Unified demonstration (unified activation of the odd-level "Heaven and Earth Righteousness Tactics"

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室品茶论坛 Unified demonstration (unified activation of the odd-level "Heaven and Earth Righteousness Tactics"

Consume one vital energy slot and all the anger slots to release the strange meaning skills-the effect of "Heaven and Earth have vital energy" commands the vital energy to shock all evils. Effective range All map areas have good feelings and "worship" areas)
When Fang Ning listened to the appearance of the unified display, he saw that the chivalrous Ankylosaurus body was shocked and the white spirit of the dragon was lingering and the dragons appeared.
This dragon-shaped white gas then went up into the sky and spread everywhere.
In an instant, the earth shook, the mountains and rivers changed color, the people stopped, and white gas roared out from the crowd settlement.
Jicheng, Jicheng … The whole China is boiling, and everyone’s heart suddenly shakes like something has left in vitro.
At this time, Chivalrous Man A’s head is wandering like a dragon, and the whole day has been covered with white gas, and even the sun can’t be transmitted.
He gazed at the black-robed man like a god.
Wisdom difficult before finally put a smile at knight-errant armour.
Later, he nodded "Gee" and praised "I am the first fiend in the promised land, and my humble strength can inspire the righteousness of heaven and earth to echo such momentum, which is unprecedented even in the world."
"talk big!" Chivalrous armor heard the dragon’s eyes stare at the dragon’s body and then shook the road. White spirit fell from the sky like a sharp arrow and a migratory locust and shot at the intellectual difficulty.
The goal is not to be a wise man, but to be three feet away from his present position.
Several white arrows rushed through like a gust.
However, the wise man is like a breeze, and his body does not move. It seems that he has not been affected at all.
"It’s really a sin for Fang benefactor to move his mind again." Zhi Nan shook his head and sighed.
"Damn it, it’s so difficult to fix it." Uncle Tong was very annoyed. "Wave me so many vital qi slots! The richest man, you can’t … "
Fang Ning mused, "Wait."
Later on, when I smile, I suddenly face a change, and when I smile and close, a black robe looms with white light.
And his Pingping Zhang face is disillusioned.
A handsome young man emerged with fine features and a hint of sadness in his face.
"Damn you, you’re not dead! The righteousness of heaven and earth here can actually lead you out! " Wisdom difficult cold tone low said, there is no former pride.
He wants to retreat from the void when his hands are folded.
But this time, his moving back and forth technique failed, and the whole person seemed to be decided.
"Hey, rich man, you are too powerful." Grandpa Tong was ecstatic. "This guy is pure black!"
What? Fang Ning heard the horror that his horrible conjecture was really true, and this intellectual goal was really too big to imagine!
And then a three-headed dragon suddenly appeared.
Three pieces of blue, red and purple
In an instant, a dragon head Excalibur Huo Ran takes shape!
Then several white gas fell from the sky and haunted the dragon head Excalibur, and suddenly it was difficult to wear it in the past!
"Hateful saint is still out of season!" Wisdom is hard to roar, make a desperate effort, move slightly, and a jet of black gas rushes out of his crown and disappears in a flash.
In a flash, the Excalibur broke through the body and then it broke inch by inch!
The mentally challenged body is as tough as King Kong!