"Why? You this little eyes looking at me makes me a little scared. "

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Cyclops walked over and looked at Su Yu with cold eyes flashing. He is a typical character who hides the dagger in his heart.
"Poor Master Feather, you are really a waste. You can’t get up with a slap?"
Cyclops rode on fire and yunma looked down at Su Yu.
"damn it"
Sunan struggled to get up, but several jet rode off his front foot and crushed him in a humiliating way.
Su Yu gritted his teeth and climbed up his white robe, stained with his own blood and dust. Although he was in a mess, his eyes became brighter.
"I’m Sue home less Lord ChengTian empire! When jet is on the side, dare to kill the Lord! "
Su Yu scanning surrounded by jet riding suddenly drink.
Fifty jet riders are one leng, and then their eyes dare not look at Su Yu’s calm and angry eyes.
The body of the Soviet furniture and the body of the Soviet God of War were trained by one hand, and the iron warrior actually wanted to kill the God of War!
This is simply a big violation!
Cyclops expression a lag then put face smile Yin test said, "I’d dismiss you Sue master incredibly still want to turn against me? I tell you that these jet riders were trained by your mother, not your father’s soldiers! "
Strictly speaking, these jet riders are not Su Jia’s private soldiers, but Su Jia’s mistress brought fifty guards when she got married.
If they are really Su Zhanshen soldiers, how dare they murder Su Yu?
"She? Also worthy of being my mother? "
Su Yu proudly drink a way
The Su family is full of noble blood and extraordinary malice. Does the woman want Su Yu to recognize it? What a dream!
"Is this your last word?"
Cyclops hey hey smiled and pulled out the imperial long knife blade on the side of the horse, pointing obliquely at Su Yu’s neck. "It’s time for me to see you off, Master Su."
"If I have another chance not to be good at holding a butcher knife, will my wisdom die at your hands!"
Su Yu sighed and then smiled proudly and held his head high.
Chengtian Empire even includes four continents. All countries and races are monarchies!
Your own potential and strength are the root of everything!
Unfortunately, there are not so many ifs in life.
Su Yu understood this truth, but it was too late.
Lose step by step!
If it weren’t for Su Yu’s belief in the reputation of Su Zhanshen; If Su Yu is not from the 21st century, she is indifferent and intelligent, but she doesn’t like killing and fighting. except
all right
Even if he dies today, he will die like a man!
Begging for mercy?
The word that is never Sue home man!
"Too bad you won’t get a second chance."
Cyclops ferocious laugh wildly at the thought of the big emperor promised him benefits, he was so excited that he couldn’t wait.
Being an ordinary soldier is an expert in cutting Su Zhaner, which makes Cyclops’s heart absolutely ecstatic!
This is an honor!
Killing glory!
His long knife has been slowly raised!
At this time, the blood that had infiltrated from Su Yu’s neck had already flowed to his Bolong Wen Yu Pei.
"yi yi ~!"
Dragon Yu Pei quickly absorbed Su Yu’s blood and sent out a hot temperature to burn Su Yu’s chest.