"Do you really want to do this?" The fluffy ball said, "I just said that I should expect peace."

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"It’s …" An environment said, "This is our peace."
At the moment when its voice fell, the sky bloomed with brilliant brilliance, and several barrage fell from the sky and bombed the jungle and grassland on the ground.
But they didn’t successfully hit the target.
Most of the barrage flew out, and something wonderful happened at that moment. They bent their flight paths and collided with each other, but no explosion energy reached the ground.
But even so, those flying machines kept shooting, watching the fireworks and letting the pompoms shout at the environment, saying, "If you keep doing this, there will be no peace."
"It’s just a delay," Jing said. "Just now we have ruled out possible mistakes. Now we can reach a place where no living things can find us. We won’t meet again for a long time."
At this moment, the shining roller behind the barrage aircraft in the virtual space disappeared.
I see …
That’s why they don’t seem very worried. They have enough energy to send it twice?
This is interesting.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and seventy-nine The second time
The stars and shadows change again, and they leave with their own world.
Where will they arrive this time?
Those species who live on the peak of the platform can watch all this with horror.
And now they see …
Twinkling stars surround this jewel-like world, and there is nothing around it … it’s too close.
Does this represent Ann?
Living on the platform creatures don’t know it, but they can’t confirm it by looking at the world.
Although it looks very safe here, from all kinds of biology, suspicious personalities do not produce safe thoughts
So they explored.
A large number of aircraft rise from the surface and fly out to the surrounding void to explore nothing around them.
They should not explore anything, because they have indeed fled to a far place, which is quite far away from Lin’s world.
But they are not far away from Lin … They are actually very close.
Lin is looking at the sparkling crystals everywhere in the wild, because this place … is an aircraft cabin.
It seems that Lin succeeded in getting in, or followed them here, which actually surprised Lin that they were able to send energy twice … This is quite special.
Because the star bus will consume almost all energy only once in the long-distance delivery, although the delivery is not as far as the usual star bus, it is unlikely to be delivered directly twice
Lin thinks that their floating platforms may also have the function of preparing energy …
Another point is that they seem to have a very powerful’ exclusion system’, which can quickly identify all things in the mirror world that do not belong to the environment and then exclude them.
Therefore, during the delivery process, Lin followed several pompoms here. The camouflage ability of these pompoms was not ruled out by identification, so they were sent together. These pompoms were mixed into the environmental aircraft.
In fact, when they attacked Linxing bus, they got in. If they want to get into the country, they have to lie to the entrance of the aircraft to start the system.
To be recognized as an accessible object by an aircraft, it will enter a’ liquefied’ state and let the object pass, just like this …
Thinking that Lin let the fluffy ball fly, when the fluffy ball flew over the center of the cabin, you could see a crystalline mutant creature everywhere on the ground.
They now look like mud, crawling on their faces occasionally. A few years ago, during the war, these mutant creatures were used as landing troops to invade enemy warships. Although these mutant creatures can deform at will … they are really quite weak.
It’s much weaker than the Inca swarm, but the environment is still large-scale … These mutant creatures are raised and almost all the passengers in the aircraft are them.
This is quite amazing.
The fluffy ball slowly floated to the front of the crystal wall, and the fluffy ball stuck out a fluff and poked a wall a little, and then it reacted … just like water, it set off waves in circles.
The pompoms also flew forward, easily crossed the wall and finally reached a room.
Here … is the place to watch the stars.
In front of the fluffy ball is a beautiful star through the wall. Although there is no close star to reflect the light, it still looks very dazzling.
This also means that this aircraft is flying in the air.
It is now flying to the mirror world quickly, which is exactly why Lin Yi-Lin also wants to do a lot of research in their world.
There are still many mysteries in the world, and it is also very interesting to study them …
"There is something unusual …" Suddenly there was such a sound behind the fluffy ball. When Lin looked back, she found a golden border floating there.
It seems to have been discovered … but it has not been completely discovered.