My daughter can be recognized at first sight even in the vast sea of people. What’s worse is the cemetery, a place where few people come except Qingming Festival. Please make a visit.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 My daughter can be recognized at first sight even in the vast sea of people. What’s worse is the cemetery, a place where few people come except Qingming Festival. Please make a visit.

There are few female parents in the world who don’t love themselves. No matter how bad Ji Yuran is, she is still her heart and treasure in Ji’s eyes.
He has lost a son, and he can’t lose his daughter.
"However however you wake up!" Ji Yuran, who was lying on the cold cement, turned over. Ji’s father was big and anxious, calling in her ear.
Just now, he saw clearly that he stretched out his hand to pull the Duke of Zhou’s house and was swayed by the other party to roll unsteadily from the surface.
Ji Fu is a reasonable man. Although he is angry with Zhou Zichen for the result, he is not intentional.
Want to blame the words to the throat and consciousness to swallow back.
Be urgent
You should send Ran Ran to the hospital quickly.
Excessive blood loss is life-threatening.
Most of the arms and two white calves exposed outside the dress have very conspicuous abrasions, and Ji Yuran had fainted before landing.
She pretends a lot of things, but it is true that she is not in good health.
"This" in front of a list of changes to see some dumbfounded Yanxi, the woman who was originally bared her teeth in her face went in a few seconds and still fell off her head.
"Zichen, you" are worried that Zhou Zichen will be implicated because of Ji Yuran. After all, in this society, if you have a fight and the other party is injured, you may get into a lawsuit.
"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine."
Regular cemeteries are usually equipped with monitoring probes, but it’s just a matter of lip service for Zhou’s family to get those videos in S city.
"But" JiYuRan injury degree is not light.
"Isn’t the little girl agreed to meet your parents after seeing Min Xun?" See Yan Xi’s exquisite black eyebrow with a shallow wrinkle radian. Zhou Zichen stretched out her hand and said gently at the same time.
Ji Fu is holding his shabby old mobile phone and calling 12 emergency centers.
"However, alas," even if the hospital ambulance can enter the cemetery gate, it is impossible to climb the stone steps here. I want to let Ji Yuran receive professional treatment at the moment when the medical staff arrive. So Ji’s father put away the old-fashioned mobile phone and carefully moved his daughter, who was dirty and bloody, to his back.
The mobile phone in the trouser pocket is still an antique blue-screen keyboard machine bought by Ji Minxun in the second year after he entered the military school. Besides the basic functions of making calls and sending short messages, it is a brick.
It makes many buttons insensitive for a long time, but even so, Ji’s father is reluctant to replace them.
He is really short of money, but he can still afford to send a mobile phone when he is talking. On the other hand, Ji Yuran has the same style. She also has a pink color, which Ji Minxun saves money, but she doesn’t know how many smart phones have changed in her bag.
"Zhou Zichen, who is that old man?" His eyes still couldn’t help staring at Ji Yuran, who was dressed in a white suit and carrying Ji Yuran as fast and steadily as possible. Yanxi felt that he could no longer define the other person as an ordinary passerby.
Even if you are warm-hearted and like to help people.
Just now, she seemed to hear what the old man was calling.
Ji Yu ran ran ran
It sounds like a woman’s nickname
The deep black eyes of "Ji Yuran’s father" are unconsciously narrowed, and there is no accident at all for Zhou Zichen, the father of Ji, to meet today.
Min Xun’s anniversary
Season home should come naturally.
"Ah, father," the surprised expression filled the whole little face. It was strange that Ji Fu looked so old that people couldn’t believe that he would have a daughter like Ji Yuran who was less than 25 years old.
"Her father" was once a smash hit, and now he is surrounded by scandals. Ji Daxing’s biological father doesn’t say his appearance and age, but it is also incredible that Ji’s father is from the beginning to the end of his wardrobe.
Even if the big star family doesn’t go out on the street like the big star, is it too bad and worn by Ji Yuran’s father?
"Okay, little girl, why do you care about their housework?" Slim enough to definitely make women jealous of eyelash. Zhou Zichen stretched her arm over Yanxi shoulder and took her to the cemetery, which belongs to the family cemetery.
It’s not as crowded as ordinary cemeteries. The so-called family cemetery can be said to be the villa level in the cemetery.
In the S-market society, ten large families have their own independent cemeteries, and the Zhou family is no exception, and so is the Yan family.
Chun Qin Ming men hun chong mo si
The nearest public hospital to the cemetery
As soon as the ambulance stopped, someone took a taxi from the back door and quickly carried the lying Ji Yuran stretcher out together.
"Make way, make way," the trolley went all the way into the hospital, and some busybody inadvertently looked up and found that the unconscious woman looked familiar.
this is not
Isn’t it Ji Yuran, the head of a new generation of jade girls who was named by TV fans?
Due to the recent scandals, Ji Yuran has long been pulled from the altar of pure and lovely goddess by netizens.
It’s really nothing before you say it
In the highly developed era of the Internet and production, sending a Weibo by casual mobile phone customers will attract a large number of reporters to surround the hospital.
Address information is automatically located. Weibo of a hospital has been forwarded hundreds of times in just a few minutes, and it is getting worse.
Some people commented that the truth is not for themselves. Weibo is speculating, right
Some people also replied to the truth and asked for a photo.
It’s always full of letters or not.
In the past, Red Star Ji Yuran committed suicide and was sent to the hospital for rescue, which became a popular entry in search network for a while.
"After a preliminary examination, the patient had three broken ribs in his right chest, two dislocated brains and signs of slight concussion." A white-coated doctor came out of the emergency room and took off his face mask. He told Ji Fu that he would stop pacing back and forth as soon as he saw himself.
"But whether it’s a concussion or not is uncertain. We have to wait until the report comes out." Whoever sends someone here will naturally tell who the situation is. After changing his tone, the doctor added, "It’s still dangerous to have a rib fracture and dislocation. Do we mind operating immediately?"
"Excuse me, what are you and the patient? Are you the patient’s family?"
"I" looked around for a long time before Ji Fu came close to the doctor’s ear and whispered the short story "Yes, I am the patient’s father"
"That’s good. The operation must be signed by the patient’s family, otherwise the hospital will not dare to do it casually." Slightly relieved, the doctor wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.
What they are most afraid of is this kind of emergency situation, because they may send the patient to passers-by, but the real family members of the patient can’t contact each other.