Bai Xiaofei at this time instead of calm to know that hiding in the dark flower field will definitely succumb to sneak attack. He pretended to be delirious and groaned. Sure enough, he sensed a wave of distortion behind him-hum, these slaves come and go. It is these tricks that will come to Yin.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所, 桑拿夜网 Bai Xiaofei at this time instead of calm to know that hiding in the dark flower field will definitely succumb to sneak attack. He pretended to be delirious and groaned. Sure enough, he sensed a wave of distortion behind him-hum, these slaves come and go. It is these tricks that will come to Yin.

A sharp knife came out of it and stabbed Bai Xiaofei into Bai Xiaofei vest. The sharp knife plunged sideways into his scapula and got stuck there.
Hua Tian missed a knife and loosened his knife. However, he couldn’t come. Bai Xiaofei hit his chest with a backhand elbow. Hua Tian’s ribs were broken, and several pieces of blood were thrown in, mixed with dirt. Hua Tian was seriously injured!
Hua Tian shouted "Poison Ji! Go! "
Poison Ji knew it was not good, regardless of the fact that she was still fighting Xiao Pang and her stomach, and a ninja fog rose and her figure suddenly disappeared.
Hua Tian and Du Ji actually ran away!
Real since proficient in psionics and illusion Linglan, Blue Ocean both left, Huatian and Poison Ji had the opportunity to escape. They thought that if they could eliminate Bai Xiaofei and his party, it would be a great achievement-otherwise, because so many ninjas were killed, it would be bad for the enchanter Grey Taro to explain before, but if they killed Bai Xiaofei and his party, it would be fair to use their strength to kill Bai Xiaofei and his party.
But now Bai Xiaofei has obviously got rid of poison Ji’s monty dance and Hua Tian knows that if he doesn’t escape, there will be no chance. When he uses invisibility to pull poison Ji to flee desperately, he’d like to throw poison Ji away, but after the event, Enchanted Grey Taro will definitely settle accounts, and he has found that although the surface of poison Ji is deferential to Enchanted Grey Taro, he is not really loyal to him, otherwise he won’t compete for the fake decree.
Hua Tian and Du Ji are both dishonest and unjust people with ulterior motives. After they flee together, they may be able to make some shameful transactions in the future. It is only after thinking about Hua Tian that they actively help Du Ji escape.
Yu Xiaojia’s strong wind blew away poison Ji’s fog field, leaving Xiao Pang and stomach milk, and beating the ghost of heaven and dolphin. He was also trapped in Linglong and Lin Xinyi, but Hua Tian and poison Ji were not found.
Yu Xiaojia saw that Bai Xiaofei was covered with scars and limped over, waking up and saying, "Be careful of the stealth Japanese slave attack!"
Bai Xiaofei shook his head. "The stealth ninja was seriously injured by me and escaped. Unfortunately, he didn’t kill him and the poison Ji. We can find another chance again."
He took a glance at Xiao pang and his stomach milk, who were beaten black and blue. "The trouble now is to wake them up. There is something strange about the poisonous Ji dance. Although she escaped, Xiao pang and her stomach milk still have not returned to normal."
Yu Xiaojia said, "Don’t worry, just teach me about it."
Bai Xiaofei zheng "to you? This poisonous Ji dance is a kind of psychic attack on Yu Xiaojia. When will you also be psychic? "
Yu Xiaojia qiao face a red "this and mind can this is-oh, and you can’t tell you for sure. I’ll help you-that-fix it first."
Bai Xiaofei didn’t understand what Yu Xiaojia said. The word "fix" means that the pain in the body suddenly disappeared. He recovered as before. Bai Xiaofei suddenly realized that it was Yu Xiaojia who had tampered with her body. See, her ability to manipulate qi has improved again. Hell, she actually became Yu Xiaojia’s experimental mouse, but it was still the kind of place that she was ashamed to say.
Bai Xiaofei embarrassed tunnel "that Yu Xiaojia chubby and stomach milk to you, I’ll deal with ghosts and dolphins!"
Yu Xiaojia nodded and sat cross-legged again, concentrating on mobilizing Xiao Pang and gastric milk body oxygen. However, Xiao Pang and gastric milk skills are not worse than Bai Xiaofei. It is not a little bit less difficult. Yu Xiao Canon slowly exerts himself without being attacked.
Bai Xiaofei felt energetic after he recovered as a "normal" man-it’s not surprising to know that androgens can not only enhance people’s desires, but also greatly increase people’s agility and responsiveness. After Bai Xiaofei’s secretion "pipeline" was reopened, a large amount of accumulated androgens poured into his body, which naturally boosted his spirits.
Bai Xiaofei stretched out his hand and raised his broadsword at Linglong, Lin Xinyi and Little Monkey Sun. "Thank you for taking a rest. I’ll take care of these two slave chop suey."
Chapter 4 Good sharp knife
Exquisite nodded to hold the seriously injured Lin Xinyi flash to one side.
Tiangui and Dolphin Ghost know that they have been abandoned by Huatian and Poison Ji, but they have been educated by the Bushido of the Japanese slave locust country since childhood, but they still remain unchanged. Tiangui took a look at Dolphin Ghost and spun at high speed in situ, while Dolphin Ghost strode towards Bai Xiaofei and left a deep pit every step, which was obviously firepower.
Bai Xiaofei suddenly shook hands with the knife on the spot and looked coldly at the dolphin ghost. At this moment, he screamed like a high-speed spinning gyro, and the ghost was actually late and rushed to Bai Xiaofei first.
Bai Xiaofei, hey, the knife fell in one hand
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
What a quick knife!
Chop the ghost with one knife and fly without stopping, and continue to pounce on the dolphin ghost. The dolphin ghost was split in half before it arrived, and its eyes were already red. Both the dolphin ghost and the ghost are "cruel" among ninjas, that is, it is difficult for ordinary people to practice the secret method by damaging their bodies, so as to gain powerful abilities.
This kind of "cruel" mentality is somewhat abnormal, and it is not liked by ordinary ninjas and is seriously discriminated against. Heavenly ghosts and dolphin ghosts can hold a group to keep warm, and dolphin ghosts secretly have a dark love affair with female heavenly ghosts.
I didn’t expect my lover to be cut in half with a knife. The dolphin ghost howled and opened his hands to Bai Xiaofei without protection, trying to grab Bai Xiaofei and tear him into two or three ghosts for revenge.
Bai Xiaofei didn’t dodge the same knife and was greeted by a flash. A knife and a knife hit the dolphin ghost’s shoulder, but the dolphin ghost knife suddenly tightened its muscles when it entered the body. The male knife was even more stuck in his shoulder.
Bai Xiaofei abandoned the knife.
But instead of retreating, he greeted the dolphin ghost with his hands open and leaned gently into the dolphin ghost’s arms like a lover.
The dolphin ghost grinned and folded his arms. He wanted a death hug and squeezed Bai Xiaofei into a paste.
Bai Xiaofei raised his hand, and the sunshine flashed a touch of light at the fingertips. It was a gold needle!
The golden needle flashed into the dolphin ghost as thick as a tree trunk, and the right arm of the dolphin ghost suddenly lost consciousness and fell softly.
Bai Xiaofei’s fingers shot again and again, and this time he shot his left shoulder and left arm equally limp.
Then two gold needles shot the dolphin ghost’s ankle, and the dolphin ghost completely lost its balance, just like the same meat mountain fell to the ground and shook the dust.
Bai Xiaofei raised his foot and just stepped on his own foot. The dolphin ghost said to Linglong, "This guy killed several of your avatars. Do you want to kill him himself for revenge?"
Exquisite stare eyes way "ok Bai Xiaofei when you so much? Didn’t you take out this collar earlier and kill all the slaves? "
Bai Xiaofei spread out his hand. "Speaking of it, I have to thank Yu Xiaojia. I don’t know what hands and feet she moved in my body, which made me secrete a lot of androgens and played a similar short-term high physical fitness with golden acupuncture points."
Yu Xiaojia has controlled Xiao Pang and his stomach milk at this time and turned to say with smile, "Bai Xiaofei is flattering me. I let the androgen turn around and go to some other places"-this turn around is good. These androgens make men’s sperm brains, but now they are blocked by Yu Xiaojia’s little balloon, which should have gone to indecent places to be distributed to the human body. It seems that this androgen is good and has great beauty.
It’s not surprising that poison Ji learned from her ancestors’ great witchcraft, but how can she just do that lewd thing?
Every time the wizard family gets together to dance this magic dance, it is to promote racial reproduction and to prepare for a life-and-death war between enemies on all sides.
After the monty dance, the warriors of the Great Witch can glow more than ten times stronger than before, and the fighting capacity lasts for several months. How can poison Ji learn a little fur to understand?