Chapter 33 Taibai Jianzong Tan Check If


After the initial shock, Li Hongyu finally woke up and looked at Li Xuandao with contempt. He looked angry and his face was red with anger.
"Li Xuandao is crazy. Did you really win?"
Li Hongyu suddenly bit the tip of her tongue and her eyes turned scarlet.
His body aura by soaring thirty percent condensed right hand mercilessly toward Li Xuandao alongside of.seem..
Two people are so close that they don’t dodge.
Besides, Li Xuandao didn’t dodge.
A loud noise
Li Hongyu’s palm is a magic shield and can’t resist it.
But he tried to slap Li Xuandao’s face like a steel plate, which made his right hand numb.
"How is that possible?"
Li Hongyu recovered her right palm and Li Xuandao was unscathed.
Face wrapped in scales shines like diamonds.
"How can you know my power as an ant?"
Li Xuandao shook his head as if he had lost interest instantly.
Throw it casually
Li Hongyu crossed an arc and broke more than ten towering trees, bloody and violent death on the spot.
"Let’s run!"
"Even the elders are no match. Are we?"
Six guards looked terrible and threw their hands at the scales and turned to escape.
Li Xuandao casually kicked six stones and flew away.
Six guards who had fled far away screamed and burst into a cloud of blood fog and fell to the ground dead.
Until now, Li Xuandao squatted and took out Dahuandan to be swallowed by the woman.
He didn’t look back as if nothing had happened just now.
"Are you … a person or a demon?"
Although the woman swallowed Dahuandan, it will take some time to recover.
"If I am a demon, how can I let you live?"
Li Xuandao face a black look bad.
He hates it when people ask him whether he is a man or a demon, and he doesn’t know how to answer it.
A sudden female heart hurriedly shut up.
But her good eyes can’t help but look at Li Xuandao.
After half a day.
The horrible wound on the female chest has healed completely without leaving a scar.
Although her strength has not been fully recovered, she has been able to walk easily and her actions are hindered.
"Thank you, Brother. If it weren’t for Brother, I’m afraid I would have died here."
The woman took out a skirt from Gankun Ring and did not shy away from changing it directly in front of Li Xuandao.
Anyway, her body has been seen by Li Xuandao for a long time, and two people have already had skin. It won’t lose anything to be seen by Li Xuandao.
Li Xuandao touched himself and said with a smile, "If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t get what I want so easily."
"Introduce myself-I am Tan Zhiruo, the younger brother of Taibai Jianzong"
The woman waved her hand and put a purple sword in the neck of the dragon and tiger beast. If it flies fast, it will flash off her palm. "This purple sword is a magic weapon, far from your mortal weapon. I will send you this flying sword as a gift for saving me."
This sword is full of purple.
Little Jianfeng doesn’t know how many spiritual lines are engraved, and the light is dazzling.
And tan check if you can rely on purple sword to hit the senior monster beast, dragon and tiger beast, which is obviously extremely powerful.
If ordinary fighters meet a flying sword, they will be ecstatic and treasure it, but Tan Zhiruo is not an ordinary fighter in front of him, but the Emperor Sword who cracks the dome horizontally!
Li Xuandao root don’t look at the purple sword but stroking hand mark broken arrow light way "a yellow order garbage! Although my hand broken arrow is not purple sword for the time being, sooner or later it will surpass all flying swords and megatron. "
Buzz, buzz!
Mark broken arrow imitation if feel Li Xuandao determination to send out a cheerful sword.
"Li Xuandao you …"
Tan zhi ruo qi Jie
She wanted to give Li Xuandao some help, but instead of being ungrateful, Li Xuandao laughed!
She’s too arrogant. Has she ever suffered such humiliation?
However, she hesitated and took out a token from Gankun Ring. "This is Taibai. Please accept it first. If you encounter any trouble, I will help you once."
Li Xuandao too lazy to wordy will token in dry kunjie.
It was not until Tan Zhiruo left with the body of the dragon and tiger beast that he took the Taibai Order out and threw it away.
What joke?
Will he ask for help when he opens the sword to crack the dome?
Li Xuandao tidy up going to find a place to African refining first.
But when he did the math, he found that Li Family Gate was about to be called.
"It’s not too late to go back to the Li family and seize the less theme before refining the African Union."
Li Xuandao returns directly according to the route of arrival.
Because he was stained with the blood of the iron wire, he went all the way smoothly and did not meet the monster beast.
Finally, he returned to Lin ‘an City at midnight.
Before I entered the city, I saw a familiar sound hovering at the gate of the city.
"Li Duanqi, what are you doing here at midnight?"
Li Xuandao frowned and asked.
"Seven elder brothers, my seven elder brothers, you finally came back."
Li Duanqi rushed to complain, "Do you know that I’ve been looking for you almost crazy? Where have you been these ten days?"
"I practice in the wild mountains these days."
Li Xuandao smiled and took Li Duanqi’s shoulder and said, "Let’s go to the advanced city and talk to you when we get home. Besides, I have some gifts to give you."
Li Duanqi left Li Xuandao’s arm with a full face of anxiety. "Seven elder brothers, you can’t return to the city yet."
"What’s the matter? What happened?"
Li Xuandao glaring asked.