The ground is dense, there are bones everywhere, there are creatures everywhere, and the cold body is endless, which makes people feel numb at the sight of their scalp.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 The ground is dense, there are bones everywhere, there are creatures everywhere, and the cold body is endless, which makes people feel numb at the sight of their scalp.

"This place was an ancient battlefield? Tianluyi, this piece of sea is convenient. "
"It’s not necessarily that the original appearance is beyond the level of the king, but maybe it’s a broken reflection of the future."
It’s impossible for the three kings of Terran to change in front of each other. It may be possible to take one or two big steps forward.
Looking at this endless battlefield, Li Yu felt a ray of vitality. There are bones that Yin Ling may regenerate, and the land is black and red. This is a few blood mud and residual blood poured into it.
While the original chain bound creatures are piled up with strange residual limbs and broken arms, which are like being chewed by people, and there are still some sacred marks.
"This is heavenly path monarch to fall missing pop? ! It turned out that this is where people live? "
Abruptly, the incarnation of a heavenly king stared at the stump and recognized the origin.
The other two were also stunned and found that the broken arm and broken head were full of years of strength, and they were swallowed and left before the years.
There is also the fact that they once fought each other, but they buried their bones here. At first, they disappeared inexplicably, but they shook the whole road and made all ethnic groups think that a terrorist war broke out because of Terran 2.
"Everything is a former mummy? He is still alive and has unpredictable divine power, and even the heavenly king can swallow it! "
Their hearts stood on end, and this discovery was too shocking. Even the seven families would be shocked if such a secret was hidden in such a vast road.
Of course, even if they knew it was the reason, they would still have to make excuses to attack the Terran.
"It’s not appropriate to stay here for a long time, and leave for seven kills. Most of the incarnations of the seven kings have already alarmed them, which will cause great changes. We also need to go back and prepare early."
The incarnation of the three heavenly kings felt the danger, unwilling to take risks, and explored the possibility of returning to the sea of the dead to prepare for the possible war.
A giant may not be able to make the seven tribes fight, but a giant with heavenly king’s fighting power will not be affected by a star or a half, but the whole ethnic pattern of Tianlu!
"Well, I’ll clean up the dead sea first. These opportunities are fleeting."
Li Yu took the lead in stepping out for a moment, and when the wind and thunder shook, Kunpeng’s wings became clear and took off, and the secret blessing was coming to an extreme. Even the incarnation of the three heavenly kings could not capture his trace.
"It seems that he is also a radical who dares to fight and fight. This is a good thing."
The Heavenly King laughed and was very satisfied. Naturally, the Heavenly Road Campaign Department is prone to different schools of thought, such as the stable radical school.
If he is a radical representative, the moon king is a solid faction; The remnant star wheel king is an old smooth, and both sides blend in and try to maximize the interests of the ethnic group.
Now that a powerful radical has killed him seven times, he is naturally happy and finally has the possibility of a big attack
After all, they are the defenders, not the attackers. There are many natural concerns, and many places are tied behind their backs, not afraid to fight, but unwilling to pay such a price.
At the same time, Li Yu has rushed out of the eye of the sea to reproduce the spirit of the dead in the sea. After listening to his words after the return of the astronomical giant, he has rectified the military forces and surprised all the major families, causing a lot of confusion.
However, the news of the Seven Tribes was delivered too quickly. After knowing that the Terran had an extra giant, each army came to aid the war and reached a stalemate.
"The bloody chaos will be lifted by me personally to level the road!"
Li Yu went to the sky with great evil intentions, stretched out his arm far away, grabbed the virtual finger and shone. He was detained from outside the territory and came to the hands of a meteorite refining company and then threw it with a jerk!
The sky shook, and he directly smashed a star into the sea area occupied by the blood clan. Many war generals practiced penance, and even more giants maintained order to help.
"What’s that? ! Meteor from the sky? !”
"No, it’s not heaven, it’s the Terran King!"
All the overlord warriors in the blood clan sea area are dead, even the giants are horrified. What do they see? A big hand reaches out of the field and drags down a star like this! This is so violent that it shakes the world!
Even if a meteorite is as big as a mountain by refining, it is still a real star, so it is more powerful than terror.
In the violent explosion, the terrible divine light burning, the area of the dead sea occupied by the blood clan cracked and collapsed, and the sediment of the outrageous reef was clearly seen to have been evaporated and dried up.
Raise my hand to pick up the stars and kill the blood clan waters!
"Seven kills are like this!"
The astronomical giant marveled blankly that this was the end of the Heavenly King series, raising his hand to pick the stars and melting them at will, and then a group of sea areas were destroyed.
Then everyone saw a scene of horror, a statue of perfect body wrapped in blue and gold flames, reaching out with big hands deep into the sky and taking six meteorites in a row!
The radiant and blazing stars are flooding out, and the six-star renju has successively fallen into the waters of various towns and ethnic groups.
"What the Terran King wants to do is not afraid that our King will kill the Heavenly Road!"
The six-clan sea area is noisy and desperate, and several creatures are watching the meteorite fall to its roots and can’t escape, but they can’t resist waiting for death.
The dead sea area occupied by seven families was razed, leaving nothing left, from giants to war generals. Fortunately, the territory was rushed, and the Terran war army took over and laid a series of laws to prevent them from making a comeback
"Seven kills are really gods."
Even the Terran giants can’t help but marvel at the leap in just a short time. It’s terrible to have the power of the King Series.
The sea eye has wiped out the incarnation, and now it has wiped out seven sea areas. Is this to blow the horn to all ethnic groups in Tianlu?
Not long after, the three kings of Terran, Sun, Moon and Star arrived and brought the armor of the king, which is a status symbol. The seven killers are still wearing the armor of the war generals, and some of them do not meet the needs of replacement.
Li Yu’s armor for the heavenly king is gorgeous, and some areas in Zi Xia are covered with dark light and purple, and the golden veins are intertwined like blood vessels, and the breathing will be radiant. If Youlong is entrenched,
Behind the armor, there is a bright red cloak fluttering and tattooed with a big word "Tianzi". On both sides of the shoulder armor, there are bibs, beads, battle clothes, hunting iron sounds, and there are ancient totems. The armor is dignified and solemn.
"Really superhuman charm is also perfect for you."
On the day of the round, Wang Fu clapped his hands and smiled with satisfaction. What an iron man really has the spirit of conquering generals.
"Do you plan to meet the coming war with us or stay in the sea of the dead to resist the counterattack of the seven families?"
The star wheel king is a middle-aged man with a long beard, and his face is kind, whether he speaks or not, with a smile. Behind him, there is a shining edge of the star wheel.
"Need to be stationed also need help I want to go straight to destroy the gens! Surprise is hard to prevent. I’m sure if it’s faster, it’s not difficult to get rid of the clan before they unite. "
Li Yu’s eyes are as sharp as two heavenly swords. He doesn’t want to wait to take this opportunity to take a surprise attack.
"Is this too bold? Once it is detrimental, it will be the change of the situation in the whole heavenly road; The heavenly king is not an incarnation, not so easy to fall, and he can return at any time without dying. "
The moon wheel king thoughtfully did not directly refute, but made a detour to ask questions.
He seems to have an extra king, but he has a big advantage, and he can take advantage step by step. Of course, it will be much slower, but he will win.
"It’s not rash. It’s called grasping the incarnation of the seven families of fighters. How can they react so quickly? If they don’t take this opportunity, wouldn’t they be given the opportunity to integrate and adjust in vain?"
The radical Japanese wheel king immediately refuted that the fighter plane was fleeting and must not be missed.
After such a good opportunity, it can give foreign people a heavy blow, and the so-called joint hostility, isn’t it always the case? It’s like when there is no alliance and hostility, whether you do it or not, you don’t take the initiative.
The star wheel king also has some headaches and has become a peacemaker again. It is best to compromise according to his ideas, but it is not necessary to make a big bet.
"Life is life forever. Don’t you want to wait for a peaceful and prosperous time at this time!"
Li Yukou is very radical and strong. He is not sticking to a slow and steady attack, but he is also sure to kill a king quickly. Of course, he is not afraid.
"That’s seven! It’s too radical to kill you without a clan of seven! The heavenly king is not comparable to the previous incarnation. If the seven people are released outside the law and slaughtered, my Terran will lose a lot. "
The Moon Wheel King sighed in his heart, but I didn’t expect this newly rising king series to be a strong radical.
It is not that radical and stable factions disagree, but that there is a conflict of ideas and a different understanding and grasp of the timing. Some people are willing to take risks, and some people worry about the cost of taking risks.
"Ancestors can go to me! I’ll dare to do it if the aliens dare to do it! This day is Terran Day, I am afraid! "
Li Yu is very determined and can’t miss this opportunity. It is bound to destroy the clan by surprise attack, and no one will think that he will be so rampant and really do such a thing.
If the passage of time really gives the other side a breathing space, it will be a waste of effort.
"That’s right. The sages hurt them, so we will beat them and destroy them!"
The King of the Sun Wheel agrees that it is the fastest way to destroy the enemy and relieve the pressure by sending troops to sweep the heavenly road.
Moon wheel Wang Xing wheel king silence some don’t know what to say, knowing that it is impossible to persuade the Seven Killers, and they have not been persuaded by the Seven Killers to act in this life. They are used to being so brave and daring.