Some people try to attack and invade other people, but they never reach each other’s position.

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From extinction to extinction, many people have seen such things as signal ghosts, but they never associate signal ghosts with their signals as a wonderful phenomenon.
When these articles perished, the signal ghost … did not disappear.
Because of these articles, the AC devices still retain these devices, which can be said to be the most technologically advanced things in their articles
They also continue to send signals, and the ghost of the signal continues to wander in these imaginary texts.
Charlene met and studied these ghostly things at some time, learned about these articles and confirmed that they were a mixture of two virtual’ substances’.
However, they didn’t last long and disappeared because the signaling devices didn’t run all the time.
But now I didn’t expect these creatures to reappear.
And it has become a visual obstacle …’ bump’ into these ghosts and stop moving as before, and that’s not all.
After the collision, Lin found that the whole thing was shaking constantly.
Moreover, there are many things in this small thing accompanied by shaking.
These things are all … creatures.
According to Sally, these creatures are the extinct creatures.
They suddenly appear in this small room in large numbers. Of course, they are not entities, but things like illusions.
Lin noticed that these creatures are very small, each less than one meter, and they are all creatures with many limbs in shape.
While Kathleen was still observing them, they suddenly attacked Kathleen in the center.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Slow down
A creature flew out.
Many creatures appeared in the small star … and constantly besieged Charlene.
Lin pompoms can’t touch what they can and watch the battle.
But it’s not really a battle, because they were bounced off the moment they approached Charlene.
No creature can touch it.
Charlene said that these biological phantoms are actually set in advance, and these creatures will start when Charlene touches the’ signal ghost’.
Because Sally controls most of the small room, these things actually hurt it.
It’s that Charlene didn’t completely control this place. It didn’t know that this would happen after encountering the signal ghost.
Maybe there will be more similar things in the future.
Lynn watched these creatures attack and then bounce off, and every bounced creature would quickly disappear.
So after a while, all these creatures disappeared.
After the attack, we can also find that the ghosts of those signals that block vision in the normal virtual space have disappeared.
It seems that … it just stopped.
Then Charlene continued to control the vision and moved forward. After a while, Charlene found that the signal ghost appeared again in front.
These ghosts appeared for a moment and stopped the vision again.
When the visual method advanced, a lot of … things appeared again in the classroom.