Compared with the overwhelming former warships, it is actually not easy to break through the fire eye. This kind of violent destruction is the real threat to doomsday walkers.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 Compared with the overwhelming former warships, it is actually not easy to break through the fire eye. This kind of violent destruction is the real threat to doomsday walkers.

If you give it some time, it can kill gruer seven one by one
The problem is that they always kill.
Fine moves can be said. gruer is a fist.
It’s not a simple punch. It’s like a battleship crashing into the house.
It’s not just the collapse of the outer wall, it’s just that the whole building will be smashed to pieces.
In the face of an opponent who has power over himself, the Doomsday Walker counterattack program tells it that it can’t be hard-jointed. Unfortunately, the other five entanglements finally make it hit the key.
Thick chest armor was badly deformed and deeply dented in an instant. At least five or six meters later, gruer pulled his hands unreasonably, and the absolute terrorist force abruptly tore the breastplate of Doomsday Walker to reveal the power furnace with dazzling green light.
"Ha ha ha!" Gruer laughed wildly and hit it with a fist.
Duke, from the far podium, has lost his call, "Wait!"
It’s a pity that for Golon, there is a word mang in their battle dictionary!
It’s rude to the enemy!
I’m so stupid that I’m crazy. I don’t care if I wear the whole world.
At this moment, the doomsday walker seems to have made a decision, and his huge body sends out bursts that sound rather shrill.
In the chest, the evil energy, the magic flame and the power furnace are getting brighter and brighter.
This light reminds Duke of a very bad thing.
"sal! Let gruer run! Beware of self-explosion! "
Salling echoed in gruer’s ear through magic message.
However, a little irrational, gruer hit the surprisingly bright power furnace with one fist, as if it would collapse at any time.
About a few seconds later, a bright green mushroom cloud rose in the direction of the main entrance of the Dark Temple.
Sal … Stunned!
I always told you to kill your opponent, but I didn’t ask you to deliver the head!
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"No, no, no!" Sal, who stood beside Duke, made no secret of his concern for gruer, the dragon slayer.
Nowadays, tribal science and technology has lagged behind the alliance for a whole generation. If there is no such special power as professionals, if the alliance fights with the tribe, it will be like modern people beating primitive people.
The backwardness of science and technology cannot be solved by catching up.
Sal thought hard, and he sadly found that tribal backwardness is the orientation, but everything is short of talents, funds, technology and scientists.
But what is really lacking is a leader with super forward-looking vision.
To make a decision as a leader is to avoid responsibility.
Every day, guys come to Sal, hoping to get tribal support and invest money, manpower and material resources to study a new technology.
Sal was depressed because he found out that most goblins were trying to cheat money, Northrend rubber planting plan and barren shaved ice production line. Sal kicked people out and later saw that it was too much and killed them directly.
That’s what makes those people crazy and fine.
It turned out that this was an unreliable elite tribe. Later, spy snooped and found that there was a similar situation in the alliance. The "High-tech Development Bureau" led by Grbin, a great craftsman, tried more than one application from different races or research every week, and less than one percent of them were handed over to Duke for decision.
Duke can often finish approving these applications in half a day, and sometimes even read all the screened applications.
It’s time to get out of here, and it’s time to kill and cheat and hang on the spot, and those who are recognized by Duke will often become alliance new technology leaders after Duke himself said or revised his plan and made some efforts to study them.
Not once and a half, almost every time.
King Terenas has been the leader of the alliance for fifteen years, but he still doesn’t think that the alliance technology has exploded in the past nine years under Duke’s administration.
Sal doesn’t want to admit it, and he must admit that the whole tribe can’t find a leader like Duke who can’t take a detour and go straight to the point. He also hopes that the tribe can produce such a genius. If he has it, he is willing to be a big chief.
Unfortunately not.
In his life, it seems that Fa led the tribe beyond the alliance, which makes him even more sad. What makes Duke incredibly promoted the demigod theory to immortality.
How can the tribe play happily?
Well, since the law and technology are beyond, then you have your technology and I will take my mysterious road!
Golon, a powerful creature at the top of the food chain in his hometown world, joining the tribe is definitely another form of transcendence over the alliance.
Throughout the alliance, unless the dragon is formally included, the alliance can’t find a more powerful intelligent creature than Golon.
Now gruer is directly swallowed up by the explosion. Do you want Sal to be worried?
"shout! Gruer is no big deal. "Duke sighed and felt a little malicious from the bottom of his heart. He hoped that gruer would die with Doomsday Walker, but unfortunately not.
Gruer’s injury in the unified display is only [creation]
Gruer, the guy who blew up the sky, deserves to be ranked bss in the game burning expedition. It’s another day of’ nuclear draw’. gruer actually didn’t die
He only had a pair of big claws to protect his head, and that tribe was specialized in building armor. His rock-like skin abruptly supported this kind of big bang, even if it was the Five Saints of Silver.
Gruer was very embarrassed. A thick steel armor melted into a paste-like, black, black, green and green molten substance. Fortunately, he had no hair, otherwise he would definitely be baked into a strange color with green in black like his epidermal rock skin.
After the smoke fell, gruer sat down a little self-effacing and gasped, and then looked at the doomsday walker with a broken bust or two legs to be exact. He issued a heroic laugh "ha ha ha ha ha"
Laughing with anger, the outer wall of the dark temple building, which was also damaged by explosion, collapsed.
Duke waved "Cover gruer!"
The half-flying fleet suddenly split in two, accompanied by severe hull vibration, and the impressive continuous guns rang again.
After a few breaths, almost all the western facades of the U-shaped dark temple complex were taken care of by gunfire.
"attack!" In no particular order, Sal and Varian reached the attack order at the same time.
The northern line of the tribe attacked the Atama platform alliance and the southern line attacked the ruins of Carrapo. These two giant buildings are two fortresses guarding the dark temple. If you want to attack the dark temple, you must take them.
These two buildings have been abandoned. In response to the allied attack, the Illidari Parliament has attracted a large number of demon guards
It seems that the flood quickly moved to expose the wet ground. First of all, diesel tanks took the lead in launching an impact while advancing towards these two places without ceasing fire.
Then, one by one, driving a huge inclined plane steel frame bridge engineering vehicle, which is composed of human beings and dwarves. Under the cover of musketeers and skirmishers, they quickly approach the platform and the edge of the ruins. It takes only five minutes for the engineering vehicle to rotate the mechanical arm to build fifteen huge slopes with a width of more than five meters in the north and south. The rough inclined plane allows people to rush to the ruins and platforms along this slope with an included angle of three degrees with the ground.
"Holy light name!"
"the alliance!"
Different races, different languages, and all kinds of shouting and killing make up waves, which sweep like a tide to the dark temple. Rao is the wave that washes away the dark green wall, and the aftermath still shakes everyone’s eardrums several kilometers away.
Tens of thousands of soldiers formed a crowd and swept across most of the land in front of the dark temple. Tens of thousands of soldiers covered the vast scene of tanks attacking, which has been expressed in the language of this era.
They launched a charge with high morale. Even if their enemy is a demon army with bigger size and more terrible strength, they are confident to destroy all resistance in their way.
Duke smiled when he saw the allied forces attacking, and the magic message said, "It’s your turn for my little maid."
"white!" Vaschi smiled charmingly.
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In the face of high-ranking enemies, low-ranking soldiers can be said to be extremely resistant.
Does that mean that low-ranking soldiers are worthless?
The answer is no!
Low-rank soldiers may be a kind of consumption in the eyes of many commanders, but without low-rank combat experience, there will be no sublimation to high rank.
Moreover, the wide-area killing of the strong is not limited to making the enemy look cool in an area as large as clearing ten football fields.
From the efficiency point of view, this is simply a wave that maximizes energy.
It doesn’t matter if the limited energy can be squandered.
In fact, in most cases, both the magic and evil energy of elements are limited. Generally speaking, the limit of the strong is more awesome, that is, the battlefield is not enough to bear the limit of the strong, such as Sargeras.