The commander said, "The scare bombs scare them away."


"Commander!" Suddenly, a virtual citizen ran in at the entrance and said, "There was an abnormality in the jungle. The remote control machine found a lot of’ fluff balls’ flying in the depths of the jungle and floating here!"
"What? Didn’t they all blow up? "
"Commander!" At this time, another imaginary citizen broke in and said, "There are a group of soldiers out there who are crazy! Their weapons are shooting everywhere! "
"Commander! Detect that the remote control machine crashed! "
Chapter three hundred and seventy Fluffy aggression
"Get them all up!"
The virtual people base has just quelled the problems caused by its teammates.
Just now, a large group of virtual citizens seemed to be crazy. They raised their weapons and shot at the targets around them, causing many virtual citizens to be injured. Fortunately, their regular weapons are not so strong in penetrating their armor, but they have not died yet.
The commander ordered all the crazy virtual people to be arrested and taken to the place called "prison" in the base, but some crazy virtual people were stuffed into residential houses because of the small number of "prisons"
After this problem was finally solved, another problem followed.
Virtual people in the command room nervously reported to the commander that "the last remote control machine was shot down just now!" "
Because the detection device often fails, a large number of remote control machines are released around the virtual people to observe the environment directly. It seems that the process of remote control returning images will not be greatly disturbed.
But …
"How did it crash?"
I don’t know! Report to the virtual people that "no one can photograph the cause of the crash as if it was an attack from a dead angle!"
"What’s going on …" The commander couldn’t help falling into confusion after hearing the news. "Is there really any intelligent creature who deliberately attacked us? Just crazy, too … It seems that they are infected with something, but they didn’t find anything before hiding … "
"Commander!" Report to Xumin: "Now the reconnaissance tower has found a large number of fluff balls approaching here!"
"Forget it, it seems that we can deal with the situation here first." The commander turned to a three-dimensional image showing a map in the center of the command room and shouted, "Pay attention to the enemy approaching in the western jungle, and take your positions as planned!"
"hurry up! Hurry up! " At the same time, a large number of virtual people gathered at the edge of the jungle, and some huge mecha also came here.
"The target is thirty kilometers away from here!" There are not only a large number of weapons on the edge of the jungle, but also some virtual people on the surface of the towering tower, known as’ telephoto mirrors’, to observe the situation in the distance
"What was discovered so close?" The commander’s command room observes the battlefield situation, and it is obviously not satisfied with the present situation.
"Because of the fog in the jungle, commander," said the tower observer, "but those balls are not fast, but the number is …"
"How much is it?" The commander’s question was not answered directly, but he got an image from the tower observer …
"This …"
In the image, the vast jungle is full of dense fluff balls, which make the square jungle fall into darkness.
Commander leng for a few seconds and then hurriedly shouted "ready to throw’ type I inferno shaping gun’! Burn them before they arrive! Never let them fly to the base! "
The commander ordered the jungle edge detection tower to sound, and saw that the tops of these towers slowly exploded with a burst of explosion, and several streamlined warheads flew out of them and flew to the distant jungle pompoms.
The scout carefully looked at the telescope and saw that these warheads touched the pompoms …