If Uncle Jiu hadn’t found out that Anthony Soong would have become a ghost even at a young age.

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室桑拿会所 If Uncle Jiu hadn’t found out that Anthony Soong would have become a ghost even at a young age.

Compared with Nie Xiaoqian, Dong Xiaoyu’s love is a bit too pit.
If it weren’t for Anthony wong’s good teacher, Dong Xiaoyu would have been pestering Anthony wong to turn him into a ghost.
In the plot, Anthony wong’s sun be the spirit was greatly damaged, and Dong Xiaoyu’s spectre identity was exposed and he was beaten away once by his uncle, but after Dong Xiaoyu found Yizhuang, he wanted to continue to pester Anthony wong.
It can be seen that she doesn’t mind Anthony wong doing ghosts with her.
Finally, she was willing to retreat, and it was also when Jiu Shu was going to kill her that Anthony wong interceded to protect her.
Dong Xiaoyu Bai has nine uncles, so she can’t treat Anthony wong as she pleases.
Never overestimate the integrity of the spectre and never fantasize about the humanity of the spectre.
Dong Xiaoyu is more sensible than other spectres at most.
God, this incarnate zombie king knows a lot about those monsters.
"What’s wrong with him staying with me after he becomes a ghost?"
Dong Xiaoyu really doesn’t mind turning Anthony wong into a ghost as he thinks. After hearing the story, she said it as a matter of course.
"People and ghosts are different. You should give up this idea before it’s too late."
The day warned one
Although Dong Xiaoyu is a spectre, he has no karma in his body. He is willing to talk nonsense. It is precisely because of this that Jiu Shu will plead for Dong Xiaoyu in the original plot.
But if Dong Xiaoyu doesn’t know how to advance and retreat, he won’t be polite.
Dong Xiaoyu has been reasoning with her every day, but she is not afraid of the day. When she hears the warning from the day, she coldly said, "This is my fate with Anthony wong. Don’t mind your own business."
When the eyes are cold, "I don’t know how to live or die."
Said the day stand hand directly Dong Xiaoyu received the palm.
He is willing to reason with Dong Xiaoyu. That is because he is reserved for the strong and tolerant for the weak. But is it because his fist is not hard that Dong Xiaoyu is so hesitant?
Dong Xiaoyu root didn’t react and was received by the sky. Then she found that the palm of her hand really turned into a weak female exile.
She immediately recognized the cowardice and begged for help.
"Master forgive! My daughter is wrong! "
"Since you don’t want to behave yourself, I will arrest you and set you free after ten years."
God told us the result of handling Dong Xiaoyu.
Ten years later, if Dong Xiaoyu still insists on looking for Anthony wong, it won’t matter that day.
It’s really a shame that Uncle Qiu’s apprentice Anthony wong still can’t cope with a spectre after ten years.
Behind the scenes, the figure flashed back to the everything room.
Later, he sealed Dong Xiaoyu’s everything room, and the scope of Dong Xiaoyu’s activities in an oil-paper umbrella was also limited by him.
In the plot of "Mr. Zombie", the old man didn’t play Mo Dou at the bottom of the coffin. Later, he broke the coffin himself.
But this time, after waking up in the morning, Wen Cai and Anthony wong played the Mo Dou line at the bottom of the old man’s coffin
Even if the old man becomes a zombie, it is impossible for him to get out of the coffin on his own.
Although the old man in the coffin tried his best to blame him, he couldn’t rush out of the coffin with his ability
There was a tall figure beside the coffin.
Nine uncle and literary talent didn’t find the dark man appeared.
In secret, people saw that the old man couldn’t break the coffin, put his hand on the coffin lid and pushed it directly.
The coffin turned into a zombie, and the old man has recovered his activity ability at the moment.
Seeing someone outside the coffin become a zombie, the old man wanted to come and suck blood at the first time
The dark man took no time to shove a sheep into the old man’s mouth.
The old man bit the sheep’s neck.
"Suck it. When you have strength, suck your son’s blood and your granddaughter’s blood."
The secret person looked at the old man and smiled with satisfaction, and then the figure flashed away from Yizhuang.
On whether the secret person or the old man intentionally didn’t make a noise, Uncle Jiu and Wen Caigen in Zhuangli didn’t realize that the zombie was out of the coffin.
Everything in Gantian Town suddenly opened its eyes and face in time to reveal a surprised color "Lei Gang? It’s him who does things in the graveyard. "
God, the incarnation of the zombie king is cursed by knowledge, cursed by fate, with god and power, and deliberately noted the old man.
Old man Yizhuang knew what had happened the day after tomorrow.