Zhuang is not small, and there are many slaves


Carriage after carriage slowly and
People knock at the front door and all the carriages go through the back door.
The back door is good and unobtrusive.
People came into a dark room from the carriage.
The owner is scalding wine.
People sit down one after another with their hosts, scalding wine and being silent.
Occasionally, I knock against cups or have a slight cough or two.
"Ahem …"
A little fire rose in the dark room, and the host took a sip of wine and said, "What do you think?"
Sighs come and go
Some people say, "It is a matter of time before Zhou Wang and our nobles become strangers."
Many people secretly nodded.
Some people are willing to give up the handle owned by today’s nobles and turn to business to earn money.
Naturally, there are people who don’t want to.
These people are not afraid of Zhou Wang’s potential or the prosperity of big business.
Because most of them have an old relationship with local governors, those governors may not necessarily sell Zhou Wang noodles as sincere ministers and big businessmen
If we add Dongyi, Baiyue and Xirong to Xiqi Echeng, it will be enough to overthrow the big business if we gather various forces.
Armor, the weapon of the armory, is behind the scenes of the owner of this villa.
He is not worried about what will be exposed, even if it is exposed.
Today, Zhou Wang is a benevolent monarch, which can really make people feel stable, but doubt is vertical for nobles.
Of course, Zhou Wang also has a cruel side, such as the sword to kill Duke Li and the execution.
However, Zhou Wang, the owner of every family, has never made a decisive move against them. Specially, the nobles have found a way to do business, and they have spared no expense in casting money for the nobles to get along with their business interests in a gentler way.
But every owner thinks it’s not enough
The 600-year-old Shang dynasty, the king, the princes and the nobles ruled the sky together, but now we can’t just change it.
This is the first time that some nobles gave Zhou Wang a chance.
If Zhou Wang insists on this, they can also take refuge in Xibohou or Nanbohou completely.
"What do you …?"
"This …"
"Lu Xiong is a clown and I’m afraid he won’t sell our noodles."
"He is not the key, but the key."
"Find a way to make Xuanniaiwei unable to check."
"What about Chong Yingbiao?"
"Keep him quiet"
"No, it’s not urgent. We have to check this matter for at least a few months. It’s a wise plan to worship Yingbiao, but it’s not beautiful if it’s urgent."
"We’re all in the same boat. We shouldn’t be soft-hearted."
"It’s not that you are soft-hearted, but that you are not in a hurry."
"Found out again? The civil and military officials in the DPRK also don’t want Zhou Wang to be the opposite of our nobles because of such a trivial matter, otherwise there would really be no one to support him. "
"Although Lu Xiong’s method of throwing arsenal officials into the river is too radical, this taste is not a compromise?"
"Luxiong will not know that there will be waiting for me behind the armory officials? But does he dare to report the latter? "
"Even if Xuanniao Wei finds out that we are more than a small penalty, it will be nothing more than a match for a wife and children in a thousand miles’ home. Our nobles have their own friends to take care of us. Who can’t trust anyone?"
"But this is the worst plan. I deliberately let people steal the weapon, but it’s not a thousand miles."
"Noble energy is great, so let Zhou Wang see what we can do."
But at this time, the steward in the village hurried in. "Sir, sir …"
Everyone is as calm as a cucumber. "Yes?"
The steward went home and whispered a few words in the Lord’s ear.
After the boss nodded and let the steward go out, he said to the people in the house, "A soldier can’t die in a day. A new weapon and armor are being cast in the palace. Isn’t Zhou Wang letting us do business? Do you all know what to do? "
Chapter 272 beg
The weapon is gone. I’ve been looking for it for almost a month and I can’t find out where it went. Then I can rebuild it.
But once the building problem comes, there is no copper.
But who will compromise to let Zhou Wang melt the bronze wares of the first king and cast money when there is still raw copper left in the palace?
After purchasing charcoal for so long, the bronzes in the palace have melted. If you go, you have to make moves on the sacrificial vessels in the ancestral temple!
There’s no way to recruit, is there?
There are many bronze vessels in people’s homes.
Some of them can be recruited, but they are still short of money
After all, the whole Chaoge arsenal needs a weapon from ten to nine, which is not a small amount.
Therefore, copper prices soared after carbon prices.