Wang Baobao couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw this scene. "Oh …!"

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 Wang Baobao couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw this scene. "Oh …!"

"Let’s have a look when we’re done!" Nine heavy back right hand to valley orchid way
"Wow, now the attributes are getting better!" After Gu Youlan’s dragon soul was successfully filled, Gu Youlan clicked on his new suit attributes to view be in heaven’s "Thank you, President ~!"
"A polite beauty deserves it!"
"Dead blade!" While Wang Baobao listened to what Nine Heavy said, he quit immediately and rushed to seize Nine Heavy Boling "You treat friends differently too much! A girl looking for you is a five-star gold medal. You fool me with this kind of thing? !”
Wang Baobao a kick in the wine pool meat forest valley orchid this just noticed that there are such unconventional things "wine pool meat forest … carnival party! Hehe … President, what is this? !”
"You say this! Isn’t that right? Two days ago, I asked him to make a bargain with me. Finally, I promised him that I would throw him a carnival party in the wine pool and meat forest after the job was done. He agreed to do it and I arranged it! Now that I’m back, I’m asked to honor the promise I made that day. You saw it, and I faithfully honored it for him. This is indeed a carnival party in the wine pool and meat forest. Yes! But this little guy has to fight me hard! Are you lying to me when you say this is small? !”
"Cough …!" Wang Baobao smell speech awkward cough a stare at nine heavy way "dead blade we communication is limited to us, why do you want to say it? !”
"Cough …!" Gu Youlan coughed and gave the two people a signal that she wanted to talk. "Actually, this … I think you are a little deliberately perfunctory!"
"Hey, look!" Wang Baobao didn’t expect Gu Youlan to speak amazingly to him. His back was straighter immediately. "Even our sister Youlan is such a simple girl that you can’t do it properly! Don’t you dare to say that I’m cheating! It’s just a thief shouting to catch a thief! "
"Well even if I do not tunnel this time, ok? !” Since there is a beautiful woman who disagrees with him, it is natural for Jiuzhong to pull back from the brink and get lost. "But I really have nothing to prepare for you at the moment, so I can’t get out the wine pool meat forest carnival party! Worse, there are big things to do! Why don’t you do it for you after I’m completely free from this busy period? !”
"You are not authentic than before!" Wang Baobao root don’t buy this set of "just now, although it’s bullshit, but it’s finally a sign! If you give me a deadline now, wouldn’t it be ruined if I knew you well? !”
Nine heavy fists clenched "crunch" straight ring "… you know too much!"
"Cough … the president is not as good as this!"
Chapter six hundred and twenty-seven Everything is ready
Gu Youlan spoke again. "Let this young and sexual leader visit us. Be the president and you will honor your promise! Is it possible? !”
"Well, that’s a good proposal!" Nine heavy twist a head to ask Wang Baobao "how baby go or not? !”
"Go ~!" Wang Baobao’s face suddenly turned sunny and smiled like a flower "beauty invited that nature even daoshanhuohai also want to go! Sister Youlan, shall we start now? !”
"Oh … OK!" Gu Youlan rushed to Jiuzhong and waved his hand. "Goodbye, President!" Finished led Wang Baobao left during the hall.
Looking at the two men from the back, they shook their heads. "Oh … this is really radish and cabbage, and even the baby is liked!"
Send Wang Baobao Jiuzhong to Longtai Golden Tower. Call again by voice communication. First find Simon Biao Xue and Butterfly Lovers in the friends bar. When they are both online, they will call in multiplayer conversation mode.
"Oh, Miss Lian Hua really doesn’t see you every day like Sanqiu!" Many people voice through Simon Biao blood is not busy greeting Jiuzhong, the initiator. First, I exchanged pleasantries with recent butterflies.
Die Lian Hua heard the news, ha ha smiled and said a few words of courtesy to Simon Biao Xue, then threw it aside and said to Jiu Chong, "I see that your base is online, but it’s really rare that you haven’t been online these days!"
"Ah, there are some things delayed in reality, otherwise it must be the weather online waiting for the call of the beautiful woman ~!"
"Ha ha … you also dare to say!" Recent rich meaning way a sentence
"hmm? !” When Jiuzhong listens to the words of recent love, it is natural to respond enthusiastically, "Then sometimes we will put it into practice ~!"
"Fang is sacred!" Listen, recent love and Jiuzhong are there. If people are holding each other, I can’t help it. "We need to talk! !”
"You big man, I have nothing to talk about with you!"
"… it’s wonderful not to do anything!" Simon snapped his teeth with blood. "Be careful of being cursed!"
"Really? ! That’s just right! " Nine heavy ends are not threatened. "I often read novels saying that lightning can make me immortal. I just want to try it!"
"You are forcing me to use a killer. You …!"
"What if I force you? Bite me, huh? !”
"Wow! !”
"All right, all right!" Simon Biao blood was about to go crazy when he spoke to stop "you two are busy or get down to business!" Holy Lord, you paged us. Is there anything important? !”
"Of course!" Jiuchong said, "I’m calling you this time to tell you that one day is the Japanese invasion day. You should all prepare for it as soon as possible so that you can cross the Japanese sea with me and enter the Japanese area!"
"We have been waiting for this day for a long time!" Speaking of business, Simon’s attitude towards blood and recent love is correct. Of course, it is mainly Simon’s blood.
"But I have to wake you up …!" Jiuzhong exhorted, "In this game, all the war zones are enemies, and I have enemies. Don’t tell you the purpose of our trip before the exhibition, so that players in the Japanese zone can be prepared!"
Butterfly Lovers and Simon Bloody nodded "This is natural!"
"Well, then I’ll see you tomorrow!"
"See you in heaven!"
Ending the call between Simon Biao Xue and Butterfly Lovers did not close the voice communication, but continued to look for pacifism in the friends bar and please listen to me. The names of the two people started the multi-person conversation mode again and called the past.
"… er take charge of what can I do for you? !” Many people voice through pacifism and please listen to me.
"I’m going to attack the Japanese area one day, and you should prepare for it one day. When I hear from you, you will attack North Korea and South Korea!"
"No problem!"
"All right, then I wish you all the best!"
"Well … in Chinese" prostrate "seems to be not a good word, right? !” Please listen to me.
"Just take it literally!"
"That’s a good word for being a master!"
"Good talk!"
Three people shoot the breeze again after two sentences to end the call, Jiuchong called the big fiend again and told him. Although he said that he was not directly involved in this operation, how to let him know that it is not worthwhile to let him have any negative thoughts because of such a trivial matter.
End the big fiend call, Jiuchong, continue to search in the friends bar, find the names of Yamato Soul and Bushido, and continue to call in multiplayer session mode.
"Eldest brother, what is it? !” Many people voice through to Yamato Soul and Bushido with anticipation and asked.
"that’s what you’re thinking now!"
"Haha, are you finally going to do it?" Yamato Soul and Bushido are very excited. "When is the specific date? !”
"In the sky!" Nine heavy then asked, "I told you before things ready? !”
"Everything is ready for the east wind!" Yamato Soul said, "Everything is ready, just waiting for your big army!"
"Very good!" Nine nodded "there are people? ! I am now arranging for you to get connected and complete the bridge! "
"Everything is a confidant!" Bushido said, "I’ll email you their names now, boss. Just send someone directly to get in touch with them!"
"Well, then send it!" Jiuchong said, "After that, you should improvise over there and report to me at any time!"
"I know!" Hang up the nine-fold voice communication Bushido Chapter 6 Tell the troops to get ready for battle.