At noon, Yao Shangqing filled the table with dumplings and steaming.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 At noon, Yao Shangqing filled the table with dumplings and steaming.

It is essential for northerners to have a Chinese New Year table that dumplings can reasonably appear in every winter festival.
Cooking dumplings is steaming anyway. Steamed dumplings with soup and good dipping sauce are also a must.
Frying means that there is a slightly crispy layer at the bottom of the dumpling, and the soup with stuffing inside is fragrant.
This is the most time the Yao family has eaten, and most of them are young people who are growing up. Don’t eat too fast, and there is nothing left in the end.
Chen Shaoer, like when he was a child, insisted on eating and collapsed after eating.
"Get up and tidy up the dishes."
Chen Shaoyuan funny feet kicked him.
Chen Shaoer turned over a supercilious look and sighed and got up to help clean up the dishes.
Yao Shangqing has stewed chicken. He wants to stew four, three for ordering food and one for themselves.
It’s not difficult to cook three tables of rice at night.
People are from one to three families. Some cold dishes are different, and almost all big dishes are the same.
It’s quick to give them three servings in one pot.
There are too many big boys in the family, so they are free.
Yuanyuan, not to mention watching them work behind the counter.
On New Year’s Eve, Yao Shangqing earned more than 300 yuan for three tables of New Year’s Eve, and more than 100 yuan for one table was earned back.
It will be 191 after the New Year.
Chen Shaoer and Chen Shaozhi returned to school after the Lantern Festival.
Yao Shangqing brought them a lot of delicious dried bacon, beef jerky and pickles with Chili oil in the bottle.
Chen Shaoer brought the most, and he couldn’t leave the school in the military academy. He had eaten enough food in the canteen, and it didn’t taste good at all. When he went this time, he must bring his own things to him and show him what delicious food is. He must be greedy.
It’s okay for them to leave the family. After all, he won’t leave either.
Yuanyuan told her family that she wanted the college entrance examination.
Yao Zhizhao asked her if she was sure, and he didn’t say much.
Chen Yougong came to Beijing by train in February.
He came in a hurry and his family didn’t know.
There’s no one at home either. I’ve gone to study in class
Yao Shangqing is at home and is about to go to the store. It just happened that the door was blocked by Chen Yougong and he didn’t go there at all.
"Why are you so dirty? You didn’t report it first. Isn’t something wrong? Didn’t you say that everything was fine in the factory a while ago?"
Yao Shangqing said, and took his bag.
Two people entered the hospital.
Chen Yougong hasn’t seen his daughter-in-law for a long time, and he just giggled as soon as we met.
"I’m afraid it’s not clear in the newspaper. I just came to see your factory. It’s just finished this time."
Yao Shangqing didn’t good the spirit look at him and took out the teapot in the kitchen to pour warm water.
"Wash your face first. I’ll give you a bowl of noodles."
Chen Yougong hurriedly come and wash your face.
Yao Shangqing cooks for him in the kitchen and doesn’t delay talking to him.
"Tell me what’s so urgent."
Chen Yougong washed his face and moved a small bench to sit next to him.
"I came here this time to tell you that I want to move the largest sum of money in our family to invest in a new industry. Although I am not very familiar with this industry, I am very optimistic."
Yao Shangqing frowned at this moment. There is the biggest discount at home. She keeps the money they will put into it every month. After all, there are many children and old people at home in case of an emergency.
There’s a lot of money in it, 40 thousand dollars
The benefits in the factory are good, and the big money in her shop is of course from the factory.
"Which industry is it?"
Yao Shangqing still believes in investing in this aspect. Chen Yougong has a lot of money this time, and both of them have never done it. It is really not practical to do it rashly.
Chen Yougong, a "small businessman", doesn’t understand that he has made investigations and made preparations from years ago.
Yao Shangqing is not sure what this small business is. Thinking about things, I didn’t stop frying two poached eggs manually, and then I brought a handful of small vegetables in.
Handmade noodles are still delicious
Chen Yougong didn’t dislike scalding him after he finished, and the train didn’t eat anything. Come and worry this time.
"delicious or do you cook delicious?"
Yao Shangqing snorted. "Don’t give me that. Tell me again what this small business contains?"
Chen Yougong pulled a big chopstick noodle,
"It’s just some trinkets and some other toilet paper. Anyway, it’s just small things at home that are similar to grocery stores."
Yao Shangqing knows that these are also sold in this former sales club, isn’t it?
"Actually, the price is very low, but there will be a lot as soon as the goods are purchased. I think I need 10 thousand yuan for the initial profit of the factory, and I put it in that fold. The remaining money is needed to withdraw money for the working capital of the factory."
Chen Yougong said the problem in another way.
After all, withdrawing money depends on folding him, who has no private money.
"Ten thousand? Let me think about it so much. Can you stay here for a few days? "
Yao Shangqing still has to consider one
It’s only been three days since Chen Yougong stood up with three fingers, which is not a journey.
Chen Yougong went to change his clothes after dinner and went to sleep at home. He didn’t sleep well on the train.
Yao Shangqing went to the restaurant door.
Two help students have arrived.
"I still hope that Sister Yao won’t come today?" This is a girl in a big family with many brothers and sisters. Although she has school subsidies, she didn’t spend enough money to come and work. Her name is Zhou Tiantian.
Yao Shangqing put on her apron as soon as she came over.
Another girl named Wang Juan, whose family is from the countryside, can’t speak Mandarin very well, but she is very practical.
Yao Shangqing likes this about her. Zhou Tiantian is lively and is responsible for giving some grass to the guests.
Juan helped her with the kitchen.
"Elder sister, I bought food yesterday afternoon, and I got the money back and put it in the counter. Please check it."
Juan bought food yesterday afternoon. Yao Shangqing wrote down the food she wanted to buy.