There is no demand for ordinary lightning. Unlike before, Wentao naturally won’t let another Shushan Sword School appear. It’s not too big for himself to soar to the Du Jie Conference.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿夜网 There is no demand for ordinary lightning. Unlike before, Wentao naturally won’t let another Shushan Sword School appear. It’s not too big for himself to soar to the Du Jie Conference.

Suo Wentao is very simple. I care about the waves, the sound of the sea and the sky, and he doesn’t care about the three Du Jie things.
"Good, just as Dr. Wen said." Biqiong promised happily.
This is let window some accident on second thought also guessed what’s going on.
Bibo Haitian structure is different from that of other sects. Although they also have their own forces, and they are certainly not small, this force should be Biqiong’s preparation to deal with Kunlun School’s visual cannon fodder, and they are in the mode of Kunlun School, Shushan Sword School and Qingcheng School in Shushan.
Besides them, there are too many worries.
This is a preliminary agreement. Bibo Haitian Biqiong’s 99 fairy robbery in Du Jie has been resumed after completion.
Everyone who has left has returned to Du Jie and died. All kinds of animals and plants have been replanted or moved away. There is so much aura here that everything is full of limited life.
"Dr. Wen took it as planned?" Brigitte Joan is now more and more curious about Wentao, but he is very clever from the very beginning and doesn’t ask about the 99-year-old fairy robbery. He has this kind of thing
"Don’t mind if I say so."
"Well …" Beyonce leng kept saying what to say, but Beyonce nodded. "Doctor Wen said nothing."
Wen Tao said, "Although you are Jin Xian now, it is also a decoration that can do things, that is, help the waves and the wind. However, that is also limited. After all, the strength needs to be realized by yourself. It is those cannon fodder players who can forcibly give them a strength. After all, they are not afraid of the impact of post-development because they have no roots."
"Can’t start work is on the one hand, scattered fairy island, scattered fairy valley don’t rush don’t blunt you through the 99 fairy disaster, this matter will definitely talk to you. These troubles are on the one hand, Kunlun Sect will also take action against you."
"I’m not interested in leaving you this Jin Xian to them now, right? Before listening to you, I told Bei Ming and Nigger that I was going to see the black dragon and Xuan Black Dragon, who claimed to be the first master in the fix-true world. Thousands of years ago, they were already descendants of the seven-robbed scattered fairy beasts. Now they must be more fierce than Xuan’s mystery. Even Dongye Liang is such a person, and I am very interested in both of them."
Originally, I wanted to meet the black dragon and Xuan with myself. It is reasonable to say that Wentao is qualified enough.
In every way, but.
Brigitte Joan hesitated. "Doctor Wen, it’s nothing if you want to see them, but you and I shouldn’t be too close, otherwise it’s easy to make people associate. If there is no reasonable statement, I will take you to the black dragon and Xuan and I will certainly doubt what I said …"
Brigitte Joan heart at this time the main thought is that Windows wants to see the black dragon and XuanMu.
Brigitte Qiong is easy to calculate, but she can’t calculate that Wentao can help her achieve Jin Xian, and he has been paying attention to Wentao’s commander-in-chief Shuxin Clinic along the way.
Up to now, he has never seen it with his own eyes. Although he also saw it in the subordinate recorded image SPAR, he didn’t calculate that there was such a force that didn’t belong to the spiritual class just because he didn’t go to see it.
Seven-color rain is and powerful, but Wentao Million Seven-color Rain is probably fake.
Even so, he is also qualified to squeeze into the first-class sects. Although he is not enough to compete with the Kunlun Mishima Alliance, he also has a certain strength.
Such a force, Brigitte Joan, can’t see their eyes and minds, especially Wentao and Shushan Sword School, which makes Brigitte Joan more fearful.
People are always so good at scraping bones and curing poison.
But later, if you see sharpness and fear injury, you should guard against it.
Window before Brigitte Joan say that finish directly "Jin Xian don’t have to worry about this, then just say that I let the tsunami bring me here because I once saved the life of the tsunami. Jin Xian can’t shirk it, but it’s nothing to take it to me. It’s just to meet the first master in the fix-up world and want to talk to Xuan about a bright thing in Dongye."
Wentao felt a little embarrassed when she called Biqiong by Jin Xian.
But I don’t say much. Before I was amazed, I didn’t fight with Wentao in this respect. It was a question asking and occasionally arguing. The topic was also a certain thing.
Now I find out that Wentao really speaks badly, which makes people blocked up as hell and can’t say anything.
A seemingly casual change of address is much heavier than those harsh words.
"Oh …" I have something in my heart about all Brigitte Joan of Wentao, but my face is like a person who knows it. "It turns out that Dr. Wen is like a bright world in Dongye, and he is a different kind of person among the people who fix the truth. I know something about him. Dr. Wen is not as good as Lu. Let’s see if it can help."
Brigitte Joan also understood the embarrassment just now. Wentao smiled in his heart. Brigitte Joan is really a good opponent. If she really fights Brigitte Joan, she has a three-point chance of winning. This is still from the perspective of wits.
Even if there is a struggle with Yu Ting, the actual judgment in Wentao’s heart is four or six, and there are not many others who can reach half.
Just like Kunlun Wentao’s secret assessment of each other’s strength is ten to one, that is to say, the Kunlun faction is ten, but the Shuxin clinic is just one, and if you lead the Kunlun faction from Chunyang at present, it is only six to four, and your side is six Chunyang, and the Kunlun faction is four.
The most powerful and frightening thing about Kunlun Sect is not its apparent strength, but its bottomless background behind it.
Wentao doesn’t care about the topic, so it’s natural to move to Dongye Liangshen. Wentao flies away from Biqiong.
The speed of the two men is not too fast, that is, the flying speed of Du Jie in the later period is not necessary for the two men to use weapons, and there are small arrays around them
This time, it was Biqiong who arranged it. Although the law is still the general law of fixing the true boundary, it is really purer than fairy dust. Even if the black dragon comes, it is hard to see anything from it.
Along the way, the two will focus on the Middle East.
From Biqiong’s mouth, I learned that Xuan, the master of the hanging island, was a wonderful person. He knew that there were not many people. Even Biqiong, a middle school student, did not hide it and told Wentao directly.
Earlier in ancient times, there were not only intelligent monsters, spirit beasts, but also incarnate human beings, and even some dead things would achieve something.
At that time, even those who fix the truth became fine.
However, no matter how influenced by aura, those who have been said to be dead in ancient times can’t be refined
Some people say that it is because the aura and fairy spirit are no longer enough to make them change.
Gradually, the word "refinement" gradually disappeared, but it flowed to different times in the secular world. The word "refinement" became widespread, and even having spiritual beings to practice successfully was also called refinement.
And this mystery is likely to be a fine thing. Biqiong said that at this time, it is very likely.
Wen Tao asked if this was Biqiong’s explanation. At that time, the hanging island appeared at the latest, and Bibo Haitian appeared at the earliest, which was directly left by the old man of Bibo Haitian, then Black Dragon Island and finally the hanging island appeared.
At the beginning of the hanging island, there were several battles. At that time, in addition to Bibo Haitian and Black Dragon Island, there were many powerful forces who could fight with them.
At that time, Brigitte Joan figured out that there was a big killer, and they already had Bibi Haitian, so they didn’t let people take part in the competition, so that people could pay attention to the progress of things at that time, and the Black Dragon side was playing with a powerful opponent at that time and didn’t take part.
When his power was seen, the two sides were stronger, and they didn’t participate in the fight, which was even more illusory. At that time, shushan and overseas scattered repairs didn’t reach this level.
Although they can’t compete openly, they also secretly support some small and medium-sized sects to compete.
That battle was definitely not worse than the battle between Shushan and overseas islands a thousand years ago. At that time, the practitioners of the true were stronger, and the sects were more numerous and the fighting was more fierce.
After several battles, some sects temporarily occupied the main part of the island, so they wanted to take this opportunity to refine the island and then completely beat out all the forces with the help of the island. However, people who entered the island will soon have an accident, and they will inexplicably fight their own people and finally kill none.
Just because of the most crazy fight, everyone didn’t think much about it. As soon as something happened in the inner sect, other forces rushed to occupy it.
Then take a good position to resist the enemy outside.
But soon these people had another accident, and they finally felt something was wrong.
So we stopped, and finally there were a few influential people who agreed that there might be someone cheating. Let’s go in together and find out, and then we will divide who is taller and stronger, and the island will belong to whom.