For Wei Zheng, whether the mushroom valley is safe at this moment means whether the tiger and leopard army can take fierce revenge or not. Fortunately, it means whether the tiger and leopard army can continue to live in Zunhua

上海419论坛,上海龙凤花千坊,夜上海论坛,上海品茶工作室喝茶品茶联系方式 For Wei Zheng, whether the mushroom valley is safe at this moment means whether the tiger and leopard army can take fierce revenge or not. Fortunately, it means whether the tiger and leopard army can continue to live in Zunhua

Kelly Y Zhou just finished Wei Zheng and asked eagerly.
"The result of the battle? Did Wang Feng stop the attack of the Tatar cavalry …"
Kelly Y Zhou quickly replied, "It not only blocked but also won … The three-door medium-sized Falangji artillery battalion of Wangying, Wang Feng, lost more than 30 bodies and retreated awkwardly after only one round of shooting …"
"When the remaining Tatars saw the artillery in the hands of battalion commander Wang, they voluntarily gave up attacking Mushroom Valley, but when they retreated, they still left 50 cavalry around Mushroom Valley to monitor our every move."
I heard that Weizheng breathed a sigh of relief and a weak smile at the same time immediately emerged in front of the face. Kelly Y Zhou sighed with a face of nai. "Even the medium-sized Buddha Lang machine artillery moved. I don’t know that we are the culprit in defending the mushroom valley …"
Kelly Y Zhou’s brow wrinkled, and he was sober-minded even though he had never passed such a life-and-death test. Suddenly, he became confused.
As a last resort, Wei Zheng put his hopes in front of him and asked eagerly, "General, since our identity has been exposed, what should we do next …"
"Enemies will have means to resist …" Wei Zheng said such a sentence without thinking.
Then he said with a heavy tone, "I didn’t expect that the Dalai Lama would come so soon. We have already found out that we are now worthy of being an excellent hunter coming out of the mountains. The sense of smell is really not as keen as usual."
Speaking of which, Wei Zheng’s tight frown is deeper, and he said to himself.
"This time we are about to face the main force of Tatar, not a small force, and the mushroom-rich city wall has not been built, which will not protect us much."
"The melee troops, that is, the pike battalion, will not be slaughtered by the Tatar archers. Our own remote attack force, that is, the musket battalion and the artillery battalion, must play the leading role in this upcoming battle."
With that, Wei Zheng has turned his attention to Zhou Yuanshen with a face of expectation and asked, "How about the training of the musket camp of the military division? It’s been half a month. Is there any ability to carry out World War I …"
To hand-picked and trained musket camp in Kelly Y Zhou, or frowning tightly, the horse stretched out to face Weizheng with a confident report.
"I personally selected the musketeers in the general musketeers camp, and they are all musketeers who have been in the battlefield in the official army. We need to train them, that is, the team general. You formulate a’ three-stage’ shooting method."
"After half a month’s training, the musketeer battalion has been ready for World War I, but when I say fighting, I only mean winning the battle. Once we have lost the battle, these musketeers who have not finished returning to their homes will definitely collapse in the battlefield rather than surrender to the Tatars directly and continue to be prisoners."
"In addition to the fact that the soldiers have not yet returned to their hearts and have not yet finished their sense of identity with the Tiger and Leopard Army, it is impossible to achieve the battlefield. Besides the hard work of our Tiger and Leopard Army, there is still a problem in the musket camp, that is, the equipment is not enough. Up to now, nearly half of the soldiers have carried out training methods with unqualified matchlock guns."
The musket camp can provide an extra layer of protection in the battlefield. Zhou Yuan is worried about the equipment problem, and he is not at ease after the defense.
Because of its continuous improvement, the weapon factory has been able to continuously equip and ammunition the musket battalion with 15 muskets and 1,500 rounds of mini-bombs per day.
After a long sigh of relief, Kelly Y Zhou affirmed in front of him, "You don’t worry about the equipment problem. The current production capacity of the weapon factory can meet the needs of the musket camp."
"Just now, the weapon factory has assembled 50 new matchsticks and 5,000 rounds of mini bombs. You know, this new matchstick can reach twice the range and power of the old matchstick."
"In order to make better use of these new musketeers, you should go back to the musketeer camp and select 50 musketeers with the best marksmanship, who are specially equipped with these new musketeers. In addition, I will bring out 500 rounds of customized mini bombs to train these 50 musketeers. We must master our own new musketeers produced by the Tiger and Leopard Army before dawn."
Looking at the front, the more you say, the more confident you are. Wei Zheng Kelly Y Zhou looked incredulous and asked, "General, are you sure you are not wrong? We really made a new matchlock gun with twice the power …"
"Of course, I dare not lie to you about such a big thing …" Weizheng said confidently.
On the surface, there is no change in the matchlock gun produced by Tiger and Leopard Army itself, but the barrel strength produced by Tiger and Leopard Army is several times higher than that of the army due to the change of gun control technology.
There is absolutely no problem in doubling the power of the matchlock gun when it comes out before the mini bomb is loaded.
Compared with Wei Zheng’s confident face, Kelly Y Zhou’s face was quickly covered with excitement and shouted, "Great! If we are really equipped with such a powerful matchlock gun, the Tatar archers will never threaten us and cause us harm."
Weizheng nodded his head as a recognition, then confident facial expression was replaced by seriousness again and continued to order
"On the other hand, early in the morning, you and I will lead the musket battalion and enough ammunition to the mushroom valley to prepare for the fight. The white flag of Tatar may launch a retaliatory attack on us. We will leave it to Zhao Yingchang’s cavalry battalion to take care of it. After all, the cavalry battalion will train the root method to form combat effectiveness in a few months."
"General, please rest assured that my horse will arrange to send troops to Mushroom Valley early in the morning …"
Chapter 56 Will this do? (for collection! )
The wall of Mushroom Valley is full of people, and pieces of long stones weighing hundreds of pounds are constantly being transported higher and higher in the cry of hundreds of young and strong people, and then a lot of rice paste clay is mixed together.
After a certain height, a frame of wall-covering bricks with a thickness of two feet built by long stones and rice slurry clay was dug back from the mountains, and the clay was quickly compacted layer by layer by two wall-covering bricks.
In this circular and reciprocating process, the winding two-mile long city wall expands outward at a speed visible to the naked eye every day.
The walls of Mushroom Valley are full of vigor and vitality, and they are busy and abandoned about one kilometer away from Mushroom Valley. Fifty Tatar cavalry gallop back and forth in the flat wasteland like a bully to monitor every move of Tiger and Leopard Army in Mushroom Valley.
Facing the Tatar cavalry who come and go like the wind, even if there are dozens of guns hidden in Mushroom Valley, they can’t resist these Tatar cavalry.
As for Wang Feng, he was full of anger because of this incident, and when he took a musket, he finally came to Mushroom Valley, which made Mushroom Valley more and more depressed because of the arrival of Tartars, and his morale suddenly became high.
Wang Feng commander pike camp Zhongyuan tiger and leopard army veterans proportion is the largest.
These veterans led the whole pike battalion to believe that if the generals marched to the mushroom valley, they would send more troops to attack themselves, and the whole mushroom valley could still be firmly in everyone’s hands.
The first thing to know when entering the mushroom valley is the construction progress of the city wall.
Because whether the wall can be built before the war is directly related to whether the idea that you want to benefit the wall fortifications and consume a lot of Tatar’s effective strength can be realized.
When Wei Zheng learned from Liu Jizhong that there was still a week left, the two-mile wall could be built before, and the defender’s face quickly showed a complex expression full of surprises and dignity
The surprise is that this city wall will be completed five days before the scheduled construction period.
The worry is whether the Dalai Lama, who has found himself, will give himself five days before attacking himself after the completion of the construction of this wall.
Seeing the ever-changing facial expression of Wei Zheng, Wang Feng added at the right moment, "General, the day before yesterday afternoon, after we beat back the attack of the Tatars, the Tatars left 50 cavalry to monitor us and then led the rest of the cavalry to leave here quickly."
"Not surprisingly, the Tatars must have gone to their main force for help. According to the speed of the horses, the main force of the Tatars should have known the news that we were stationed in Mushroom Valley at noon yesterday at the latest."
"If the Tatars want to destroy us in a short time, they must have sent troops to us now."