Who let him a strength so strong, so powerful base rose many times, far beyond his creatures again?

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室约茶品茶工作室 Who let him a strength so strong, so powerful base rose many times, far beyond his creatures again?

And the former western fantasy world, now the western regions and the northern regions, now the northern regions have the rank of emperor, and they are still blessed by the complete heaven.
The strongest elf clan from the western regions has also become the main elf emperor of the western regions. This elf emperor is not the winged little creatures in many people’s eyes, but a very powerful life.
What can make an emperor? That’s the Elves. They are peace-loving and positive, and their strength has reached the standard. So if they don’t choose him, they can’t afford to bring those ordinary creatures.
In the northern domain, that is, an emperor-level god became the emperor of the northern domain
So here comes the question
Now the middle domain occupies the best position. After all, it can be regarded as the core area. Although the aura is not full, it is getting better and better.
This will become more true as time goes by.
The post-middle domain is not a so-called small and advanced world, but a complete integration into the world of the universe. What is even more frightening is that the territory area of the middle domain has increased a lot, but the number of creatures is relatively small.
Not only that, but most creatures are relatively weak, and those creatures with martial arts level still occupy the vast majority.
It’s far from the so-called level that Wu Zun is inferior to dogs everywhere.
This is true even in China, the core region of China.
And these creatures are weak in number and strength.
Then the position in the middle domain can get the merits of heaven and earth, and more people will speak enough to raise an ordinary person to the level of a military commander
It is not a dream that everyone can achieve the level of military commanders. Of course, this bonus period will not last long, and after a period of time, a large-scale outbreak will lead to fatigue.
Then we’ll see if it will flourish or decline or spend it smoothly. It depends on luck.
Then on the surface, the middle domain occupies the best place and its strength is the weakest.
Even Yang Guang, the strongest man in the face, is a great emperor. After all, one of his many emperor eyes has just risen to junior Emperor Wu.
So even if he is the domain master, even if he gets a lot of gifts from heaven, that is, an emperor level supports the emperor level and the possibility is very small
But they don’t know that Yang Guang is the dominant level.
And one is the dominant level. Now he has gained a lot of merits and gifts from heaven and earth, but it is not as huge as he thought.
This should be the reason why the gap between his dominant level and a realm is too big.
Can you know that Yang Guang is the dominant emperor boss? Maybe feng du Emperor Jun and Mo Dao are a little guessing that Yang Guang is very strong, but it is far from possible to guess that it is the so-called dominant level.
And is there any other emperor in the whole territory?
That is to say, this is equivalent to Xiangbo releasing four hungry big men. Can you not be coveted?
By his four-domain emperor-level bosses, the emperor-level strong men led the threat to Zhong-domain security.
Invasion domain
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-one Interests
"Want to come to our domain to do things? That depends on whether they have such a thing. "Yang guang learned from Modaokou that it was not too flustered.
Even a little want to laugh.
Real even mo Tao didn’t say this thing Yang Guang is not very interested.
This is the strength, the heart does not panic.
But the feng du emperor also came to Zhongyu, so he might be a little careless.
The other party is Yang Guang, who is not familiar with the emperor level. More importantly, Yang Guang also plans to send his master Wu Tian’s remnant soul into reincarnation by means of the reincarnation of hell.
You don’t need reincarnation, because you don’t need to be resurrected in Wu day, but another "irrelevant" life.
Can’t we be reincarnated if there is no hell?
It’s not true that Yang Guang’s so-called reincarnation environment has this ability. If he constructs a reincarnation channel, it’s too uneconomical not to say that it also conflicts with the functions of hell.
After all, the large reincarnation channel is not a strong one, and it is necessary to have those "workers" in the hell.
Yang guang, as a shell company, is not much.
On the contrary, it may reduce his weight.
Against the sky?
Yang guang, why do you want to go against the sky? He’s not the hero in some Xianxia novels.
It’s not bad to be sunny.
God didn’t make any mistakes. At the very least, Yang Guang can have a ready-made gold finger, which is a great contribution, but God is equal to Heaven and has made great efforts.
Their own efforts are insignificant.
But Yang Guang also informed Liu Qingshan and Li Liushui after knowing the news before.