After taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and said, "Heaven and earth are more affectionate, and the road is affectionate, that is, you can be white."

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 After taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and said, "Heaven and earth are more affectionate, and the road is affectionate, that is, you can be white."

Zhao Gong suddenly stood there and his face changed constantly, which seemed to be very painful. Generally, it took a moment for Zhao Gong to spray one mouthful blood with a bitter face. "Daoyou, this is being original and beheading three corpses. I can’t believe you forced me to take back a corpse."
Persuade, "Zhao Gong, can you really forget your legacy and the sky? If you can forget, you won’t join the corpse, "he said, walking towards the chaos."
Zhao Gong recovered for a moment and sighed bitterly, "I didn’t expect him to let me say a word, but I was afraid that I would get another word in this life."
Back to his own heaven and earth, he laughed coldly. "The Three Corpses Road is just so much. If I were not worried that your way was too high, I would have calculated you once. It’s a pity that the reincarnation of the sky did not know that she was reincarnated there."
After watching the sky, I didn’t think about dealing with Zhao Gong. However, Zhao Gong’s performance in the Three Corpses Road was too severe. He always looked on his face, and the sky seemed to come at will, just like Zhao Gong’s complete compliance with heaven. This made me worry. After Sanqing had fallen out with himself, Zhao Gong was so dangerous that the enemy was calculated. He forced him to reduce his road to the Three Corpses Road once, and the most important thing was that the timing was just right. The sage would be weakened and Zhao Gong had just got a shaky source. If he didn’t get caught, he would regain his vitality or be
In his own heaven and earth, after a firm road, many saints "Tao" became white. Now, he himself dare not make any boundaries. After all, this time is not usually short of suppressing the heavenly people. No one knows when something will happen in this heavenly way. He can hide in the demon emperor’s heaven with care.
Suddenly, he walked out of a big fellow who was somewhat similar, but when he saw that this big fellow dressed in Pangu was very similar, it was just that his back axe was different. He handed the plank brick and the dragon ball to the big fellow and said, "This matter has to be bothered."
The big fellow laughed and said, "Dao You and I are one and the same, being original should help Dao You with one arm" and left for the boundary.
After being blindsided, Zhao Gong returned to the Biyou Palace on Golden Turtle Island and made a pilgrimage to the sky, saying, "Brother Zhao Gong visits the teacher."
Tongtian hurriedly lifted him up and said, "You can be my friend after you get mixed up."
Zhao Gongdao: "How dare a teacher who is a lifelong teacher in his younger brother disobey?"
Tongtian laughed. "Well, well, from now on, the deputy leader’s position is yours and mine. You should be in charge of the overall situation."
Zhao Gong thanked him and said, "Thank you, my teacher. I will definitely carry forward my teaching."
Tongtian looked at Zhao Gong carefully and asked, "Gong, are you doing less now?"
Zhao Gongzheng said, "It’s a pity that the teacher’s younger brother should know the truth of three corpses. It’s not only the truth of two corpses that was calculated days later, but also the injury has not recovered yet."
Tongtian eyebrows a wrinkly instantly understand how Zhao Gong suffered. "This is a matter of days, and you need to worry about healing when there is an end in the future."
Zhao Gong suddenly remembered something: "Teacher, do you know that these days are confusing?"
Looking at Zhao Gong puzzled, Bai Gang suddenly became a saint, and he had a chance to join hands for a moment. "Do you know that this heaven is chaotic?"
Zhao Gongdao: "The teacher will be confused if the number of days is suppressed by the Taoist people. If the teacher is ordinary, he will naturally fail to see the number of days, and now the instability of the heaven will lead to the robbery of quantity at any time. Please don’t leave the Dojo at will and get into a big robbery."
Tongtian listened to Zhao Gong’s words and immediately understood that this heaven would be so holy that the holy eye would see the three realms in an instant, then read everything and then calculate it slowly, and then send it to Yuan Shen in heaven to take a closer look at Tongtian’s face and be frightened.
Zhao Gong couldn’t help asking, "What do you see, teacher?"
Tongtian calm mind said, "I didn’t expect that heaven is so chaotic now that the sage world will be reincarnated if it touches cause and effect."
Zhao Gong nodded. What do you mean? There are too many variables in the chaotic world of heaven. If saints get involved in cause and effect, they will immediately trigger their own saints to rob. When the time comes, heaven will not show saints, and they can’t escape the doom. "What should teachers do now?"
Tongtian said, "If you stay in Biyou Palace, the healer will go to Sanqingtian first."
Zhao Gongdao, "The teacher can rest assured that my brother will control all the other disciples", left Biyou Palace in a hurry and invited Sanqing to gather in Sanqing Day.
When Zhao Gong saw that he had gone to heaven, he immediately found Duo Bao’s way: "Big Brother, many of my disciples are reincarnated. Now I have found their troublesome big brother world."
Duo Bao hurriedly bowed to Zhao Gong and said, "The deputy leader is now a holy man, and I dare not climb high. Don’t call the master elder brother again, or I can’t stand it."
Zhao Gongdao "Brother is Brother Zhao Gongfei’s lover"
Duo Bao said, "In that case, I’ll find them in this world."
Zhao Gongzheng said, "Big Brother, be careful not to touch the cause and effect casually this time, or your doom will be dragged out and you will be in trouble."
Duobao nodded and said goodbye to Zhao Gongjie.
Sanqing Tiandao said, "Brother Tongtian is in such a hurry this time?"
Tongtian said, "Big Brother, have you ever seen the chaos of this heaven?"
The old man suddenly frowned and thought for a moment, then the holy eye swept the three realms. Then the Yuan God realized that heaven had passed for a moment and said, "So it’s no wonder that heaven is not obvious, but the teacher is no longer in the same way."
After reading the old place, I naturally learned all the special magical powers, and I saw the secret. The original way is, "Big Brother has proved that we have a cause and effect, and now what should I wait for?"
Lao Dao said, "Although he has proved that he is just a Taoist priest, we need to worry. Only this disaster really bothers us, but saints can hide in the realm of saints."
Tongtian suddenly laughed. "Big Brother, the West must not know about this. We can calculate it like this."
The old man looked at the original way, "What about the original younger brother?"
As the original saying goes, "It’s a pity to accept the quotation at the expense of oneself to resolve the cause and effect of this ambition. Now the quotation is not bad, and I’m afraid he won’t be a monk and the nine saints of heaven and earth are full. It’s impossible for him to play the holy position. Pay attention to this plan."
Tongtian said, "When a saint comes out of the three realms, all sentient beings always have a heart-stirring person, even if they are willing to give up. Like today’s Buddhism, if the West wants to revive, a new saint must be born."
The old man said, "Brother, although the calculation is good, how can the holy position come?"
"Big Brother," said Tongtian, "don’t you forget how many shrines have appeared in heaven and earth?"
The old man shook his head and said, "We all don’t know whether that sacred position is Penglai or not. If it is feasible, let’s discuss it later."
The origin nodded, "You are too impatient, younger brother. We all don’t know that this thing is here. Let’s make plans in the future."
Tongtian nai sighed and said, "Let’s talk about this plan later." Sanqing left Tongtian one after another, but he was most unhappy. This time he wanted to completely eradicate the West, but he didn’t want to help him because he had too many concerns. He had to stop there.
I don’t know that the old and the original have their own calculations in their hearts, and there is a way for Zhao Gong to intercept teaching and incense will naturally not be cut off in the future. However, the explanation and teaching have not been seen yet, which makes the old and the original unhappy. After all, he has such an opportunity and the two of them have not, which is simply forcing the Sanqing discord.
When I returned to the clear sky, I invited Xuandu to say, "Now that the disaster has passed, my younger brother should come back. You should go back to the reincarnation brother and return to the mountain gate as soon as possible."
After Xuandu received the decree, the old man told Xuandu where his brother was, and Xuandu immediately went to meet his brother.
When the original returned to the Jade Palace, it immediately attracted the cloud and the Antarctic fairy Weng to tell them to pick up the reincarnation of the younger brother. Before the disaster, all saints could not find the reincarnation of their younger brothers. Now that they understand the heaven, it is easy to find the nature. We must pick up the younger brother as soon as possible, otherwise it is impossible to say that the younger brother will become an ordinary generation after several reincarnations, and there will be no future when he comes back.
Duobao brought back his reincarnated brother to the Golden Turtle Island Cloud and the Antarctic Fairy Weng also brought back his reincarnated brother. It was not strange for them to see the names of Cihang and others on the list, but no matter how many people continued to look for the Cihang Channel after they finished, it was a pity that they could not find the place where Cihang was located according to the list. The two of them could go back to me in the cloud.
The demon emperor’s doppelganger returned to me and took the doppelganger back to the busy place. He immediately went to look at the five people and smiled. These people were all devoted to Buddhism and woke up one of the women. The woman shook her head and suddenly exclaimed, "How could it be you?"
"Should I call you Cihang or Guanyin?"
It turns out that this woman is the reincarnation of Mercy Air Guanyin. Mercy Channel Humanitarian: "I am the younger brother of Daomen, and naturally I am Mercy Air. You must know that you are not afraid to offend my teacher when you arrest my teacher?"
Haha laughed. "If I had been afraid of him for three points a thousand years ago, do you think I would still be afraid of him now?"
Cihang looked around and suddenly remembered that this place was similar to Yu Xu Tian. Cihang exclaimed, "How can you achieve mixed fruit?" I don’t "
Suddenly, there was a threat from Cihang, who could stand the threat of saints. Not to mention that she couldn’t afford it at the peak time. Now she is an ordinary person, and she can’t bear it. Cihang involuntarily crawled on the ground and trembled. If she hadn’t left her hand, she would have been crushed to death.
Cold tunnel "now you are just a little worm, you are nothing to me. You should know how to do it."
Cihang knelt in the tunnel. "What does a saint want his brother to do?"
"You know who these people are, right?"