Rowling said to this, keep working hard.


Yu Long’s face was full of nai, but he continued to practice every day, except for eating and sleeping for a few hours. Almost all the time he practiced.
It was not until two months later that Yu Long aroused all the fire powers in his body, and then the fire bite tactic was transformed. With the previous experience, the transformation became smoother, but the pain was not alleviated at all. Fortunately, he has now condensed his mind and strengthened his endurance.
The whole conversion process took half a month.
At this time, his purple fire has turned into purple gold.
Yu Long heart fierce move consternation asked "Rowling, what’s going on? What turned purple and gold and I felt it was much more difficult to operate? " Obviously, the latter question is the key point.
"Yes, it is this state!" Rowling’s voice contains a little excitement. "Master, that’s it. Your body power has been transformed by fire. Your fire power has become stronger and stronger. What’s more, you need to communicate with it again and establish a new problem connection …"
"Oh!" Yu Long nodded and said, "I see …"
Said Yu Long then sink to control his mind slowly contact with the wisp of Zijin Tianyan.
Soon his mind successfully entered Zijin Tianyan Longyu and licked his mouth excitedly, continuing to increase his mental perception and trying to control it.
However, just when Yu Long wanted to control it, the wisp of Zijin Tianyan turned out to be a self-energy-like resistance
Control failure
Yu Long leng leng immediately frowned.
Hesitated a little, once again, his mind and body became more and more central, and his perception of God was constantly strengthened, constantly testing the bottom line that Zijin Tianyan resisted.
Although Zijin Tianyan is quite tough, Yu Long is not worried that it is transformed from his own body power.
After all, it is a part of your body.
All Yu Long is confident that it will be controlled slowly.
The mind continued to strengthen. Just when Yu Long was sweating, the Zijin Tianyan defense line collapsed. Long Yuxin’s divine power suddenly trembled and then flooded into the flame and quickly took control of it.
Beware that after the divine power successfully controlled Zijin Tianyan, Long Yu suddenly shivered. In an instant, he became a fire man, and a powerful breath spread out from his whole body. At that moment, Long Yu felt that his body was full of strength.
The intense pleasure made Yu Long tremble again, and a faint flame passed in his dark eyes.
Long Yu breathed a sigh of relief, his right hand was gradually grasped, and then he stretched out his hand and suddenly launched a palm. Suddenly, a purple and gold day flashed to the big rock not far in front.
"Boom!" With a loud noise, the big rock was smashed into dust by Zijin Tianyan and then disappeared at that high temperature.
Some shocked and looked at the place where he attacked before. Yu Long took a deep breath after a long time, and there was some trembling in the voice. "It’s amazing …"
"Congratulations, master!" Rowling said, "It is the ultimate goal of all fire powers to cultivate purple gold and celestial inflammation, but I don’t think anyone else in this world can cultivate it."
"This is?" Yu Long was a little surprised.
"Master, not everyone is lucky to get the dragon jingxie of life … and the phoenix jingxie of Wuqinxi …" Rowling said, "Your success is accidental and inevitable, but those things are quite a few."
"Yes, the dragon blood of life … and the chicken blood of Wuqinxi … these three roots can’t appear in the same person again." Yu Long’s mouth was a little proud. "It seems that I am lucky!"
Economists might as well guess what Rowling is doing now. I know you can’t guess. Hey, hey!
The fifth chapter seventy-three Poem Yin pay Jiuding repair
You just found out? "Rowling laughed." Master, you can’t be proud. Calculating your physical abilities is equivalent to Jiuding Xiu, but your Tao power is still one level short. You still have to work hard. Jiuding Xiu is the real strong one in the mysterious realm. You are still far from it? "
"Jiuding?" Yu Long asked, "Do you know the realm of Jiuding Xiu?"
"hmm!" Rowling nodded. "I only picked up the information in recent days. Let me tell you this, the monks in the mysterious realm are just a group of ants in the eyes of the real strong."
"Do you mean that the strong are the masters of the five worlds?" Yu Long asked.
"No!" Rowling explained, "The five realms of heaven and earth are enemies and eternity in the mysterious realm. In fact, they are with Jiuding monks and some are the real rulers of the mysterious realm in ancient times … They are called witches."
"Witch?" Long Yu was slightly surprised and asked, "I’ve also heard Wu say that it was a group of people who practiced in ancient times." Are they really there? "
"hmm!" Rowling nodded and said, "In the era of the universe, Wu Zai has also been researched, and the final conclusion is that they really lived on the earth. They are different from the monks who later appeared. Monks pay attention to heaven, collect the essence of heaven, earth, sun and moon, so as to cultivate great magical powers, while witches advocate body conciseness to obtain great magical powers, and emphasize strength to prove heaven … These are two completely different monastic bodies and races … At the beginning, the gas refiners encountered fighters’ suppression and slaughter at the first time after entering the mysterious realm, and then five unknown people came to the Great God. The experts joined hands to seal the sorcerer, which laid the foundation for the refined monk and the monk to be in the mysterious position. These five people were the later five heaven and earth masters, and now the disappearance of the five heaven and earth masters has gradually weakened the power of sealing the sorcerer. According to my analysis, in the near future, the sorcerer will break the seal and appear in the mysterious position, when a new round of conflict between the sorcerer and the monk will be inevitable … "
After listening to Rowling’s explanation that Yu Long secretly frowned, it was a wave of unrest, and things got worse.
"Master, according to the information I received, the number of witches is small, but they are still in the dominant position with little strength … If the monks in the mysterious realm have not really risen in recent years, the situation is not optimistic," Rowling said
Yu Long seems to think of something: "I don’t think those witches are necessarily the aborigines in the mysterious realm. Isn’t there a large number of aborigines in these five worlds?"
"You are wrong. Those roots are not aborigines. They are just the products of the marriage between witches and ordinary people in ancient times …" Rowling said, "Their blood contains the essence and blood of witches. They are naturally cultivated by three pots. Unfortunately, their blood is not pure, and it is not as good as it is now."
"Rowling, according to you, the mysterious realm is about to face a crisis?" Yu Long asked.
"Not only the mysterious realm!" Rowling said worriedly, "According to our analysis, it is speculated that some powerful witches can directly break through the barrier and go to the real world. In ancient times, witches married ordinary people, which is the real world people they captured …"
Yu Long breath "that is what kind of power ….."
"Master Jiuding has four realms of emperor, and each realm is divided into three different realms: initial stage, middle stage and high stage. I said that the fighters who can directly break through the barrier have the power of emperor’s realm, which is different from the five-party heaven and earth." Rowling said.
"Rowling told me how sure you are of your analysis and speculation?" Yu Long asked.
"Six points!" Rowling said seriously
Yu Long sighed faintly. "It seems that things are far more complicated than we thought before … Rowling, what should we do now?"
"I want you to fix it!" Rowling said, "What you should do now is to practice hard and constantly improve your strength. Only when you have strong strength can you survive the future crisis."
Yu Long nodded seriously.
For several days, Ma Zhengfeng and Iron Wolf Wen Yuetian were full of energy. With those panaceas, they attracted heaven and soon pulled up a team of about 100 people.
Yu Long wondered whether he should tell them about the witch or not.