He struggled to sit up from the hospital bed, and Hu Lahu looked at Goofy awkwardly. His eyes were red with anger and he shouted, "Damn it! You just came to the hospital to humiliate me? Did you just come to see my jokes? "

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 He struggled to sit up from the hospital bed, and Hu Lahu looked at Goofy awkwardly. His eyes were red with anger and he shouted, "Damn it! You just came to the hospital to humiliate me? Did you just come to see my jokes? "

"I don’t care if you don’t want to help me or save me!"
"But what qualifications do you have to judge me? I’m just speeding … What driver hasn’t speeding in his life? "
In the face of strange retort goofy laughed coldly "is speeding? Dr. strange? Are you sure you didn’t violate the rules with him? "
"I …" strange was questioned by Gao Fei, who was speechless because besides speeding, he was also watching his mobile phone and communicating with his colleagues during driving.
Two very dangerous violations caused this tragedy, which almost killed him and seriously threatened other pedestrians on this road.
At this time, Goofy smiled and shook his head. "Dr. strange, if you make a mistake yourself, you should pay the price yourself."
"If I forgive you for being an excellent surgeon, regardless of your violation, and let you get back to normal, will you make a bigger mistake later?"
"You asked for it all. You shouldn’t take it out on others."
"Yes, I admit that I have decided to make the world lose a top surgeon, but at least the world can lose a driver who is speeding and watching his mobile phone illegally. This is also a merit, isn’t it?"
Then Goofy nodded and apologized to Christine.
"I’m sorry, Christine, I made you happy."
But I’ve made up my mind that I won’t save strange.
Christine questioned Goofy’s choice because Goofy had his reasons. She could watch Goofy leave in pain and then look back at Dr. strange who was destroyed by a car accident.
"I’m sorry I tried my best …" Christine couldn’t hide her tears and followed Goofy around and left the strange ward.
Chapter 64 Despair strange
After leaving the ward, Goofy walked all the way to the underground parking lot. Before he started the car, there was a hurried step behind him.
Looking back, I saw Christine with tears all over her face. She ran to Goofy and looked up at him.
"I’m sorry goofy sorry …"
"I think I must apologize for Dr. strange’s bad attitude. He is in a bad mood now and it is difficult for him to do that ridiculous thing. Please forgive him …"
Goofy shook his head and reached out to help Christine wipe tears from her cheeks.
"Oh, Christine …"
"It’s not you who should apologize, but strange. In addition, his arrogance, arrogance and sex should be well restrained. This car accident will teach him a good lesson …"
"If the disability of both hands can correct his personality defects, then this may be a good deal."
Gao Fei teased
And hearing this, Christine gave birth to hope.
She thought she probably understood Goofy’s meaning, and maybe strange could be saved.
"Goofy, I get it. Do you want to refuse Dr. strange’s request and pretend not to treat him, so that he can completely despair and get rid of his arrogant personality …"
"Then save him after he turns over a new leaf, which saves not only his body but also his soul, right?"
When she said Christine, she smiled with relief. She knew that Goofy wouldn’t be so from ruin wouldn’t help her.
However, Goofy shook his head firmly at this moment.
"No, you misunderstood."
"I didn’t intend to save strange’s body and soul at all …"
"I feel that since he made a mistake, he must bear the responsibility, that’s all."
Christine is completely desperate. "What, what?"
"You mean … you’re going to make Dr. strange such an excellent neurosurgeon … permanently disabled?"
Goofy nodded calmly and admitted, "Well, this is his due punishment and the price for his dangerous driving."
"But Goofy …" Christine shed tears again, but she still didn’t lose her mind.
She knew that it was a shame for Goofy to do so. strange really ruined his career by himself.
"Oh, it’s a pity, it’s a pity …" Christine repeated this sentence in despair, and her body trembled with tears.
Goofy gently pushed the poor girl into her arms and patted her back to show comfort.
"Don’t be so sad, Christine. It’s not your fault."
"You have done very well. You have done very well …"
Stephen strange couldn’t control his anger for a long time after Goofy and Christine left.
There is already one person in the ward, Strange, who can vent his anger on the gas.
"Say what I asked for it? Shouldn’t take it out on others? Hum … what a respectable guy! "
"It was always a moral high ground when you talk as a former policeman …"
"Who didn’t speeding car? Who hasn’t seen a mobile phone in the car? "
"I am unlucky …"
"Luckily, I once helped him, but now he is cynical about me, from ruin …"
"What a Wei Guangzheng superhero flies high …"