"It really is a master!" Xiao Fan, with a wave of his arm, shattered the bombardment and resisted it. Immediately, his body moved into the bosom of pretty Wu Xian Jun!

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 "It really is a master!" Xiao Fan, with a wave of his arm, shattered the bombardment and resisted it. Immediately, his body moved into the bosom of pretty Wu Xian Jun!

And Yuan Lie is the same rushed to the front of each other also made a melee plan!
If you want to rely on the immortal strength, Xiao Fangen is no match for the pretty immortal king at this time, while Yuan Lie can beat each other as soon as possible, but it is impossible.
But if big sleep doesn’t nullify it as soon as possible, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Fang Lei’s family will have a master arrive again!
Can pick up but not Xiao Fan two people expected.
It can also be argued that Xiao Fan is absolutely the first in melee and Yuan Lie is the second.
However, pretty historical Xianjun actually exerts a strong metallic force to make himself as strong as fine steel, and his sharp body is as sharp as a sword!
At that time, Xiao Fan teamed up with hand-to-hand combat and didn’t get the benefits!
"Trouble, this guy is really a hard bone to chew. It’s much worse than I thought!" Xiao Fan secretly gave Yuan Liedao while meeting.
"Well, although we didn’t try our best, it seems that … it’s not easy to beat him!" So did Yuan Lie.
"Hum-hum, two young men who don’t know how little they are, have been galloping in the celestial world for hundreds of millions of years, and they have fought many battles. Don’t you think that you can resist the old man with this mere hand-to-hand combat?" Manwu Xianjun said with a grimace of a grin, "But … I have to praise you again-it’s rare for you to have such tough strength even though you are young, or else … I can guarantee that Fang Lei’s family won’t pursue it again if you come to work for Fang Lei’s family!"
"Well, you’ve got people, but I’m sorry that you’re not used to being a hand to others!" Xiao Fan scoffed at way
"Hum the hard way! Give your face nothing! " Manwu Xianjun’s face changed and he was very upset. He said, "Although it doesn’t seem easy to beat you two by the old-fashioned means, it will be soon … The master of Fang Lei’s family will come here, and I will hold you back and you will escape naturally. Even if you don’t kill you, it’s not bad to erase your mind and use it as a slave!"
"Xiao Fan, what should I do if there are several very powerful Wang Xian breath approaching us quickly?" Yuan Lie look a change hurriedly asked.
"Hum, it’s really quick to retreat for a while. Let’s take him out of the limelight first!" Xiao Fan eyes shine a flash of hand clap a palm at the same time body toward the back suddenly and violently back.
"Why? Want to run? How could I let you run away before the old lady? " Manwu Xianjun has long seen through Xiao Fan’s idea and waved his arm to "the field of sword!"
"Hey!" Suddenly, there was a cold light all around, and the world was full of various forms, sharper than the sword, and it was nullified by Xiao Fan!
"oh? This means actually has a little taste! " Yuan Lie said I eyebrows a pick.
"It’s not surprising that the masters in the Black Immortal Imperial City near Zhu Zhechi will get some benefits from the immortal royal family!" Xiao Fan licked his lips. "But this kind of means is trying to trap me. You are too arrogant!"
With a wave of his hand, Xiao Fan raised his hand and suddenly the whole sword field became distorted. Together with the sword, it was hideous and became a strange shape, followed by his low drink, which actually ripped this field apart!
"What? So it broke the old sword field? " Pretty historical fairy gentleman couldn’t help eyes a shrink "this is force you exactly is what person? Can you exert your strength? "
"Then there is no need to tell you everything!" Xiao Fan said, with a wave of his hand, he raised his hand and released a force to wrap Yuan Lie, Yuan Ning and Huoling in a hurry.
"Interesting. In this case, I can’t let you run!" Quite a historical fairy gentleman said that he once again shot a disc-shaped magic weapon crashing out and constantly spinning and releasing several beams to block Xiao Fan and others’ retreat!
"Damn it, it’s a magic weapon. There are so many magic weapons in Xianhuang State?" Xiao Fan couldn’t help biting his teeth when he saw it. His self-knowledge broke the blockade by his own means, and his mind moved and his axe trembled slightly.
"Xiao Fan, is it okay to make that magic weapon here?" Yuan Lie said he couldn’t help worrying.
"If there is a problem, there is no way to help the enemy. If we go on pestering, we will be in trouble!" Xiao Fan shook his head a way
But at this time, suddenly a bright light galloped out from the crowd and suddenly tore the unique magic weapon blockade, which was wrapped in Xiao Fan’s body shape and disappeared at the same time. Before you!
Chapter 7 Meeting the Imperial City
"What?" See Xiao Fan several people suddenly disappeared and their magic power was abruptly broken, which made my eyes shrink suddenly!
Followed by several masters of Wang Xian, they fell from the sky to the side of pretty Wu Xian Jun.
"What the hell happened here?" In a square big face look ferocious man looked around a cold asked.
"Hum a few guys who tried to kill Fang Leize, and they just ran away from the old lady’s magic weapon!" Pretty historical fairy gentleman’s hand will be the magic weapon of the disc back bitten to grind way
"What? Can you escape from your sleepy day? " A few masters couldn’t help one leng at the same time.
"Although I don’t know what’s going on, it’s very likely that they still have accomplices who just broke the sleepy day. The force should be …" Pretty Wu Xianjun frowned and looked at the ground without his arms and penis like a pool of mud. Fang Leize sighed, "But it’s impossible to catch them now. Let’s take him back for treatment first. This guy must have learned this lesson. He can remember something and know how to converge!"