And they often fall into a state of confusion or fear because of overlapping phantoms around them.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 And they often fall into a state of confusion or fear because of overlapping phantoms around them.

Ghost creatures are not affected by these negative effects. They mainly capture those creatures that enter the overlapping environment and confuse them.
The purpose of death battleship here is to attract a large number of ghost creatures to come here.
And let them live in Meade virtual overlapping environment.
Because this overlapping environment can be said to be quite huge, it can attract several ghost creatures to form a complex ecology
The death battleship made it very clear that it also introduced some ghost biological ecology to Phoenix.
This makes Phoenix … feel very angry.
"How dare you say that? How dare you tell us about their life! "
Phoenix’s anger is mainly due to mysterious creatures … no longer mysterious.
When Phoenix first explored Solidification Virtual, it met many ghost creatures … These creatures have powerful hiding ability and are quite dangerous, so Phoenix quickly turned them into the protagonists of horror stories.
However, in fact, these creatures were not so difficult to deal with after Phoenix studied and developed the solidification virtual technology.
Just like the phoenix can kill or catch them easily.
But has been to phoenix to ensure the’ mystery’ of these creatures and their position in horror stories …
Phoenix has never carefully captured and studied this creature.
The mystery of these creatures has also been well maintained.
But when the death battleship told them about the ghost creatures, their mystery disappeared
So the phoenixes were very angry and said to the death battleship, "You ruined our story … and we will destroy you!" "
Hundreds of phoenixes instantly gathered together and launched an attack on the death battleship.
"No, you can’t attack me. You can’t do that!"
And this death warship looks very … don’t want to fight.
Lin found that it quickly flew into the overlapping area and did not attack Phoenix.
Phoenix didn’t want to let it go. They chased it quickly and kept the anti-coagulation irradiation on the position of the death battleship.
"That’s it! Launch through the light angle! "
A large number of drill-like objects were emitted from the Phoenix Group.
The length of the penetrating angle is generally tens of meters, which is dragged by the gravity of the phoenix.
When they are started, these drills fly out along the illuminating light and go straight for the death battleship.
The moment they hit the death battleship … the light suddenly disappeared.
"What? What’s the matter! "
The anti-solidification light emitted by the phoenix seems to be closed as if it had failed.
Generally, the phoenix makes the light penetration angle work. They will move the light but not lose it.
But they are all gone, and don’t feel it, and the effect is not very good.
So the Phoenix Group quickly retreated and left the overlapping area without being attacked.
"What should we do?" "That’s it! That’s good! " "That’s right!"
It seems that what new weapons are going to be delivered is waiting at the edge of the overlapping area of Phoenix Group.
And this period … Lin has some arms boarded the death warship.
Lin is quite interested in this strange death warship. Generally speaking, it will definitely fight Phoenix, but it has not made any attack except the one that hit the most.
Now it seems to be waiting for something in the overlapping area.
Lin let some micro arms … Climb to it.
These micro-arms have been "penetrating the light angle" for a long time, and they really hit the death battleship.
But they didn’t work. Some methods of death warships made them’ shrink’.
At the same time, it is also affected by the phoenix light.
Therefore, Lin arms can also crawl here.
But also found the entrance …
This entrance is the passenger entrance of warships and some small solidified creatures. Lin found them coming in and out … I don’t know what to do.
Lin drifted into the warship department and quickly flew to the captain’s room.
This warship is similar to the warship department that Lin had seen before, and Lin soon arrived in the captain’s room.
This captain … is really a little different from other captains.
Chapter two thousand four hundred and sixty-six Phoenix captain
It is fluttering in front of Lin’s eyes.