
The true gentleman of the blood moon is full of fierce eyes. It seems that the evil nature of the original demon has been stimulated. He mumbles in his mouth and then opens his mouth and suddenly sucks.
All the injured monster beast instantly shriveled and rolled lotus flower from all sides into the mouth of the blood moon true gentleman.
Wang Xuan took the opportunity to reach out and grab the wood property, and suddenly Ling Feifei was grabbed by him and stuffed into his arms. Then he sank, "Don’t go to war!"
The three men had cooperated with each other when they traveled south, knowing that they should not hesitate to break through the tight encirclement and fly away in the distance at this time.
Anger roared behind them.
The sphinx didn’t die as expected, but he was also flustered, with black hair all over his head, blackened face and raw skin.
What’s more troublesome is that Kiyomi’s vertical eye has burst, and the golden plasma is swaying around with his head shaking.
"Wang Xuan, Gu Canghai, Blood Moon …"
Three people who have flown out dozens of miles away suddenly heard the shrill call and a surprising evil thought broke out at the same time.
Gu Canghai face a change.