Baihuaxian is missing.
She can’t find the Baihuaxian either, but she knows very well that the disappearance of Baihuaxian must have something to do with Yang Jian.
"What the hell did you do to Baihuaxian?"
Chang ‘e couldn’t help asking
Heaven said, "I found her a place where no one will find her and let her reflect."
"Chang ‘e Xian, if there’s nothing else, I’ll excuse myself first."
I am ready to return to Zhenjun Hall when I finish my day.
He doesn’t really want to talk to Chang ‘e because she is too stupid, but he can’t do anything if he doesn’t face life and death enemies and his cultivation is generally excellent.
"I have one more question!" Chang ‘e hurriedly stopped Tian and asked, "You haven’t hurt me all the time?"
The former Chang ‘e thought that her identity was too sensitive. Yang Jian didn’t dare to deal with her like a hundred flowers fairy, but she knew that she was wrong when she saw the sword fighting in the Lingxiao Temple in Yang Jian.
Heaven says, "The reason is simple. I don’t want to hurt you."
After that, Chang ‘e returned to the hall of the true monarch on her own.
Zhenjun Hall was caught by the sky before, and Xiaoyu, the fox demon, was still caught.
The day did not mistreat her, but arranged a room for her in Zhenjun Hall, which was a temporary house arrest.
God, the story of Yang Jian before her incarnation is roughly the same as that of Before the Lotus Lantern, except that there is no Ao Cunxin. The mother of Xiaoyu, the pit fox demon, also met Yang Jian. She also thought about entrusting Xiaoyu to Yang Jian, and Xiaoyu’s grandmother finally raised Xiaoyu.
Jade, a fox demon, almost became his incarnate daughter.
Although Xiaoyu has ten thousand years of mana, her real combat power is not strong except for her earth mana.
The siege of Meishan brothers can make Xiaoyu tired of coping with being trapped in death.
She was under house arrest, and one day there was a ban in Zhenjun Hall’s room, and she couldn’t escape.
After walking into this room, it was difficult to move in bed. Xiaoyu suddenly became nervous and asked, "Erlang God, what do you want to do to me?"
She and agarwood are very good. When eating the lotus lamp wick, she thought about asking agarwood to defeat Erlang God and help agarwood save the Three Virgin.
Tianyi is her imaginary enemy, but Tianyi is a great villain.
When there is nothing to show in front of her, she feels that the sky will definitely not let her go.
"I came to see you, you can rest assured that I am not malicious to you." Tianpo took a look at Xiaoyu.
After that, the day after tomorrow went on, "Although you are powerful, you won’t make you want to be my adopted daughter and learn with me?"
Erlang God wants to accept her adopted daughter?
What medicine did you take?
Xiaoyu suddenly felt her brain was a mess.
When she comes and is caught by Erlang God, she will definitely be tortured by the other side, and maybe she will be skinned and boned and sent to ten levels of hell.
After all, her grandmother was killed by Erlang Shen. Strictly speaking, she and Erlang Shen also have a deep hatred.
God saw Xiaoyu not talking and asked, "Do you regard me as an enemy because of the agarwood?"
Xiaoyu didn’t speak, which is the default statement.
Day ponder smiled a "your father and your mother are not actually killed by Sun Wu"
"that one who really kil them was the three virgin."
Chapter 12 I really want to kill my unfilial sister
"You’re lying"
Xiaoyu can’t keep silent and calm this time.
The original agarwood wanted to worship the master, and Sun Wu was her sworn enemy. At that time, she was already in a dilemma.
The result is even worse now. How can she accept that her sworn enemy has directly become the Three Virgin?
"I’m the sage Jiro Shinji. Do you think I need to lie to you?"
It was very calm to look at Xiaoyu.
Facing the sky, jade can’t help but believe in the sky.
Erlang is a great god in the three realms. It is impossible for a great god of this level to lie to a little monster like her because it is unnecessary to insult the pride of the strong.
But even so, Xiaoyu still wants to struggle for the last time. "You want to trick me into helping you. You want to trick me into agreeing to be your adopted daughter."
Day eyebrows slightly wrinkled together.
"You and I have a father-daughter relationship. Plus, I think you are a talented woman who wants to accept your adopted daughter, but if you don’t want to, I won’t insist."
After that, he went on to say, "In the past, your mother and I were friends, and she intended to let you be my adopted daughter. After the robbery, I wanted to take you away and raise you. It was the last thing I could do for you and your grandmother."
Xiaoyu feels a little hard to believe that "you and my mother are friends, why did you kill my grandmother?"